Edmonton Business Coach | What Do Business Coaches Do

Edmonton Business Coach | What Do Business Coaches Do

Many entrepreneurs might not realize how vital an Edmonton business coach can be to their business. But just like any athlete or team would hire a coach. Business owners should hire a coach to help them as well.

In fact, if entrepreneurs consider their favourite sports team. They would feel very upset, if the team owner fired the coaches. Saying that they did not need a coach. Because they had the best players on the team.

Many people understand that a coach will know exactly what drills the athletes need to do. In order to score all of the goals during their game.

They know exactly what exercises are going to strengthen which muscles. And what players need to do in order to compensate for injuries. They know what food to eat, what supplements to take and how much rest the players need. So that they can perform their best.

A coach will also ensure that the athletes know what their strengths are. And what their weaknesses are so that they can work on fixing those weaknesses. And how different players can complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. In order to help them score those goals.

In fact, a coach can also encourage the team to practice when they feel demotivated. And keep their spirits up, if they have had a difficult game or if they have lost.

All of these things that a coach will do for athletes. Is what an Edmonton business coach will do for an entrepreneur.

In fact, many entrepreneurs understand how important having a business plan is for their business. And that according to Palo Alto, a software manufacturing company.

64% of entrepreneurs that have plans were successful in growing their business. Over and above entrepreneurs that did not have a plan at all.


However, it is not enough for an entrepreneur to have a business plan. They also need to execute it. This is where having an Edmonton business coach comes in handy. They can hold entrepreneurs accountable, and help them execute their plan.

In addition to that, a business coach will be able to see the weaknesses of the entrepreneur and of the business. So that they can focus on strengthening those weaknesses. So that an entrepreneur will be able to grow their business.

Working with the business coach can be extremely gratifying as well. Providing an entrepreneur with a person who is on their side. And wants to help them succeed as much as the business owner wants to succeed.

However, one of the best pieces of advice that any business owners will get. Is ensuring that they hire a business coach who has experience growing businesses. And one who will use proven strategies and methods.

Business owners should research business coaches before they hire one. And ideally, put into their business plan that they are planning on hiring a business coach. And then hiring a coach as soon as they opened the doors to their business.

Edmonton Business Coach | What Do Business Coaches Do

Even though many business owners think that they must do everything themselves when they are growing their business, not wanting to spend money on an Edmonton business coach.

However, a business coach is one of the things that can help an entrepreneur stay in business. Rather than being one of the 15% of entrepreneurs in Canada who end up failing in their first year of business.

In fact, according to Industry Canada, business owners in this country. Have a lot of odds stacked against them. And it is not just 15% of entrepreneurs that fail in their first year.

30% of all entrepreneurs fail by their second year in business. And half of all entrepreneurs eventually fail, by year five of operating their business.

Not only can hiring an Edmonton business coach help entrepreneurs overcome those odds. They can also help an entrepreneur grow their business.

One thing that entrepreneurs need, is knowing how to systematize their business. By creating systems, templates and checklists.

The reason why they need to learn how to do that. Is so that they can ensure that a soon as their business has grown enough to hire a staff member.

They can hire that staff member. Who will be able to accomplish any task in their business. Because they can follow the checklists and templates.

They should create a checklist or template for literally any aspect of their business that needs to get done. From hiring employees to firing employees. To onboarding clients. And accomplishing every other task in their business.


Not only will this allow entrepreneurs to hire any staff member. And get them to take on any task and do it accurately.

But this will allow all customers to have the same experience every single time they walked through the doors of the business.

This will create a franchise type model for an entrepreneurs business. So that it is duplicatable. And when an entrepreneur wants to grow the business, by adding another staff member or another location. They already have the systems in place to do so.

What creating a franchise style model for their business can do for entrepreneurs. Is also ensure that they are working on the things that can help make the business grow.

Such as revenue-generating activities. Sales, and accomplishing all of the objectives. Instead of working on all the tasks of the business. That are not going to help an entrepreneur grow their business.

And a business owner may not even realize that this is something that they need to do in their business. Unless they go ahead and hire and Edmonton business coach in the first place.

Therefore, if entrepreneurs truly want to grow their business and succeed. They should ensure that they put into their business plan the fact that they are going to hire business coach.

And then do this as early on as possible in their business. So that they can give their business and themselves the best chance at succeeding.