Edmonton Business Coach | Products & Services Don’t Attract Customers


Edmonton Business Coach | Products & Services Don’t Attract Customers

Hi, welcome back to Inspired Method Marketing your Edmonton business coach. I’m Karen, this is Trevor and we are going to talk today about products and services don’t attract customers. What?

I know! Let’s rewind. Gary Vaynerchuk says, your number one job is to tell your story to the consumer wherever they are, and preferably at the moment that they’re deciding to make a purchase.

50% of all Canadian businesses will go out of business in the first five years and 42% of these failed business owners will list a lack of customers as a reason for their failure making lack of customers the most common reasons for business failure.

Wow! As an as a business coach in Edmonton, that makes me sad. Yeah, totally makes me really sad. I don’t like hearing that and that statistic is why we exist. That’s why we’re in business. We want to help people to beat the odds. We want to help you. I’ll share a quick story here. Business owners think that word of mouth alone will be sufficient to grow their business. I see it so many times with new business owners said, oh, people will put in a good word for me. You know you wait forever for somebody to put in that good word for you and, and get those customers. It’s just not realistic. It happens. But it’s so rare that you run out of money before you get all those leads that are promised you. It’s just the truth. Yeah. So what are some questions that people might have for an Edmonton business coach about this topic? Products and services don’t attract customers.

Okay. Will an outstanding product or service alone be enough to attract enough customers?

I wished that was true. I really wish that was true. It’s not because then you wouldn’t have to advertise, right? Oh, it’d be so easy, wouldn’t it? It’d be great. You can just, just do your business. Yeah. You could make an amazing product in your basement and people would just come running for it. Does that ever happen? No. You’re going to tell somebody about it. Yeah. So whether you’re telling person one at a time, you’re still telling somebody about your product or service. Now, if you want to sell enough of those products or services to, to make yourself a living and maybe hire a few people along the way and make a difference, then you have to do marketing and advertising. There is just no way around it. And you’ve got to sell something. You’ve got to sell one or two of them in order to make that difference.

Totally. Are businesses who say their entire business is based on referrals being truthful, Edmonton business coach?

I hear that a lot. That, especially when it comes to trade companies, all my business is built on referrals. All my business is built on referrals. Exactly. Oh, I don’t need advertising. All my businesses built on referrals, unfortunately. That’s like a fast way to bankruptcy. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, yeah. 100%. You know, being an Edmonton business coach, you get to see a lot of people and a lot of different businesses and the most wonderful thing that happens is when people start doing the things that you’re asking them to and you’re showing them the way and they’re beginning to be successful, that is the most rewarding part. And, you know, it would be nice to say that a lot of people will get referrals, even your grandma can’t give you enough referrals to keep your business going. And your grandma loves you more than anybody.

I mean, seriously, or your mom or your dad. But seriously, I can’t think of one referral I’ve gotten from my dad and my dad cares about me. Yeah. It just doesn’t happen. And this, that’s just the way it is. Take it from an Edmonton business coach.

Once someone gets a personal referral, are they still normally gonna go to Google to find out about it too?

Yeah. Normally people will say, oh yeah, go check out my buddy Bob. He’s, he’s a great plumber, electrician, whatever it is. He did a great job for me. Here’s his card or whatever. They’re gonna, search you up on Google. Why? Cause they’re going to look for referrals. They’re going to want to see some credibility,  some track record. You could have been a one-off that you did a good job for your buddy. Right? So, and we as humans are generally not trustworthy or trusting of other people who are always, at least I am.

I’m a little bit skeptical. Being an Edmonton business coach, I want to make sure for myself, you know, just give me a little bit of peace of mind. I might, you know, think the best in others, but I still want to confirm. Right.

I know a lot of people are the same way. If happy customers try to refer you without reviewing online, what happens? So if they try to refer you without reviewing online, well their credibility kind of goes out the window, right? So they’re giving a referral to a friend, but they’re not willing to give you give a review. Yeah. Shout out online then they’re not really helping you because rather than just telling one person and you could tell everybody who looks for your business online that hey, this person did a fantastic job for me and you should definitely use them. They’re not really helping you when they do that. Well, the prospective customer still likely reviews your online content.

Sorry. Yes. Ask it again. Ask it again. The prospective customer still likely reviews your content online. Yeah, they’re going to take a look at least on your home page. They may have not looked through your whole website, but they’re going to at least check out your website, check the homepage and the team page. Those are going to be the two pages for sure. They’re going to hit first. So be ready to have, have all your information there. Yeah, 100%. No doubt about it. Get here and your website in order. That’s why we tell people the right 6,000 words before you launch your site.

Edmonton business coach, how does the volume of today’s marketing materials dilute word of mouth referrals?

Big Time. It dilutes the information big time because there’s just so much, right? So much coming at you. Having that one on one referral is great and, but you still have to have it backed up with great material and telling your story online because people want to be engaged and want to be involved in, in a company that is doing something meaningful.

So you have to stand out from the crowd. Listen to your Edmonton business coach. You can’t just be one of a million, you’ve got to be one in a million. Right? You gotta be that one special one. Yup.

How often does the average person have to hear about you before taking some action, Edmonton business coach?

You know, the numbers are really high. I was going by the rule of seven takes at least seven times for someone to recognize that your ad is in front of them and then they can take another seven before they take action. Right? So you’re looking at 14 to 18 different contacts, different touch points before someone will actually engage in your services. And that can take a long time. So you have to, you know, play the long game, not the short game. I don’t know. A lot of people come in and say, I need leads today. I need you to help me this month.

I need to get that out and then I’ll pay you Edmonton business coach. I’ll be like, hmm, okay. I’m smarter than that. And I know it takes longer. Um, for certain things it may be a little bit shorter, but for most legitimate businesses that aren’t selling a one-off product, it’s not instantaneous like that. It just doesn’t happen. And I can’t in good conscience tell people to do that because I know that they’re going to be burning through their money faster than, uh, than they would like. Exactly.

Why is it important, Edmonton business coach, to develop marketing systems that don’t require networking?

Well, if you think of a time factor that’s involved in networking if you were to go to networking events seven days a week, think of how much time is involved in that. You’ve got travel time, you’ve got time at the event, and then you’ve got to try and connect with one or two people there who may or may not get you in contact with that ideal, unlikely customer that you’re looking for.

You can spend a tremendous amount of time talking with those people. Whereas if you are, you have a marketing system that is working for you, 24 seven 365, you can get in front of thousands of people and get the same or better results than you going out and wasting most of your life networking with other people. Right? So networking is great, but you can’t compare with a well automated marketing system. Do you have to also think about marketing to existing customers? Yes, you do 100%  being an Edmonton business coach, we tell people that it is easier to sell to someone you’ve already done business with than it is to get a new customer. Less expensive too. Yeah. Yeah. Less expensive. They already know you. They’ve already bought something from you in the past. So why don’t you go ahead and if you have something new to sell them, talk to them first because they already had a good experience with you.

So I mean it just makes sense. Yeah.

Why do you have to consider emotions along with facts to entice customers, Edmonton business coach?

Ah, that is, that is the crux of it. That is the reason why I like marketing so much is that people, they, they buy with emotion, right? So they get hooked with the emotion of the product service, how it’s going to make them feel, how they can picture themselves, you know, riding down the freeway, wind in their hair, um, you know, beautiful, sleek styling, hugging the curves around the bends and you know, Italy or whatnot and all these fun events that happen. They connect with a product or a service and then they, they buy with, with logic, right? So they connect first and then they figured out how they can justify buying that product. So you have to do it. Great. Well, thank you so much for joining us here today on Inspired Method Marketing your Edmonton business coach here on Youtube. And don’t forget to subscribe to the channel like the video. Leave us a comment and we’ll talk to you guys next time.