Edmonton Business Coach | Stay Accountable with a Business Coach

Edmonton Business Coach | Stay Accountable with a Business Coach

The key to success is not necessarily having a plan says Edmonton business coach. And while business plans can be very beneficial at helping an entrepreneur succeed. If an entrepreneur does not have someone holding them accountable. It may not help them at all.

In fact, business owners need to understand that the highest performing athletes, CEOs, and the most successful multimillion dollar businesses. All implement coaches to help them succeed.

They need to know exactly what they should be doing in order to outperform their competition. And once they have got to the top, they want to know what they have to do to stay there.

In fact, sports fans would be upset if they heard that the owners of their favourite sports team. Simply fired their coach, because they had hired the best athletes to play on their team.

They would be upset, because they know that a coach will help athletes play their best. By ensuring that they are on the right training program, that they are practising.

And that they can see where the athletes weaknesses are, so that they can work on improving those weaknesses. And what they need to do to compensate for those challenges.

The mark of a successful coach is that they have played the game before. And have been successful at playing that game. So they know exactly what it takes to succeed as an athlete in the same sport.


This is exactly what Edmonton business coach does for the businesses that they work with. They get the businesses on the right program, help them overcome their weaknesses. And hold them accountable to ensuring that they are getting the tasks done that they need.

How Edmonton business coach helps them, is by implementing a series of systems and processes. That have been proven to work. Because they are used by the most successful businesses and CEOs in the world. To help them get success in their business and stay on top of their competition.

What they will avoid doing, is adding businesses feelings based advice. Because that will not help entrepreneurs succeed. Only facts, and proven strategies.

They will also avoid giving advice that is not proven, or only advice that they have read but never implemented. And they will not help entrepreneurs arrive at conclusions that they have already had.

Would a sports team ever hire a coach who has never played the sport, or won the game in order to help their team win? Or would a multimillion dollar business hire a coach who had never seen business success before?

Therefore, business owners should only hire business coaches that have found success, and use proven strategies to help them accomplish their business goals and succeed.

In fact, business owners can succeed sooner in their business. By hiring a coach early on in their business. That will allow them to use the same strategies that large corporations and CEOs use. What in a way that will help them succeed in their business.

Edmonton Business Coach | Stay Accountable with a Business Coach

There are many different things that entrepreneurs need to learn as soon as they open the doors to their business says Edmonton business coach.

And while the learning curve is steep, there are things that business owners can do that will help them overcome this steep learning curve. And be more likely to succeed.

The one thing that they can do, is hire a business coach. Because the coach will help an entrepreneur stay on track with the right planning, preparation and execution of all the tasks they need to do.

In fact, they will have a series of proven systems and processes. That are used by the most successful organizations in the world to succeed in business.

Industry Canada says that the failure rate for entrepreneurs in Canada is very high. With 50% of all entrepreneurs eventually failing, within five years of opening their business.

Although the failure rate is 50% by five years, 15% of entrepreneurs fail in their first year of business. And 30% fail in their second year as well.

Therefore, there are many challenges that entrepreneurs are facing that are causing them to fail. And the sooner that entrepreneurs can hire someone that can help them overcome those obstacles, the more successful they are likely to be.

Industry Canada also did a survey in order to find out why so many entrepreneurs were failing in business. And found some truly surprising results.


What they discovered, was that there were three main reasons why the majority of entrepreneurs failed in business. The third most common reason, and affected 23% of all failed entrepreneurs. Is that business owners were not able to find or keep the staff they needed to help them run their business.

The second most common reason why entrepreneurs failed in Canada according to industry Canada. Is that they ran out of money in their business. This attributed to 29% failed entrepreneurs closing the doors to their business.

And the single most common reason why Canadian entrepreneurs failed. Causing 42% of entrepreneurs to close the doors to their business. Was that they were unable to find enough customers to sell their products and services to.

The most frustrating thing about all of these obstacles says Edmonton business coach. Is that they are obstacles that can be easily overcome. With the right plan, processes and execution.

When entrepreneurs hire a business coach, they will be able to utilize the processes that will help them overcome these challenges. And have someone who is there every step of the way, getting them focused and keeping entrepreneurs accountable.

They will also help entrepreneurs implement systems and processes that are designed to help entrepreneurs grow. By creating a franchise model for their business with templates and checklists.

This means that an entrepreneur can teach every aspect of their business to employees. So that they can focus on the tasks that they need to grow their business. Such as marketing, and sales.

The sooner entrepreneurs can speak to an Edmonton business coach. The sooner they are going to be able to make the decision on hiring be professionals that are going to help them succeed.