Edmonton Business Coach | Risky Business

Edmonton Business Coach | Risky Business

At inspired method we are more than just a digital marketing company but also an Edmonton business coach. We help our clients develop key strategies that can be easily implemented so that they reach their goals. As an Edmonton business coach we help them stay accountable by holding weekly strategy sessions. This is where we work one-on-one with the client to help them see where they can grow and how to get there. If someone is not willing to meet weekly we do not work with them.

Edmonton Business Coach

As an Edmonton business coach we know how important it is to have outside help and viewpoints for the business. When you are working in your business you often get tunnel vision where you cannot see the whole picture. This is where aligning with an Edmonton business coach can help you.

When someone comes to us they are probably thinking that everyone should start a business including themselves. I think this might be the way to retire one day and they come up with an idea for a business. A couple of things we quickly tell them is that you should be passionate about what you are doing and be willing to wait it out while it grows.

It takes decades for a business to become profitable. And within those years you are going to have to be willing to put a lot of hours in, experience a lot of discomfort for a long time. Being in business is a long game it is not an overnight success. You will have to focus on execution of all the things in your business along the way rather than just the end goal of being profitable.

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Having your own business is not just a luxury lifestyle. It takes a lot of hard work and things do not always go to plan. Coaches agree that. It may take years to make the money that you want to make and so you must ask yourself if you are willing to stick it out through the hard part.

Having a business degree will not prepare you for owning a business. They are designed to prepare you to work in a business and not necessarily run one many of the business professors have never owned a successful business themselves. They do not even expect you to be able to close a sale to graduate from business College. The three keys of success in business are having enough customers having enough cash and having the right team. These things are not taught in business school. In fact having the right team was never even mentioned in the school that I attended.

If you think you are special enough to own a business you will need to think again. Successful business owners assume they know nothing and learn from other successful business owners. They do not try to reinvent the wheel they take what is already successful and proven in other businesses and industries and copycat that into theirs. All their efforts go towards executing simple proven strategies.

Edmonton Business Coach | Business Is Risky

As an Edmonton business coach we see that small businesses need more than just marketing help. When we started we thought that having great marketing in place was the answer to success. We quickly learned that it took much more than that. As an Edmonton business coach we see that it is the execution of your ideas that make or break your business.

We go beyond the typical business agency and provide key strategies and how to implement them. If you are looking for someone to help you to learn so that you are unstoppable you will want to hire us as your Edmonton business coach. Successful entrepreneurs know that they cannot make it without great coaching. Just as an athlete or performer needs a coach to be successful so does a small business owner. You must be willing to learn so that you can be helped.

This is all about being coachable. If you cannot even make it to your weekly strategy sessions do you really want a successful business? You must surround yourself with coaches, consultants and mentors so that you can avoid having tunnel vision.

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Something that people do not take into account because maybe they are not supposed to be a business owner is that it is going to affect your whole life. Your personal life will become pretty small. You will not be able to focus your efforts on a lot of things you will have to pick and choose what is the most important. You are going to become great at a few things instead of dabbling in a whole bunch of things. This is not a balance lifestyle this is a trade-off lifestyle. Your friends and family will probably not understand and that is okay because not everyone is meant to be a successful entrepreneur.

You will have to be willing to work even when you do not feel motivated. Discomfort does not mean you are unhealthy it just means you are willing to do what it takes to win. This is where you are going to act first and then have the feeling of accomplishment later. This is not a fake it until you make it idea this is a do what it takes until you make it strategy. Therefore we tell people that not everyone should be in business because they do not have the patience to do what it takes until the money starts coming in.

You cannot build a sustainable business in just one year. You may not make the money expect for quite a while and that is not easy for most people. This is a game plan that takes many years and not just months. If you are willing to work with a coach please fill in the contact info on our website and let us find out how inspired method can help you reach your goals of becoming a successful business owner.