Edmonton Business Coach | Progress Over Perfection

Edmonton Business Coach | Progress Over Perfection

Hi, welcome to Edmonton Business Coach. And today we’re going to be talking about progress over perfection. Don’t wait until things are perfect. Very good. Perfection is mass ultimate Oh, erosion. It simply doesn’t exist in the universe. If you are a perfectionist, you are guaranteed to be a loser and whatever you do, whew. Thanks David D. Burns. You burned us. Procrastination. Statistics suggest that 40% of people have experienced financial loss due to procrastination. That’s conquering girl 2008. Oh Man, I’m sure it’s even higher now. Right? So waiting to launch a new website or marketing campaign, youtube channel, because it’s not yet perfect. You don’t have it all figured out. It only keeps you from progressing forward. Right? I struggled for a long time to finally make the decision to launch our marketing business and uh, I’m glad that they did well. Why did you wait to launch inspiring that for so long?

Well, see, I was of the mind, I had to know everything first as Edmonton Business Coach. I had to have it all figured out. I had to learn all the new technologies and the different social media things and how to build websites and how to code it and how to do graphic design and everything. I thought I needed to know absolutely everything before I could get started. Right. You have that, that feeling of imposter syndrome and you know, not being able to serve as people and just, you know, feeling the fear that, you know, am I able to do this right? And also the biggest problem was not knowing how I was going to figure all of that out, but it only to doing it and getting started that you’re able to figure stuff out. So now you prefer per hour, summers perfection. Yes, 100% so I think what Richard Branson says, he says, if you’re faced with an opportunity, say yes and figure it out after, right?

So say yes, figure it out after you still got to figure it out, but until you say yes and jump on the opportunity, you’re never going to know all the ins and outs. Some people in businesses and ideas and songs, they die before they’re ever launched because of the paralysis of analysis. I was just going to say that. Oh yeah. So true. Yeah. Many, many lots idea. Let’s go to the grave because people are worried about being perfect. Yeah. Or maybe the risk of being imperfect is too high for them. So when do you know it’s time to launch your website?

That’s a big question. So launching a website you, you’ll, you have to have the framework down. So you have to have a home page, you have to have your service and ideas and what you’re doing. So you’re about us, your team, who’s who it is, who’s there, what your services are. You need to have a blog page or a vlog page so more people can, you can continually update. And then you, you got to have a contact page. So once you have that basic framework done, launch, just do it. Right. Get it started. Don’t wait until it’s absolutely perfect in all, I think this, this picture needs to be a different picture or this needs to be a little bit bigger or whatever. All the little minutiae that we get tied up in is really silly and it prevents us from actually moving forward and getting, getting some love from Google and getting some love from other people, so we need to launch that thing as soon as the basic framework has done and we can continually out into it later.

How do you get clients past the idea of it having to be perfect before launch? Well, really it comes down to continually talking to them and saying, look, we need to get this launch because the longer we take, if we wait till it’s perfect, it will never ever be launched. It’ll never be perfect. There’s always going to be something that has to be changed. There’s always something that needs to be refined. There’s always a new thing that has to, that comes up new widget. I knew something that needs to go on the second order to make a better user experience. Let’s launch it. Let’s go. Because if we don’t, then that’s sales. You’re not gay. That’s attention. You’re not getting it. We need to get attention quickly and get it consistently all the time. So when it is a website down, never. That’s what I thought.

You’re right. Website is never done. You know, it’d be tinkering in there, fixing it and you should always be updating. Like if you watched any of our other videos, you always have to be adding content onto your website. Right. I always have to have new blogs or new videos, new information that you’re sharing with people on a regular basis that is relevant to your industry, relevant to your ideal and likely buyer and updated regularly, daily if you can. Wow. What’s the most difficult thing to get clients to do? Great content. I know that is the hardest thing for them. A lot of handholding. Going. Making the content is the hardest part. So let’s write something votes. So I usually give them assignments. Okay. This week I want your personal bio done and then next week is I want the personal bio of your, your senior manager in charge.

Then I want to understand your, when is your mission statement? Well let’s, let’s do this, you know, over time. And the more than that you can get them to do the better. Um, so I usually give them, you know, a few things to work on during the week and then we would come back, we can refine it, add to it, give another assignment. So there’s some accountability there is if we just wait until the, whenever they get around to it, it never gets done. And so why is it hard to get clients to start on video? Oh, they’re usually afraid to be on video frame. What they’re going to look like. We think, oh my goodness, people are going to see me. Oh, I look so horrible and ugly. I’m old, I’m fat, and whatever. And whatever excuses, just add it onto the bottom line is you don’t know really care about what you look like is if they did, then you know, nobody would go on video.

Like, if there were, we got lambasted when when someone went online lives like, oh, you’re so ugly or whatnot, that has no relevance whatsoever to creating content. Absolutely not. Because what we’re doing here as Edmonton Business Coach is to help people to give them education. You’ve given more value to their lives, into their business. And it doesn’t matter what it looks like. I’m not making a full, you know, Hollywood production that makes no difference in, it’s not going to add any more value to two people out there. I want to get information out quickly, consistently and we’re trying to do this once now. We may ramp up to twice a day getting these videos out so we don’t have time to mess around. We want to be on page one Google and as Edmonton Business Coach we want you to be on page one. So it means just rolling it out. How do you get clients sees to doing videos?

Um, just start press record, press record, right? Those outlines the questions that you know that your industry he wants to hear the answers to and that’s where you go from. And if they’re super nervous, then when you can’t do this is the little trick of learning. I didn’t make it up. You can set up your camera on a 45 degree angle off to the side and then you sit in front of them and you ask them questions, they answer their questions and just back and forth like that. And then you just cut out all the places where you asking the question. Yeah. So it takes a little bit longer, but that’s how you can get them more comfortable because they’re just really looking at you and answering a relevant in niche industry. Question. Yeah. So are there any other alternatives or tips, hacks that you help them, those clients get over their fears?

Um, well if they’re really good at writing, they can blogs, right? How’s in words takes a long time, long time. They could do it all on audio. Like bye bye. All right. So you can just do an interview with them on audio and then you can get that transcribed and also put on to your website. You can even create a podcast out of that if you wanted. So, I mean, there’s, there’s that, I mean, for someone who was like super camera shy and who actually will not get in front of the camera, then record because of the spoken word is easily transcribed nowadays. And you can use that for your content on the website. Nice. And if you want it to be, you know, even more polished, you can take that transcription and give it to a copywriter and they can refine it, fix it, fill it out and make it, you know, read a lot better because transcription is not read very well. But, um, for Seo value, they work just fine. Great. Yeah, thanks so much for all the help Edmonton Business Coach on how to get over our fears and just start getting that progress and not wait.