Edmonton Business Coach | Tips for Building Customer Relationships

Edmonton Business Coach | Tips for Building Customer Relationships

Hi everyone. Welcome back to Inspired Method Marketing channel, we are your Edmonton Business Coach and my name is Trevor. Today we will be talking about tips to building customer.

So here’s a quote from Brian Kramer. Communication shouldn’t be complicated. It should just be genuine in symbol. And did you know what 32% of the customers expect response in 30 minutes?

Cut Fast. Yeah. So a couple of ways you can, I’m used social media to uh, elicit a response from a business would be even while I heard them anyway, I’ve never actually done this. But Airlines, when people are standing in line checking in, they start tweeting about what is going on in this line at such and such airlines. And they actually get a response very quickly because somebody is monitoring, um, those channels and they want to make sure the customers are happy. So you use Twitter for to do that, you get the fastest response, sir.

Very good. So Karen, as Edmonton Business Coach what does your audience really wants to know about?

Well, most audience want to know what your business is about. So if you’re building a customer relationship from your brand, your business to the customer, they want to know about you. They want to know about your brand, they want to find out who you are through social media. It’s probably the easiest and fastest way and most cost effective. You can listen to them what they’re saying on social media as I described him, that story with Twitter. And then you can deliver valuable content because you know what? They want to hear it, you know what they want to know about. So that’s kind of how you figure out what your audience wants to know.

Okay. So how fast do you need to respond on social media to customer inquiries?

Yeah, there, there is kind of a magic number if you don’t want to be responded to within 60 minutes. So within that hour when you’re getting a questions through social media online, uh, this makes customers happy and increases the revenue and it actually builds trust between you and the customers.

Awesome. That’s really cool. So can you rely on automated messages like bots when dealing with customers?

You definitely can use bots with your customer relationships, but you don’t want to stay just with that canned response because it’s going to be very limited. Like most bots will actually say that. And you can, I think you should move into having a human responds to the questions and whatever is coming through. Um, your messenger or maybe it’s through whatever direct message system you have set up, you’ll want to move to being a human responding to those

responses, right? So have somebody set up on the other side to respond to chats and customer watched gins and the basics, right? Customer support, customer service. Awesome. Now, as Edmonton Business Coach what are some ways to show up your company or branch human side? Well, you can, uh, introduce the staff in your business to your customers. You can have their bios there and you can use stories through Facebook and Instagram, uh, to just show me the inside scoop, I guess, or the inside of your business to those customers. You can use emojis through your copy, whatever you’re saying on your posts. But of course we want to make them appropriate because you want to maintain a level of professionalism but showing you know, your human side, right? And, uh, just take part in the trends and discussions that are already happening on social media. And use video as well that will really help for you to get that customer relationship growing because it’s that human touch and that you know, you’re a real person on the other side of that business.

Yeah. I think video is really the strongest way to go in order to show, you know that you have that yet and you’re a real business with real people that really care. And I think if you can show that through using video and you, you’re on your way to really creating a good connection with people on the other side of here, social media platform or your website. So how do you show your customers that you really appreciate them?

Well, one fun way is to use a competition or contest. So you’re asking them for, um, to answer questions May to help them engage with you. So then they can win something or spread your brand awareness around and then you can reward them through whatever it is that you want to give away or a promotion that you have set up. A, you can use polls when you’re in all your Instagram stories or even your Facebook stories. There’s places to use that and actually can use them right on Facebook as well. And it just helps your customers to feel like they’re part of your business as well and you and reward them. So that shows you appreciate them. Cool. Very good. So, um, how can we use Facebook, um, feedback from customers effectively? Uh, so about 70% of customers use social media to raise awareness of an issue. So you need to pay attention to what those issues are so you can fix them. So that’s how you use that feedback and most effective way, and you respond to those pain points and then you can, uh, turn the unhappy customers into raving fans are brand ambassadors just by being a human being, like just responding to them and, and developing that relationship. It’s all about being social and not even goes right into a business and a brand you want to show that you’re a real person and that there’s some socialization there. So, yeah,

and you know, a lot of the biggest brands do that. I think apple used to do it really, really well. I’m used to, um, really have that human touch in their advertisements and it really made you feel connected to the community. So if you can do the same thing, build that community within your tribe of people who are raving fans in your business, then you’re just going to help with goodwill and get more people wanting to be involved in that, in the party, being involved in processes in the company.

So, um, what are some ways that you can go the extra mile with your customers from your perspective as an Edmonton Business Coach? Well, you can offer exclusive discounts for those that know our pay attention to your brand. You want to make them feel like they’re a part of that community you said so. And any kind of exclusive discount or promotion, uh, events. So example of this would be a radio station. Maybe they have special concerts where it’s only the listeners who actually, well because their listeners, they are, uh, involved in winning tickets to that cause we had it happen to us and it was like the most amazing events. It was much more intimate and we won the tickets because we were listeners and it just, we felt like we know actually listened to that radio station, even though I might not always be trying to win tickets, I’m actually more involved with that community because of it. So yeah. And you can also offer additional support before your customers need it. So that’s an okay thing about that. That’s really good. So going above and beyond the call of duty,

it’s really kind of the norm today if you want to be successful, especially on with your online presence, like just making sure that you are um, you know, giving that top notch customer service very, very important. I don’t think there’s anything more right now today that has changed business then moving towards a better quality of service. Thinking about Airbnb, Uber, Amazon, these companies who are really pushing to create a wow experience for customers and, uh, you know, they’re really transforming and revolutionizing the world. And how would you think,

so, um, how can you show customers that you really value their opinion? Well, one easy, quick way is to take user generated content. And reshare it within your grants, like within your social media accounts. Um, so whatever your customers are saying, oh, people that are following you, you said information, then reshare. It shows that you appreciate their feedback’s. Awesome. Now, what is the Klt factor when it comes to marketing to your customers? Well, the Klt actually stands for know, like, and trust. So when you have reached those three elements with your customer, they know you maybe, you know, when I start to like you and then they come, you become trustworthy to them and they trust our opinion. You Trust your brand. A, that’s just a way to, to keep them to always be raving fans. So you keep those raving fans and brand ambassadors and you do that through just being open, honest, and exceed their expectations. So like you said, going above and beyond. And that just keeps that Klt factor alive and while on your business.

So is there anything else that we can do to transform people from a casual observers into raving fans?

Well, the best way I can share as an Edmonton Business Coach is to share your passion through your brand. Whatever that it I heard that is that you’re passionate about whatever your brand stands for. Those core values, what your mission is, what your, uh, what your problems you’re trying to solve and your purposes. When you share that with your fat, well with anyone and then they identify with it and it sits well with them. And you know, they have those same values, they become raving fans. It’s just a natural reaction and they will take ownership with you, with your brands. And also you can give them a sneak peek into just inside your business to see what that is. So behind the scenes low. So that helps turn those observers into raving fans.

Well, awesome. Thanks so much care. And that was great. Thank you for all your insights and wisdom you have social media and how to create those raving fans and using social. And if you guys like this, give us thumbs up. Also subscribe to our channel and maybe give us a few comments down below. Love to hear from you. Thanks. And we’ll see you next time.