Edmonton Business Coach | Uncomfortable is Healthy

Edmonton Business Coach | Uncomfortable is Healthy

We are an Edmonton business coach that helps our clients through the uncomfortableness in growing their business. We are not a typical marketing agency where we take your money and build you a beautiful website. As an Edmonton business coach we want to make sure every business owner knows how to grow a successful business. Only the successful business owners make it through having a great Edmonton business coach. Just as professional athletes and performers need a coach so does an entrepreneur. This is why we started as a marketing agency but quickly evolved into an Edmonton business coach.

Edmonton Business Coach

We saw many missed beliefs about what it takes to have a successful business and realized we needed to go beyond just marketing. The first thing people do not realize is how much work it actually takes to run a business. You will need to focus your efforts on fewer goals and you will have to probably give up some of the variety in your life. You will not have time to do all the things and therefore will have to make decisions on what is the most important for you.

This is not a balancing act but more of a trade-off. Your family and friends will likely fall off because they will not be able to relate to you as an entrepreneur. You should not take their advice anyway as it is only a sign of affection and not sound strategy.

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There are always going to be risks involved in every decision you have to make in your business. The key is to learn which decisions are the most important and which ones should be avoided. Our advice is that the ones that have catastrophic risks are the decisions you should avoid.

If you are a specialist in your field that does not mean you will be qualified to run a successful business in it. sometimes having that specialty can hinder you from building a team to support you. You may rely on your own skill set rather than building a winning team. The three key reasons that business failure happens our not enough cash, not enough customers, and not a great team.

A lot of people come to us with questions and ideas about a business that they want to create. They think that they have already overcome so much by just having the idea. However executing on that idea is the most important part and the largest. Having the idea is just a small part of the whole picture of a successful business. You might have a great idea exceptional technology and abundance of customers but if you fail to execute properly you will not see any growth.

You cannot avoid the functions of your business that you do not like. You must develop a set of repeatable processes that your team can follow. Just because you are good at one thing does not mean you could not ignore all the things that you do not like doing in your business. Fill out our contact form to get in touch with us.

Edmonton Business Coach | Getting Uncomfortable

As an Edmonton business coach we see many missed beliefs in the business arena. We started as a marketing company but quickly evolved into an Edmonton business coach as well. We knew we had to go beyond the typical business consultancy and provide key strategies as well as help implementing them for those who want to start a business. That is what we do as an Edmonton business coach.

As an Edmonton business coach, we help business owners identify their goals and opportunities for growth. From there we keep them accountable in reaching those initiatives. If of an entrepreneur is not willing to be accountable and meet with us on a weekly basis, we do not take them on as a client. This is one of the first steps of commitment to working with us as a business coach. We have had to release clients for this very reason and ultimately those clients never reach their full potential.

Getting uncomfortable as a business owner becomes a natural way of life. Your business will affect every part of your personal life. You will have to let go of the things that get in the way of that. Those things could be family and friends trying to give you business advice or they could be interests that you have always had but take too much of your time. You will have to decide which things to focus on and accept the fact that you will have a lack of variety in your life.

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This is not forever but it is definitely a sacrifice in the beginning. There is no balance between all these things there is only trade-off. Are you the type of person who is willing to put in six days of work a week many hours a day to make your business successful? That is what it takes to create a winning business. You might have a great idea and use exceptional technology and have an abundance of potential customers but if you cannot execute in this way you will miss the opportunity for growth.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it takes much longer than a year to build a sustainable business. It also takes more than a year to even make a major change. It is time to start thinking of all the little steps to get you to your goals rather than just the end goal. Again execution is everything in the business. This game of business is played over decades and not months or even years.

You have probably realized by now that not everyone should start a business. Everything that is been mentioned already in this article has led to that conclusion. You may not make money for quite a while so it is important that you love what you do and that you have what it takes to stick it out until you do start seeing results. This is not a luxury lifestyle nor a four-hour workweek. It is hard work and things do not always go to plan.