Edmonton Business Coach | The Challenge of a Home-Based Business


Edmonton Business Coach | The Challenge of a Home-Based Business

Hi everyone. My name is Trevor and this is my lovely wife Karen were from Inspired Method Marketing. Welcome back to the Edmonton business coach Youtube Channel and today we’re going to be talking about the challenges of a home based business. Now, Jim Collins, who is the author of several books, he says, creativity dies in an undisciplined environment. Now here’s a quick stat for you guys from a BBC micro enterprises. Firms with one to four employees represent 54.1% of all private employers in Canada. Wow, that’s over half. Yeah, very small.

Well, we’ve been there. Running the business from your home sounds like a dream, but when it comes down to productivity, distractions, can you get in the way?

So Karen, how do we get started working from home? Well, I think like probably any smart business owner you would, we got started by just learning about the industry. As an Edmonton business coach, that’s really where it starts. It’s the learning and that happened three years before we found where we are now, just where we want to stay. It took us a lot of tries and fails and lots of more studying and applying and just growing and learning and gleaming from gleaning from a lot of other people in the industry. And then we just, I don’t know how much of the story you want to know you me to talk.

Well, I’ll put a little bit in there as well. So what, what happened was I had been miserable in my job, just miserable, dying a little every day.

Tell me a little bit of piece of my soul was dying every single day, going to a job that I knew there wasn’t a large future in. And I was really just a number and really collecting only a paycheck and not really making a life for the family. And um, it came to the point where we had experienced a layoff, like we’ve mentioned in a previous video. And at that point it was like, you know what? Rather than going out and getting another job, I think it’s time for us to, to just bite the bullet and start, you know, we have a little bit of income coming in. Come yourself a little bit from me. Um, let’s see what we can do in the next several months and make this thing go. And that’s, that’s kind of how it started. Yeah, sure. Good question from, yeah. So Karen, what was the best part but operating the business from home?

Well, of course I love the flexibility but with that can come, can be negatives about that has pros and cons to that. But I liked the flexibility. Um, you know, just getting ready for the day and being right in your business. I of liked that because you don’t have to drive through traffic to my Edmonton business coach job. You don’t have to worry about, you know, getting the kids out the door to school. It’s just all kind of happening right there. So I like that. I still like that. Um, we don’t exactly operate that way anymore because of the cons that come with it. But that’s what I like. What about you?

Well, that’s, I really liked that as well. Being able to wake up and I know at work, uh, make myself coffee and just get started. They sit down at the laptop and start plugging away as an Edmonton business coach. Those things were great. And having my family around me and not in a stinky, smelly, noisy environment with a bunch of ropy smell guys. That was, it was a true,

yeah, that’s true. Karen, what were some of the biggest challenges that we faced working from home? Well, the cons would be that it was hard to separate home from work. Kids gotten away, well, they didn’t need to. They just are kids. They need their parents. So it’s hard to, you know, remind them of, you know, this is work time or maybe even making phone calls can be difficult. Um, yeah. And then just being distracted. I’m the Queen of Distraction, you know, the, the, the sink is full or the laundry needs to get done. Multitasking is a myth. Our Edmonton business coach taught us that. And so you choose one thing, you’re letting go of something else. So, you know, I get distracted if I love his home, I noticed while I’m supposed to be working. Yeah.

Can’t chase two rabbits. Right. Um, so now how does the kids’ schedule, Eh, affect the business

schedule now and the place that we’re at where you are here at the office, and I’m generally at home most days. That’s why I’m at home because I’m taking care of the kids. I’m picking them up from school, taking them to school, picking them up, spending all the time with, you know, the lowest one was still not in full time school. It’s tricky. And finding that balance, you know, there’s guilt on both sides. There can be anyway, where I feel guilty, I’ve got, I’m working too much and then not spending time with the kids or if I’m spending too much time doing home stuff and work stuff or home stuff and kid stuff that I’m not spending enough time in the business. It’s, it’s finding that balance on the refined it. But if you do, you guys know a way letting you know. That’s the difficulty I find. Yeah. So what are some things that that we do to overcome those Edmonton business coach challenges? Number one was the schedule. These are the days I’m going to be going to the office. That’s it. There’s really no way around it that helps productivity go right up. And then also, uh, just getting the kids to be more involved in, you know, being more autonomous and making their own lunch and you’re walking to school. Uh, yeah. Just that schedule is huge.

I know that’s huge. Having scheduled time and when you are supposed to be working in, when you’re not in day, you don’t trying to get up a little bit earlier. Yeah. And you know, get some important work stuff done before the kids are awake. That’s another big thing that I know helping me when I was at home. Yeah. That was a big thing. I think the biggest challenge or the biggest thing that you can do to help if you are operating in a home based businesses to have a separate room for your Edmonton business coach office where you can work distraction free. Yeah. That would be ideal. That wasn’t a situation that we had, but I know about that would really, really help a lot. Yeah. I’m sure towards productivity.

Yeah. Yeah. Because even when I had the day home, it was my, almost, my whole house was the day home. I never felt like I could get away from it. And it actually, the camera’s sentiment because I could never just close the door and just worry about it when I’m working. It was always in my face. I need to clean, I need to keep up. And it just became a huge stress, uh, always performing and always being on top of something that I wasn’t even engaged with at that time. I didn’t like that about the day home. And have you home office would be very similar where it would be nice to just shut the door. Work is done, that it’s close. Then you know, this close sign is out when you’re done being an Edmonton business coach. Yeah,

yeah, exactly. You know, minus a few interruptions here. So now here’s that. Here’s a question that’s a little bit, uh, in a different vein. So how was operating on home base cases affect your credibility?

Ooh, you know what? I think it does. I really do because I never really thought about it until we had an office outside the office, outside of the Home Office. I think even when we were telling people about it, we felt like we had more credibility and it came across in our communication, whether that was true or not, we’re still the same people. We still do a lot of the same things. It just upped the ante of like, these guys are serious. They have an office there doing business, and then Edmonton business coach clients come to the office too. So that credibility goes to the roof as well, where they see, oh, they’re really, they really are doing this. This is not just a hot.

Yeah, no, that’s good. Yeah. So now how have things changed now that we have an awesome office to work out of?

We get a lot more gun productivity has gone out and schedule systems. All those things have just been put in place that weren’t necessarily strong before and it’s increased everything right down to the revenue and the, and the profits. Yeah. Awesome. You can, here’s the number of coworkers, right?

So what are a couple of tips to help somebody with Edmonton business coach? Well, like we already said, and we’ll reiterate here is keeping things separate as much as you can. I would say if you have a desk, you all, I hope you have a desk, that’s one thing. You should have your own space, whatever it looks like and keep it as much as you can separate from home stuff, kid stuff, everything else stuff and just keep it her business, you know, organize it the best that you can and keep it clutter free because it’s very easy to become cluttered over again. So keeping on top of that and if you cannot have a separate room that’s even better because then you can just close that door and it stays the way you left it plea. And um, I would say as an Edmonton business coach, get that schedule in stone. Make those calls when you know you should make those calls like on a Monday morning to start prospecting cold calling, emailing so that you can fill up your calendar and your schedule for the rest of the week. Don’t wait til Friday to do. Were just talking about this today. Do it Monday morning when it’s fresh in your mind and you have a whole week that you can fill up. So those are some of the things that people don’t necessarily do when they’re home based business because they think they can be flexible with their time. But you know what? Your time is not really that flexibility or series about him. You have to make use of all of that time and block things in the

schedule. Jocko Willink says there is freedom in discipline. So having the discipline time set apart for everything in your schedule will really help you to get the freedom that you’re looking for on the other side. So that’s all we have for this Edmonton business coach topic today. I hope that you guys really enjoyed it and if you like it, please give us a thumbs up, leave some comments and we will be sure to, to get you some more awesome, amazing marketing tips going forward or,

and we’ll see you guys next time. Thanks. All right.