Edmonton Business Coach | Small Business Coaching

Edmonton Business Coach | Small Business Coaching

As an Edmonton business coach we at Inspired Method help small businesses with all of their marketing needs. We help them set up their Google my business listing as well as get them started with getting 40 Google reviews. The reason we start with this is that it does not cost any money, it is pretty simple to do and it can be quickly achieved. In the meantime we help the client establish a YouTube channel where they can share their knowledge and experience in the industry that they are doing business in.

Edmonton Business Coach

As an Edmonton business coach we have seen many businesses come and go. The statistics are not that favourable for success. However there are many things that can be done to ensure a better chance at success without throwing away money that has no return. We do not encourage our clients to throw large amounts of their money into advertising right off the bat. There are many things that need to be done first. As mentioned before these things are simple, effective and quick to do.

As an Edmonton business coach, the first things we suggest to our small business clients is to create their Google my business listing, get 40 reviews and then start making content. The best and most effective way to do this is to make 10 YouTube videos which are 10 minutes long. The first few videos that we ask each of our clients to produce are ones that share the problem vision and mission of their business. After this they are commissioned to create videos that help convey their experience and knowledge in their industry.

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To be able to make these videos our clients need to know what is the problem that they are solving for their customer. They need to know what the big idea or the vision of their company is. Another area we help them to focus on is what their mission is to win in the marketplace. It is also important that the client communicates their core values to others in these videos.

We take the time to help our clients discover all of these areas because it helps solidify the concept of the business. It is unbelievable how many people do not take the time to do this when starting their business before they even look for help with marketing. It is nearly impossible to market effectively without having these concepts hammered out.

Our proven path has helped many businesses succeed much quicker and more efficiently than they had ever expected to. When clients hire us as their coach we know that it is because they have an inability to attract enough customers to keep their business going and profitable. Once these first few things are in place then it is easy to help our clients tell their unique story and attract their own raving fans. We are always trying to prevent money being wasted on advertising because these things were not in place first.

Edmonton Business Coach | Do This Before Advertising

As an Edmonton business coach we have seen many businesses come and go. The statistics are not great for the chance of success. Our approach to small business marketing is different than the typical website development company. As we researched why businesses were failing we discovered that most needed help with identifying their goals and that helped them for opportunities with growth.

We also knew how important it was to have accountability in all the steps of growing a business. We are very passionate about helping businesses succeed and so we have created a proven path to success that is simple but not necessarily easy to follow.

Being an Edmonton business coach is more than just telling our clients what to do. Everything we share and ask them to do we have done ourselves. There really are no surprises when it comes to all the steps that need to be done. We have lived this out in our own business as well as seen it countless times in many of the small businesses we coach. The one thing a client needs to have is a coachable attitude. Without this the chance of succeeding is very low.

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As we share our knowledge and experience we help our clients to discover the initiatives that they need to achieve. If they are not willing to put in the work or be held accountable to reach these initiatives their chance of success goes down. They become another sad statistic.

Our marketing agency goes beyond just digital advertising. As a Edmonton business coach we do many things from advertising to building websites to helping with HR roles. We have an in-house graphic and logo designer who helps design graphics and logos to go on your website and printed materials. Your potential customers want to see a polished and professional look and that is what we help you achieve. Great design gives the perception of a larger more established brand and that is what we believe will help bring in more customers to your business.

Not only do we design a website, we also help maintain it. We want your brand to be found on Google and this is why we are constantly updating all of the backend stuff in the website. You are not just hiring someone to build you a website, you are also getting ongoing help with search engine optimization. What this means is that we follow all the logistics of helping your brand be found on Google when people are looking for whatever it is you are selling. We want you to pop up on the first page of Google. Your website is not just a fancy brochure it is also something to generate leads and sales.

To get started today, visit our website and fill out the contact form. Find out how we can help you achieve success in your business. There are no surprises when it comes to fees. We have one fixed monthly fee that not only includes the things mentioned above but also weekly strategy sessions.