Edmonton Business Coach | Say No to Video Banners on Your Home Page

Edmonton Business Coach | Say No to Video Banners on Your Home Page

Hi, welcome to Edmonton Business Coach. Everything marketing on our youtube channel. Karen. And today we’re going to be talking about why don’t use auto play videos on our clients home pages. Yay. Their website, home pages. Michael Gerber said the entrepreneurial model has less to do with what’s done in a business and more to do with how it’s done. The commodity isn’t what’s, what’s important. The way it’s delivered is cool. I like that. Yeah. So bounce rates, what does that well, bounce rate is the percentage of single page visits or web sessions. So how many people bounce onto your website? It is the percentage of visits in which a person leaves your website from the line cage without browsing any further. So they come and hit, they bounced away. So that’s the bounce rate. Uh, and Google analytics calculates and reports that bounce rate of a web page. And in the balance rate of a website, you want to pay attention to those numbers.

They’re not just some fancy words. So why aren’t you talking about bounce rate? Why is that important? Well, a lot of business owners, we’re guilty of this as well. We want to have flashy website that’s, you know, pretty has mood videos. Oh cool. But really it’s not important. Right? If, if we do all that stuff, then we just have a a cookie website that looks really fancy and like maybe some artistic people like it, but the average consumer doesn’t really give a rep. So we think that will look more credible. We’ll look more professional, look bigger than we are and so on and so forth. Higher Quality. But the truth is just the opposite of all that. Yeah. We don’t need all that flash for your website. Well, I’m curious, what is the number one reason to not have an autoplay video on the home page other than what you heard just said?

Well, the number one reason is speed. Yeah. Number one reason you speed when your website is being looked at in with her on mobile or on desktop, you want that pain to load up quickly. Yeah. And the reason why is because of bounce rate, right? So people click on a link to come into your website and it’s taking like three or five, six, 10 seconds to load. As your Edmonton Business Coach that’s a big problem. It sounds like hardly anything. But if you think of our attention spans, it’s totally relevant. Yeah, exactly. I mean, right now our attention span that of a goldfish, so like eight second attention span maximum and then boom, we’re gone somewhere else. So that’s why we pay attention to bounce rate. And if you want a high bounce rate, then yeah, put all the flashy stuff on your webpage that you want numerous videos and the popups and cooks and things of that nature so that it takes forever to load.

And then people are just like, okay, nothing there. No information for me. I’m out of here. Gone. Right? So that’s the number one reason we don’t want it do that. It makes sense. Why is speed so important then? You’ve kind of already said it. Yeah. Well speed. Um, we want people to get onto that page. We wouldn’t want anything to distract them from our call to action. Right? So when your page pops up, name, name, your homepage or your landing page, we want people to understand what they’re looking at. It’s where they want it to go. And we pick and click for more information or to call, right? We want their them to contact us in some fashion or form, either as a lead so we collect their name, their email address and hopefully phone number. Um, if not naming it, email address is fine or we have a call now button so that they can you give us a call.

We want that to happen as fast as possible before that we don’t want them to be distracted by anything else. Why is it important then to not have any distractions on your home page? Well in particular if you have a video backdrop on your home page, then people will be looking at the video in the background and not actually looking at your call to action. Right. So if you, if you want them to watch a video then please have a video. But if you want them to actually look at your call to action in your no brainer offer, have that first. Anything that’s in the background should be just static. Their image, you know, it can have some faces there cause people like looking at faces, head and shoulder shots. Um, it’s, it’s because we’re humans. We want to connect to people. Even though we’re online in a digital space, the digital world will still want to connect with a human being.

So having faces there is fine having full motion graphics and videos and stuff happening. It’s just a distraction from what you want them to do. So that’s why you don’t want that stuff on your home page. So what is important to have on page coming back around again? Well we need to have a no brainer offer, right? We need to have that plain plain as day. So whether it’s, you know, like our no brainer offer which is first month of marketing services in the door, right? Yep. No hassle, no obligation to, to continue. So as Edmonton Business Coach we want to show value and other ones can be a, you know, $100 off your first service or a free consultation or what have you. Having that no brainer offer for your ideal and likely buyer is most important thing to have there. And ways to contact you. So we can have email address, phone number, and maybe a button to click onto a form to input a little bit more information.

So those things are very important for people to have. Do you have any other examples of any a no brainer offers? Other examples of no brainer offers. Let’s see, what’s a great one? Free Shipping. Free shipping is a good one or a free download. So people can either give like an audio book or an Ebook or a, an infographic and want to different ways that you can do a no brainer offer. Um, now let’s say if you are a, uh, an accountant, like let’s say, uh, our partner, he gives a free consultation as well as in a book. You come in for the consultation, you get a book, a business book that’ll help you. So either way you come, you’re getting value, you leave really good, great stack of books there. Yeah. So when he, when Kenny’s videos on your website, um, videos are great. Um, let’s say in your blog section where I hear how to section, um, I’ve put it there because people, if they want to learn more about you or you have some great instructional videos we have on our sec, but marketing put them there because if people are fans of beers and they want to learn more, then they can click there and find your, your videos there.

You can put them maybe lower on the page like as testimonials. So you can have a testimonial videos on your page as well. But I wouldn’t put it at the top above the fold somewhere else. And why are our videos not fancy as an Edmonton Business Coach? Well, they’re not fancy because fancy takes a long time to produce, right? It takes a long time to come up with the content to add different graphics and cutting the audio video and added and music and transitions and overlays and all of that stuff can take literally hours to do one short video. Right? And we want to be an example to our customers as the Edmonton Business Coach, that, hey, you don’t have to be fancy. You can still get good information, good content out there. And still be adding relevant content to your website and it doesn’t have to be, you know, a Hollywood production. So that’s why. Perfect. Absolutely makes sense to me.

Well, thanks so much for joining us here today and inspired method marketing on our youtube channel, like the video, make some comments if you like, give us some feedback or even get some questions. And don’t forget to visit our website as well as by red. Now come to a set up, a consultation with us and check out our website and see what we have in there. And also subscribe to our channel here at Youtube so that you can stay up to date with all the latest marketing videos and we hope to see you soon. Awesome. Thanks so much.