Edmonton Business Coach | Not All Customers Are Good Customers

Edmonton Business Coach | Not All Customers Are Good Customers

Hi my name is Karen and this is Trevor your Edmonton Business Coach.

Today we’re going to be talking about not all customers are good customers. Sometimes you have to fire your customers. Yeah, that’s true. I’ve heard that actually this week. So Jim Collins, he’s an author of six books. He says you must maintain unwavering faith that you can and will prevail in the end and regardless of the difficulties and at the same time have the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be. Yeah, that is, that’s a mouthful. But it’s so true. Yeah.

So many great things say stats based on facts. So according to Forbes, 88% of people read reviews before buying. That should be like a huge sign for you. Forbes is a great kind of a business type of magazine. Yeah. So they know what the tone. So if you’re a small business, you probably should pay attention to that number and get your Google reviews. Every business owner has to deal with a bad customer. The goal is to not let them monopolize your time on unscalable tasks or out of scope projects. Just to keep them. That’s right. Wasted time. So Karen, what are some questions we ask?

So why is 168 the most important number in business? 168 is the number of hours we have in the week. We all have those same hours, the same hours. Everybody from Warren Buffet down to us your Edmonton Business Coach have  the same amount of hours. Yeah, I definitely know that.

Yeah. But yeah, we all have the same amount of hours in a week. So if you are spending time on the wrong people doing the wrong things, it just kind of burns you out. Your ROI is very low, very low ROI, working on things that you just shouldn’t be doing. And that’s like we said in the topic of this video and just to try and keep that Customers. Yeah, all entrepreneurs, even an Edmonton Business Coach normally have marketable skills outside of their core services typically. No, I was kind of wondering where, you were going with this.

The reason we started in this particular business as an Edmonton Business Coach is because we have an interest, we have a skillset and that is really what we want to be doing with our life. On our time. So you know, we try and stay within that, that vein of, of interest. And that’s really what our customers are asking us for. They hired us to be, you know, they’re a marketing agency and a business coaching so we can help them to grow their business.

So we’re not going to go into, you know, and mow their grass, right? I’m an Edmonton Business Coach I’m not going to do things that are just out of the wheelhouse of what we do. You know, we’re not going to be, do printing the service. It’s just not in our wheelhouse of what we’re doing. And the same thing with you when you were hired as simply plumbing it just doesn’t make sense for you to start doing electrical service. It doesn’t make sense for you to start, you know, doing you know, cleaning gutters or something. It just isn’t in your realm of scalability, even though you might be able to find people to do it, it’s going to be not as profitable because you don’t understand that business or that industry in order to make it profitable.

Should you try to monetize skills that you can’t train other people to help you with?

No. Absolutely not. Because then you are the one who has to do that skill. If you’re trying to do something that you, it’s impossible to train somebody else to do for you. You’re not duplicatable. Yeah, exactly. You, you can’t scale that. You can’t scale something if you’re the only person who can do that in your business, it makes no sense. Unless you always want to be doing that. Which if you never ever want to have a day off then, okay, go ahead. You never want to take a vacation, never want to spend time with your family and friends. You never want to have any fun in your life. Then by all means, you should definitely do things that only you can do in your business. Advice from your Edmonton Business Coach, you should always be replaceable. Yeah. In a way that is that, yeah, you should be able to walk away from your business just like if you were abducted by aliens, the 30 day alien abduction tests. Then go do that. That’s the things that you should be getting scale scaling your business.

Okay. Will you have to tell good customers know if their requests is not your core service?

Yeah. You’re going to have to say no to people. We do not as an Edmonton Business Coach want you to do things that are outside of your scope and scale because it’s not profitable for you. Even though you might be able to do it and just makes no sense for you to do it and you might have to let them down. You managed to let them go because you won’t do that for her. But I’ve learned from experience when we start saying yes to things that are out of our scope and out of our experiencing just it is ends in sadness and failure

And it’s a time suck and it’s a time suck. Yeah. Yeah.

Should you be okay with labeling some customers as bad customers? Yeah, absolutely.

From my experience as an Edmonton Business Coach It’s pretty easy to identify them pretty quickly because they usually are very demanding. And not just in a sense that, you know, they want you to keep up with what you’re doing. They are demanding with things that are outside of, you know, what year you’re set. Expectations are things that are out of your control. You know, for instance, if they’re not doing their, you know, for, in our case, if they’re out doing their, you know, weekly activities that they’re supposed to be doing during your action items they’re always late. They never don’t pay on time. Like those are bad customers. Right. so yeah, you can definitely label people as bad customers. You don’t say it to their face, but you know, in your mind that if you had to let someone, you go find someone to replace that, that time slot, then you know, you’ve got somebody.

So if you don’t label those customers as bad customers, will it affect the growth of your company?

Yeah, absolutely. From my experience as an as an Edmonton Business Coach there are so many other people out there who fit your ideal and likely buyers. And if you’re always having to cater and go extra over and above, like outside of your scope, not just over and above as far as just over delivery by me, like, you know, spending extra amounts of time on a particular client because they are being super demanding, picky or whatnot. Then you can scale that. And if you have like a bunch of those people, if you’re tolerating that in your business, then you are going to hate your life. You’re going to hate your business, you’re going to hate your customers and you’ll resent them when you can have, you know, a bunch of customers who are just pleasures to deal with ledgers, to be around.

They’re great. You serve them and they’re happy with your service and you know, he can build a sustainable business off of that.

As an Edmonton Business Coach would you say bad customers have a common trait? Yeah, I said some of them earlier. They’re, you know, very demanding, very picky. They want, they always have a crisis. They always, you know, have something you know, urgent that you have to deal with right now. They, you know, they monopolize your time. They take longer than they should, you know, when they’re on the phone or they’re trying to deal with something, they are, you know, late in pain. They try and squeeze you for every dime, you know, they’re just common traits that they have that you know, you should be aware of for sure. So you’re saying bad customers are always in a state of emergency? Yeah, there’s always something that, you know, the sky is falling, you know, something’s on fire.

There’s always, you know, an urgent call that you have to get in touch with them. And usually it’s not. Usually it’s not. It’s usually something that is made up in their minds that it’s an emergency that you need to deal with right away. So it’s, it’s just a different thing and some people are just like that and you just have to be able to identify and know how to deal with that type of person and just don’t let them suck your time. And if they want to walk away and go be with somebody else, and by all means, let them go. Well that customer send aggressive emails and often be unavailable to discuss. Of course, that’s their emo. They get all angry and they get behind their typewriter and their, you know, typewriter. How old am I? Keyboard, keyboard warriors and they send you, you know, very aggressive, you know, email typewriter on a thousand years old. I had a pet prompt, a source as a kid. I’m just kidding. And Yeah, then you, you want to discuss it with them and then they won’t talk to you. Face to face is just, just something to get you going and then your mind is spinning. You’re thinking of how you can deal with this situation and it just really pulls away from what you’re wanting to do with your ideal customers.

Well that customers always be looking for ways to not pay you or pay you less.

Yeah. This is one of their, their telltale traits. I’m not going to pay you because you’re doing a bad job for me. Or they’ll try and find a way to, you know, low back or lower their rate because they’re just not happy with their service. And it’s just part of their ammo. So that’s how you can tell if you’ve gotten bad customer, good customers, they want you there.

Ah, this is a good question. It’s the last one. Is it okay to put up a bad customers while you’re looking for better ones?

Yeah, yeah. You know, it’s just keep them on board and keep serving them, helping them out. And then as you get better and better customers on onboard and you’re able to replace that, that revenue, that income stream, then it’s a, it’s not so painful when you have to tell them, you know, look, this is what we’re hired to do. This is the job we’re doing for you. This is how we’re delivering for you. And it seems that you’re unable to satisfy your needs, that you seem to be out of our scope of work and what we are hired to do. And you know, by all needs, here’s another company that we found that you can go to and they may be able to help you better than you can and just let them go, be gone. Go Scott. Yeah.

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