Edmonton Business Coach | SEO for Small Business

Edmonton Business Coach | SEO for Small Business

Hi, welcome back to your Edmonton Business Coach, we are glad you joined us today. My name is Karen is forever and today we’re going to be talking about search engine optimization, small business. But first we’re going to start with her quote from Neil Patel and he says SEO is not dead and he’s an industry expert. Some kind of we should. We actually believe him. Yeah, he’s true. He’s right. It’s true. Seo leads have a 14.6% close rate, well about needs have a 1.7% close rate, big difference and that’s coming home. Search engine land.

Massive, massive difference. So it’s very, very important that you get ahold of search engine optimization for your website. Very important. Most companies have no idea what search engine optimization is. A, the ones that have a little bit of education are, you know, dangerous or misinformed and you know, that’s why we’re here. That’s why we want to help so many small businesses so that they are able to be found in search engines on page one. So that’s, that’s what we’re going to talk about today. And let’s get rolling.

No wonder people are confused by this topic. So this is a great one to break down from your Edmonton Business Coach because if you find this valuable, please share it to other businesses that you know, because this is actually not that hard of a topic, but some people just get a little confused by the name. Yeah. So what do most people think Seo is?

They think it’s much like the wizard of Oz where there’s, there’s some guy behind the curtain and he’s pulling the levers and the switching dials and, and uh, putting some Voodoo magic out there. You’re trying to make your website appear on page one. Um, you know, going back in and you’re loading up your web page with keywords and you know, things like that. They’re really misconstrued on, on what is he always, and because they don’t understand it, they shy away from it or they, they get involved. Well, doing things that are detrimental to search engine optimization from their site.

What do most businesses that Yukon Cross do for SEO?

Um, as Edmonton Business Coach we see that most either do one of two things. They do absolutely nothing for Seo. So they put up a website and they don’t touch it for decades. Um, I’ve come across many, many websites that have not been touched since like 2012, 2009. Um, and it’s, it’s pretty scary. Then the other side of that is people who know they should do something with Seo and then they, they paid, um, a company, um, from a foreign country to work on their SEO and they don’t know what’s happening with it. All they know is that there’s checks going out and a report coming in and not really seeing any change in their search engine optimization and showing up on page one of Google. So that’s what most companies do. What is something companies can do to improve the SCM? Now something they can do is if you haven’t updated your site recently, now’s a good time to start.

You should definitely work on changing your website, updating it so that is mobile responsive. So it works and has a seamless look and feel across all the different devices. And if that is going to take a little bit too long, they, what you need to be doing is creating more content for your website. That’s, that’s the biggest thing. How important our keywords to SEO keywords are important. Um, especially for local businesses. If you want to win nationally, that’s a whole other animal. But winning locally, I’m using the right keywords or key search terms that people would be looking for for your business are very important to, to go for it. How do you know what keywords to choose? Well, we use a couple of different tools. We use the Google keyword planner that really helps us to see what search terms are being searched for. It also gives us ideas on what a good search term might be.

The other tool that we use is from Moz, Moz, and it gives us a, we can put in our competitor’s websites and see what they’re ranking for and really balancing those two out. It can give us a good idea of what key search term we should go for. Um, to win, to be on page one of Google. So it goes by, relevancy goes by how many people have searched it and how hard or easy it is to win that particular service. Yeah. So how long does it take to get to page one of Google? The big question? Well that is kind of a loaded question because it really depends on how competitive your industry is, right? So, um, you can do it. Anybody who comes to you and says that they can get you to the page, one of Google and a couple of days or even 30 days is not being truthful with you, not being honest and you hear it all the time and we’ll get you to pay.

You want to rule within 30 days and Yadda Yadda moneybag way. And sure they might for a time, but they’re usually using black hat SEO tactics, which are very much frowned upon by Google and the other search engines out there. And you should really stay away from that. Um, so you can get there, but it does take a little bit of time. I would say an appropriate amount of time would 90 days. It would be a more appropriate amount of time. And that’s if you are consistently creating good content, if you’re not just going to take longer. Yeah. Yeah.

So as Edmonton Business Coach what do you tell businesses about hiring outside agency for SEO?

Um, just be careful. It’s buyer beware. Look at APP, talk to some of the companies that they’ve done work for or do searches on companies that they’ve worked for and relevant search terms. And if they’re showing up on page one of Google, um, and they’ve been there consistently, then you know, you can, you can trust but always fire anywhere. Make sure that, you know, if you’re putting no 1500 or $2,000 or more per month for SEO measure that they’re doing the right thing. Ask them about, you know, the articles you’re writing our blog articles for me. How are they being written, how are they being curating? Because a lot of times they are copied from other sources and they’re not properly cited and that can also get you into trouble if the search engine. So, um, just just be where, okay, well might be a way to guarantee you stay on page one. Okay.

Um, well getting to page one is, is the first hurdle. Number two, guaranteed. Staying on there is having twice as much content as your next nearest competitor. So it’s, it’s, it’s really that simple. Um, as long as you’ve got twice as much content, you’re going to remain there and always, always, always be creating content, never stopped making content and updating your website on a weekly basis. That’s, that’s the way to guarantee staying on page one. And then also keeping up, keeping an eye out for any changes that are happening with Google. Right? So making sure your website loads fast. Um, don’t put tons of pictures and videos. I take tons of time to load those in. Those types of things are very important to you to keep in mind. Lots of things to think about. When can I completely stopped getting SEL oversight? Never. Okay. Never ever stopped doing SEO. You always have to be doing it. Always have to be on top of that and having somebody, at least creating content, whether writing valuable blogs or you’re creating a video content and transcribing that for your site. Great. Well, thanks so much for sharing about Seo. I’m sure that helps break down the top of a little bit more. Uh,

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