Edmonton Business Coach – What Do You Stand For?


Edmonton Business Coach | What Do You Stand For?

Get started today with the Edmonton business coach at inspired method marketing and coaching. Right now we have a no-brainer offer that everybody who has a business and a brain should take advantage of. For 30 days you will get one month of world-class business coaching and marketing help from one of the best business coaches in Edmonton.
If you’re one of those companies who doesn’t want to be left behind, just call 780-937-2939 and talk with one of our business coaches. The other way you can take advantage of this offer is by visiting our website inspired method.com filling out the contact form. Our business coach owner will give you a call to set up an initial consult, and schedule you in for weekly meetings.
One question that a lot of business owners have when they first get started is when should I build a website. A lot of them think that they should get started building a website right away before they even put up their shingle. For some reason they think that a website it can make all the difference in the world for customers wanting to use them. Although a website is important and we don’t recommend people not going without a website, you don’t have to start having a great website. You just have to get started.
As a Edmonton business coach what we recommend every single one of our new businesses to get started with is to optimize their Google my business listing. By optimizing your Google my business listing you have the opportunity to be found in the Google search engine results in the map section. So whatever local area that you serve, you can actually get customers before you can have a website.
Does it happen all the time? No, but it does happen more often than if you ignored your Google my business listing. And what we mean by and optimize Google my business listing? Well you have to include your business name, address, phone number in any other way that people can get in touch with you. The other things that you can do to optimize your Google my business listing, is to include pictures that people can see what your business looks like or have a sampling of your work.
The next and most important thing that you can do with your Google my business listing is begin getting objective Google reviews from clients. Research has shown that the average consumer expects a business have at least 40 Google reviews before they start believing your star rating. There’s a lot of businesses out there who are proactive and it comes to getting Google reviews. And these businesses are the ones were going to struggle.
It’s very easy to train somebody to ask for Google review. The reason why you have to ask every single customer that has had a great experience with you, is because the ones who have not had the best experience with you will be more than happy to leave you a terrible review. Now wouldn’t you want to be in control of your star rating? And you need to take advice from an Edmonton business coach not be lazy when it comes to gathering valuable Google reviews.
Edmonton business coach | what about your logo?
If you’re like a lot of businesses, including the Edmonton business coach, who thought they had to have it all figured out before they got started, then it’s gonna take you forever to get off the ground. One thing that you need to work on before you get started on website is a fantastic logo.
A lot of companies try to save money going to freelancers online, or overseas. This most of the time ends in failure. The reason it ends in failure is because they’re not spending a lot of money, typically five dollars, and they’re expecting $1000 result. So what ends up happening in most cases is people will get a logo that looks like a piece of garbage and then they’ll get business cards made, and they’re going to hate it because they are embarrassed at their logo.
If you don’t want to be embarrassed with your logo, and you need to call the Edmonton business coach at inspired method. Our number is 780-937-2939 and we will hook you up with one of our expert graphic designers who can craft a beautifully designed logo that can be used for print, the web, or signage. Now before you go ahead and get that logo designed, you need to answer some questions. First question need to ask is what is the biggest problem that you solve, what industry are you in.
You have to be able to answer the hard questions as to how does your product differentiate itself from other similar competitors in the marketplace have to ask yourself what problem does my ideal likely customer have that I can solve better than my competitors or other types of businesses that they go to. The next question that you need to be asking yourself is how many of these people going want to serve how long do I have to serve them?
These are not always easy questions to answer, with help of the Edmonton business coach we help guide you down that path to answer those tough questions. The next question you need to ask is what is my mission? Your mission is how you accomplish your vision. As an example at the Edmonton business coach our mission is inspiring businesses that tell their unique story and attract raving fans. So we want our clients to be able to attract raving fans not just as customers, but fans who work for the business.
But how can you attract raving fans if you don’t have a set list of core values that you believe in and hold dear? All of your employees need to understand what you stand for. There’s a lot of people in the workforce today were money is not the most important thing for them. It’s important for them is to do work that matters. And it is our job to help you develop and craft the values that are going to help propel you forward in developing an amazing an award-winning team.