Edmonton Business Coach | Top 2 Ways That Customers Find You

Edmonton Business Coach | Top 2 Ways That Customers Find You

It is increasingly important says Edmonton business coach. That entrepreneurs help their customers find them. Not only is it the only way. That they are going to increase sales and remain viable in business.
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But also, it is important. That entrepreneurs find customers quickly. So that they can refine their products and services. And generate word-of-mouth referrals. As well as Google reviews from happy customers.

In fact, this should be one of the top priorities. Even over things like creating processes in the business. Learning how to do their administrative work. And hiring staff. The reason why it is so important.

Because without customers, entrepreneurs will literally not have a business. It is necessary for business owners. To sell products in order to generate the revenue they need. To pay things like rent, staff salary and utilities.

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However, many entrepreneurs believe. That there will be time later on down the road. To find customers and advertise their business. Unfortunately this is not true, with many entrepreneurs failing.

In their first year of business ownership. In fact, 15% of all entrepreneurs. Will be out of business within the first year of opening their business. In the second year of business, 30% of small business owners will also fail.

And 50% will fail by year five. One of the top reasons for these entrepreneurs to fail. Is because they cannot find enough customers. To generate enough revenue to pay all of their expenses.

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Therefore, Edmonton business coach says it is very important. For entrepreneurs to focus on finding customers. Early, and then unrelentingly in their business. If they think they will have time later, they will not.

As well, it takes about six months to a year. For any marketing initiative to be effective. Therefore if they want customers today, should have started advertising. Six months to a year ago. And if they want customers in one year from now.

They need to start advertising right now. However, Edmonton business coach says many business owners. Are paralyzed with not knowing what forms of advertising. Are the most effective, especially for their small budget.

One of the best ways for entrepreneurs to find people. Is on the Google search engine. Not only do the majority of customers. Look on this particular search engine. When they are looking for a business.

To buy the products and services they want to purchase from. But also, because 88% of all customers. Look at Google reviews. In order to make their decisions. Of what company they want to purchase products and services from.

Therefore, having a presence on Google. As quickly as possible needs to be the top priority. They can do this very quickly. Even without a website. By getting a Google business listing. This is free.

And as long as they put an address in their profile. Their business will show up in the map listing. On the first page of the search results. They can do this for free, and before they even have a website. Making this one of the most effective marketing strategies. An entrepreneur can initially do in their business.

Edmonton Business Coach | Best 2 Ways For Customers To Find You

When a business owner is looking for customers, Edmonton business coach recommends. That they get online. As quickly as possible. However, there is the right way to advertise online. And several wrong ways.

Advertising online can be very confusing for many. With so many different products to advertise on. And so many different websites, promising many things. However, there is a very easy thing for new business owners to do.

Before they start spending any money online. Which is something that most business owners do not have a lot of. They can do many things for free. That will increase their chances of finding customers quickly says Edmonton business coach.

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As well, it will enhance all of their future marketing initiatives. This is called getting a Google business listing. This is of vital importance. Because it is one of the only ways. That an entrepreneur can get found on Google very quickly.

While many people think that if they have a great website. They will start appearing in Google search results. But this is not necessarily the case. They might have a great website. But it will appear on page 10 or twelve of the search results.

And Edmonton business coach says if they are not on page 1. They essentially do not exist. Because when customers are looking for a company. Divide products and services from.

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They will either look only at the businesses. On the first page of results. Or, they will look at all of the businesses in the map listing. They will not look on page 2 or later of the search results at all.

Therefore, getting on page 1 quickly is important. They can do that by getting a Google business listing. Which is free. And only takes about fifteen minutes of time. They should put in their address, even if it is their home address.

So that they can get on the map listings. Which will ensure that they can get found on the first page of the search engine results. Even if they do not operate their business from that address says Edmonton business coach.

As well, they were or going to have to wait for a postcard. To arrive in the mail in order to verify the listing is theirs. But once they do that, their listing will help them. Find customers very quickly.

But what is more important than that says Edmonton business coach. Is the listing will give customers the opportunity. To start giving Google reviews. Which is as important as being found on line.

The reason why, is because 88% of all customers. Look at Google results. When they are making their purchasing decision. And if there are few or no Google reviews. They often will decide to purchase elsewhere.

When entrepreneurs are ready to advertise their business. They can do so very inexpensively. Which is perfect for the new entrepreneurs budgets. By getting a Google business listing. For more tips, contact Edmonton business coach. For your free our consultation today.