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Edmonton Business Coach | Market Your Business

Having an Edmonton Business coach is more important than you realize. 96% percent of entrepreneurs fail. We do not want your business to be another statistic to fall in this category. We find that the three things that cause this business failure are lack of customers, lack of cash, and lack of a great team. As your Edmonton business coach we help you to achieve all three of these so that your business is still here five years down the road.

Edmonton Business Coach

This rate of business failure is entirely unnecessary because we have proven strategies to beat the odds of business. When you hire inspired method as your Edmonton business coach not only do you get marketing strategies but you get business strategies. We have developed a proven path that helps take you from the very beginning of your business two years down the road.

Starting a business is not right for everyone. Just because you have a good idea does not mean you will know how to execute on that idea. Are you the type of person that shows up first at the office? Do you put in the hours that it takes to build a business? Some people actually believe that you can work less hours owning your own business and still be successful. The truth is you will have to work more hours especially in the beginning than you would at a 9-to-5 job. It takes a lot more time and effort than most people are willing to put in.

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This leads me to the next area as an Edmonton business coach that people are confused about. They think that being a specialist in their field qualifies them to run a business in that field. This is not actually the case. This can hinder you because you might not rely on getting the right team and as we know you cannot do everything by yourself.

Another area the people are fooled and is thinking that their ideas are the hardest part and most important part of their business. Again this is not true it is all in the execution. When you have a great business coach they will help walk you through step-by-step to success. Your idea for your business is just a small part of the whole picture.

If you think that your business is different enough that you can make the sales needed to be successful you might want to think again. Your business is not that unique and there are probably many direct and indirect competitors that will take your market share.

This next myth is what most people believe when they think about having a website. They think that as long as they have a website for their business and that it is beautiful that it will just automatically generate leads. Of course you must know this is not true and that a website is just a tool for your business. You still need to make sales on the website. It is just one tool to do that. For more information reach us on our website.

Edmonton Business Coach | Business Myths

As an Edmonton business coach we have seen all sorts of misbeliefs when it comes to how to be successful in business. Many people think that just having a great idea is the biggest part of being successful in the business. They think that their idea or product or service is so unique that people automatically flocked to buy it. They might think it is so great that they will make more sales than their direct competitors. The fact is they might not even make more sales than their indirect competitors.

We are an Edmonton business coach who will only tell you the truth about what it takes to be successful in business. You may have started a business because you had a great idea that you wanted to market. The hardest part in the business is actually the execution of that idea to market. The idea is just a small part of your business success. You may be a specialist in the field that you want to run a business and but that does not mean you will be successful in running the business.

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Some expert coaches say this might actually hinder you and be successful because you might not rely on getting the right team to work with you. Keep in mind one of the three areas that leads to business success is having the right team. You cannot do it all alone nor should you want to. You might think that you can rely on a bank loan or venture capital to come in and help you get your business off the ground but that is not something you should rely on. That is never a certainty and loans do not make you work the business.

Are you the type of person to show first at the office? If not you might want to rethink if starting a business is right for you. There is way more that will be expected of you when owning your own business as compared to working for someone else. Another thing to keep in mind is that when you have a business you will not be able to rely on everybody else to tell you what to do in the business. This is where having an Edmonton business coach will help you. We give you the strategies and help you execute them so that you do have success. Contact us by filling the form on our website.