Edmonton Business Coach | What A Business Coach Does

Edmonton Business Coach | What A Business Coach Does

As an Edmonton business coach we know what is critical to the ongoing success of the business. Business coaching helps keep the business owner on track and focused on their goals. The number one reason businesses fail is that they do not attract enough customers. There are actually three areas that are needed for businesses to succeed: enough customers, enough cash, and a great team. These are the three driving factors that we help every small business that hires us to achieve.

Edmonton Business Coach

We are the Edmonton business coach that will do what other business coaches will not. Not only are we a digital marketing agency but we also help with the ongoing coaching needs of any small business. We have built in weekly strategy sessions to help our clients implement the strategies we suggest. This weekly business coaching is essential to the ongoing success of your business. We know how important it is as an Edmonton Business coach to keep the business owner on track.

When you hire inspired method you hire the best team. We will help you to develop the best team in your business as well. Since this is one of the areas that lead to the failure or success of a business we know how important it is to address this issue on an ongoing basis. This will always be one of the three things that either keeps the business afloat or leads to its demise. We want you to beat the odds at business and therefore we share our knowledge and expertise in our weekly sessions with you.

Many small business owners come to us hoping to have great online advertising done for them. Of course this is what we do but is not the only thing that we do. We do provide online ad management without any extra costs or fees. You will be asked to set your own budget to go towards your ads and would not need any extra for the management of those ads. If you are not sure what your budget should be, that is also where we advise you based on your industry and our expertise.

None of this is a surprise as we go over all of this in detail in our weekly strategy sessions. We offer effective social media management solutions and strategies to help your brands become visible on all of the platforms.

As you can tell our marketing company is more than just a digital marketing company. We go beyond the typical tasks of most business agencies and marketing agencies. Everything we advise our clients to do we have already done. Not only have we seen how these tasks help our business but we have witnessed success using these strategies in many other businesses.

If you are ready to get started today please visit our website and fill the contact form. We will find a time that works for you where you can come in and meet us and have a no obligation free consultation.

Edmonton Business Coach | Business Coaching 101

As a small Edmonton business coach we have seen it all when it comes to the failure and success of small businesses. We have designed our whole business around helping other small businesses achieve success. Statistics show that more than 50% of businesses fail within the first three years of starting their business. We do not want you to be a statistic, we want you to beat those odds.

We have found that there are three areas that need the most attention when it comes to succeeding in business. The first is attracting enough customers, the second is having enough cash in the business and the third is having a great team in their business. Without these three things you can expect the business to fail. As in Edmonton business coach we do not want to see that. This is why we address these three areas in fine detail.

If your website is not functioning properly or it is not visible to anyone you will not be able to use it to attract enough customers. Therefore getting cash from those customers is going to be very difficult as well. We help you design your logo and your brand so that we can use that on your website and in all of the places that your brand is found online and even in print so that you can attract those loyal fans.

If you do not have a website we are here to help you build it. We do not want you to have just a pretty website that cannot be found on search engines, we want you to appear at the top of the page of any relevant search terms. Our methods focus on the details of your website and what is most important to getting people to find it and therefore lead to sales.

As an Edmonton business coach we know that marketing and coaching go hand in hand. Not only do we follow the same method but every business that we have seen become successful has also followed this plan. We go beyond a typical website development company and we help you identify your goals and your opportunities for growth. We then help you stay accountable because that is what a coach’s job is.

All of this is done by weekly strategy sessions for one fixed monthly price. We believe having a successful business goes beyond just building a nice website. Always something to fix on a website as well as update so that your website complies with the standards and therefore is found when people are looking for what you are selling.

If you are ready to get started with inspired method marketing and coaching please fill out the contact form on our website and we will be happy to accommodate your schedule. Please be ready with any questions you might have about marketing and will be able to answer those in that initial consultation.