Edmonton Business Coach | Successful Entrepreneurs Use Coaches

Edmonton Business Coach | Successful Entrepreneurs Use Coaches

The key to success is often having the right people help entrepreneurs find the right strategies, and stay accountable to their actions says Edmonton business coach.

And not only should small business owners have a coach. But all of the most successful businesses and CEOs of the world hire business coaches as well.

Even sports teams that have the highest performing athletes of the world use coaches. Because coaches can help the athletes do their best and stay on top of their game. And business owners are no different.

In fact, sports fans would be out raged if they team decided to fire their coach. Simply because they had found all of the best athletes for their team.

Fans would be out raged, because coaches help the athletes work their best. By getting them on right program, and seeing where their weaknesses are. So that they know what they have to work on to improve.

Coaches also help athletes practice more efficiently, and know what muscles they need to strengthen. And how to compensate for an athletes weaknesses or injuries.

They will tell the athletes how much rest they need, what diet they should be eating and what supplements to take. Because coaches have played the game, and have been successful. Therefore, they know exactly what it takes in order to succeed.


In addition to that, they will help all of the players play well together. By putting players together that complement each other. And develop the place that the team will use in order to score the most goals.

Coaches will hold athletes accountable to the tasks that they need to do in order to be successful. So that not only each player, but the team as a whole can be successful and when.

Since sports fans can see how important a coach is to a team and to each player. Business owners should see how important coaches are at helping them in the same way.

Even the most successful businesses and CEOs in the world. Need help knowing what to do to outperform their competition. In order to get to the top of their industry. And then once there are the top of their industry, they need of a coach to help them stay there as well.

Small businesses are absolutely no different. And hiring an Edmonton business coach can help entrepreneurs learn the strategies that they need to implement in order to reach all of their goals.

And if entrepreneurs believes that they do not need a coach, because they have a business plan. An Edmonton business coach is going to help ensure that they stay accountable to all of the tasks outlined in their business plan. So that they can succeed.

In fact, with how many entrepreneurs fail in Canada every year. The sooner they can hire a business coach in their business. The sooner they will be able to overcome the most common challenges. So that they will be more likely to succeed and grow their business.

Edmonton Business Coach | Successful Entrepreneurs Use Coaches

Being an entrepreneur is challenging says Edmonton business coach. And knowing exactly what tasks a business owner needs to work on in order to be successful is equally as challenging.

And while having a business plan can help entrepreneurs be more likely to succeed. Over and above entrepreneurs who do not have a business plan.

Simply having a business plan itself, is not always enough to help an entrepreneur succeed. Because who is holding that entrepreneur accountable to their tasks?

Industry Canada did a survey to find out why Canadian entrepreneurs were failing in business. And had some they surprising results of that survey.

They found that 15% of all entrepreneurs in Canada failed within their very first year of opening their business. And 30% of entrepreneurs failed within their second year of opening.

By the time five years has come around, only half of the Canadian entrepreneurs that open their businesses were still in operation.

Industry Canada wanted to find out why the failure rate for entrepreneurs in Canada was so high. And they discovered that there were three main reasons why businesses were not successful.

23% of all failed entrepreneurs said they were not successful because they could not find or keep staff in their business.

The second most common reason why entrepreneurs failed. Was that 29% of failed entrepreneurs said they simply ran out of money. And that is the reason why they were not successful in business.


And the single most common reason why entrepreneurs in Canada fail. Which affects 42% of all failed entrepreneurs. Is that customers to sell their products and services to.

What is most frustrating about these reasons why entrepreneurs fail. Is because they are all completely avoidable with the right plan in place.

However, just having the right plan does not make entrepreneurs succeed. Especially if they do not have someone to help keep them accountable to actually doing the tasks they need in order to be successful.

This is where hiring a business coach can be beneficial. Because not only will they help an entrepreneur implement the right systems and processes. That have been proven to work and help entrepreneurs succeed.

But also, they will hold entrepreneurs accountable to those systems and processes in their weekly coaching and strategy sessions. Never will and entrepreneur feel like they are alone in this journey.

Because there Edmonton business coach will be walking the journey with them, getting them focused, helping them overcome challenges. As well as upping ensure that they are implementing their systems and processes. That will help them succeed.

With how many entrepreneurs are failing in business a cheer. The sooner an entrepreneur can hire a coach. The more likely there going to be at overcoming the challenges that entrepreneurs face. And is going to help them significantly succeed in business.

If entrepreneurs want to know how in Edmonton business coach can help them and their business. They should contact them today for a free consultation. In order to find out how they can benefit.