Edmonton Business Coach | The Importance of Sharing Your Company Values

Edmonton Business Coach | The Importance of Sharing Your Company Values

Hi, thank you for joining the Edmonton business coach on the inspired method YouTube channel. My name is Karen this is my husband Trevor and do you have a team here and today we’re actually going to be talking about the importance of values for your business. You have a business, you probably have some values attached to that role. We’re going to break that down with you and help you understand how that actually is like a building block to your business and why it’s important to think about it before you start talking about your business. Absolutely Edmonton business coach. Yeah, 100% so Jim Collins said the point is not what core values you have, but that you have core values at all, that you know what they are, that build them explicitly into the organization and that you preserve them or time all a lot in that quote, that’s like a jam packed quote. Not only do you have to have core values, you need to make sure you’re communicating them and then preserve them as you go. Yeah, yeah. Very good. In 2017 small, medium enterprises employ 89.6% of the private sector workforce that’s around 10.7 million people. And highlighting the important role that small medium enterprises play. And I’m playing Canadians and that’s coming from the government of Canada.

Yeah, that’s, that’s huge. Um, when thinking about, you know, what we do and what our mission is is to up small businesses to succeed, right? Yep. So having values that you live by for your business is one of the things that makes an Edmonton business coach successful. Um, these values that guide all of your customer interactions as well as how you treat your employees. And it really sets the level of expectation. I’m moving forward with your business. So Karen, what questions did we want to share with the group today? Well, the first question I have is how did we come up with those core values for our Edmonton business coach, for inspired method?

Well, I know for me, I just looked at my personal beliefs and how I want to be treated in the marketplace and how I want to be treated by other people in general. And that’s how we started the building blocks of creating the values are our vision and our mission, our purpose and our values for our company. And so that was really the beginning place. Um, I looked at other websites and saw what other people were doing and really I wanted to find, um, some key points that I feel are really important for us to provide for our clients because I feel that when I am receiving service from somewhere, that’s what I would like to see. So that’s where I started. How about you Karen? What thoughts you on our values?

Uh, well it’s of the same thing with what lining up with me personally and how I like to experience the world when I’m dealing with small businesses. Those were like just immediate things that I could see, you know, whether it was a good service or a bad service, I knew right away and kind of what values that I want to hold in my Edmonton business coach based on what I’ve experienced when dealing with small businesses.

Yeah, exactly. Because you know, your businesses, your face to the world, you know, it’s a reflection of the Edmonton business coach and the core people who oversee that business. So that’s how I started.

What makes having a set of values important for employees to that business?

Well, for employees it’s really important that they share the same values, right? You, nothing is worse than having people who don’t share the same values working together. So if you believe that, Edmonton business coach, customer service comes first and you’re working with somebody who thinks that they, they come first and that’s obviously a problem, right? The other thing with making sure that employees are on board with your values is every interaction that they’re having with a customer is vital that they understand what those values and guidelines are. It’s almost like you’re the sole or the personality of your business. Yeah. So that there’s, there’s no new variants between, you know, day to day and employee to employee how things are dealt with on our customer service level.

Right. And then when you were maybe not there as the owner, it carries for you because those values are in place.

Yeah. Can really help set the culture for your business. And it’s something that you need to build into your business and, um, have moving forward each and every day. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it in the end. Yeah. For sure.

What makes having a set of values important for customers, Edmonton business coach?

Ah, so customers can get a glimpse of really what you’re all about. And let’s say you’re living out these values every day in your customer interactions, then it’s just going to help build your reputation with the public at large because you know, people are going to experience how you work with them, uh, what you do for them, how you handle and resolve any issues or complaints and you know, that really helps boost your reputation in the world because they will of course ask for a Google review and you’ll get a, an objective answer on there. So it’s really, really important that people pay attention to their values and live them out in front of their customers. Yeah.

How can knowing your values empower your employees?

Well, for the incidence of dealing with customers, if you, if they know what the values are, then when there’s an issue that arises, let’s say you’re in a service industry. Okay. One really good example I heard the other day, I was listening to a podcast I knew was, um, from the gentleman who was in charge of Ritz Carlton Properties for a number of years. And every, every person that worked for them was empowered to do things to help the customer experience better. So even if they heard a customer request, it wasn’t voice directly to customer service or to a concierge or in one, but if they even overheard somebody saying that they would, they would really enjoy this, you know, whenever that would be, then they were empowered to actually go about trying to make that happen for a customer. So when it comes to customer complaints or issues, let’s say you’re returning something and uh, or someone is returning something to you and they’re just not happy and you don’t have the receipt in there, you know what they’d like to try something else. Just giving the employees if they know what the values are of the company, just giving them the power to switch that out, change it, and just make the customer experience a lot better. That’s the one way I recommend as an Edmonton business coach that you can do it for sure. Okay. Yeah.

How difficult is it to build those values into your business?

Um, it’s really, it takes persistence. It takes, you know, drilling it into yourself, into your employees. Uh, everyday you’re making sure that every, every person is, um, you know, embracing those values and doing their best to live them out on a day, daily basis. And, uh, like we did here the other day, we went through and over our values with the and with the whole group and asked him, well, how did you live out this value this week? So just really, you know, reiterating and I’m getting it top of mind for people on a regular basis is I think they’re key.

Hi. Actually, that leads me to another question, Edmonton business coach. You reviewed, but how often should we actually review values with our employees?

Um, well I think before you hire them, you go over the values with them. So in the group being able to, you, you, you are sharing with them what your values are and making sure that they agree with those values. Um, number two, when you hire them, go over the values. Yeah. And uh, just reiterate, this is what we hold dear and since what, uh, what’s important to us as a company. And then I think you should either have it written down somewhere or someplace visible so that people can look at it on a, an ongoing basis. And I think when you have team meetings, maybe a monthly team meeting, you should definitely go over and as often as you can. Yeah.

How can you use those values to, um, like as a marketing tool?

Well, think of it as creating slogans or Taglines, right? So depending on what your value is. So let’s say, um, you know, one of our values as the Edmonton business coach is if it’s good for us, it’s good for our customers, right? Or if it’s good for the customer, it’s good for us. I forget which way we run that up. But really all the same things that we do for our customers, we’re doing for ourselves. Everything that we do for us, we do for our customers. There isn’t anything that we’re hiding behind closed doors or any secret sauce that we’re keeping hidden from anyone. All the same marketing tools and tactics that we use for ourselves for Edmonton business coach, we use for our customers. So that’s when you can use it

in your marketing. And actually every video we make is based on what we do. You could do it all yourself. It just takes time and expertise. Yeah. And that’s where we come in. So how can your company values we use for training and teaching your employees?

Um, well quite simply you could use your company values in an employee handbook, right? So put them in an employee handbook and then highlighting each one of those values and uh, creating a, a simple scenario when a course outline based on what your values are. So really, um, every piece of your core values should be flowing through all the different parts of your employee manual. Okay. Yeah. Yeah.

So I’m gonna kind of go to the dark side here, but what happened if you didn’t solidify these values where some like worst case scenario is, or you can give examples if you want or just yes. Yeah.

Well, the, the worst case scenario in not solidifying these values and having them, you know, top and center in front of mind for people is you’re going to have an inconsistent in your inconsistency in your brand. So when you are him, every person’s going to happen, different interaction with your company and that is absolutely terrible for business. You’re not going to be in business very long. If every person that you’ve come in contact with has a different experience mix with your business. Can you imagine going into a Starbucks, um, in Edmonton and you know, everything is absolutely perfect. They get your order right, they call it remain correctly. Um, you know what you’re charging, you know, your $5 for your latte or whatever you’re paying, and then you go to let’s say Mexico, Mexico or Saskatoon or something, and they have a different kind of coffee. They don’t have what you like, it’s not made right. They don’t call out your name. Right. And, uh, you know, you’re charged two times as much inconsistency and also they’re not friendly and the place is dirty and you know, all the things that we expect with that brand a Starbucks and you don’t see that consistently across brand, then you know, people aren’t going to be attracted to it and they’re just going to go elsewhere. Yeah, right. Sure.

Yeah, that’s a good point. So should you just stay or should you just say these values or should you have them written down as well for your company? For your customers?

Yeah, for Edmonton business coach, we put them on our website so that our customers can see what our values are as well as they need. Employees can also see what our values are and we can look at them and refresh our memory on, on what they are and regular basis. So it’s really important to have a written down. If I was, you know, if I had a electrical company or a plumbing company, I’ll probably have a list of these values and every van or a truck that people went out in and a, it would also be on the walls, uh, in the, uh, in the, in the shop so people could see them, uh, on a regular basis. Yeah. Well those are great answers. So thanks so much for joining us today. Talking all about the importance of the values for your business. If you liked what you heard, give us a like and a comment below. If you have any questions, do the same and subscribe to our channel so you get all the latest updates.