Edmonton Business Coach | Making Videos Is Not Easy To Start

Edmonton Business Coach – Making Videos Is Not Easy To Start

When we get started with our Edmonton business coach clients, one of the first things that we get them to do is make 14, 10 minute long YouTube videos. This is not very comfortable thing for 99.99% of people out there. The reason this is so uncomfortable for them is because it is on natural.
I’m not sure what the psychology is behind people being afraid of getting onto camera, but it is an irrational fear. I can only say this because I have done hundreds of videos in my lifetime and when I first started it was very weird I felt unnatural and I wasn’t sure if what I was going to say was going to make sense to anybody.
But before I became an Edmonton business coach, was just starting out my marketing business, and Facebook had introduced the live video feature on the platform. I had made the decision then and there that I was going to do live videos every day for a month.
The very first one was very awkward and weird feeling and I will ensure if anybody was going to respond to it. As I continued down the road of making the live videos, it became easier and easier to do.
We do not get our Edmonton business coach clients to go live on Facebook or live in any platform at all. We allow them the opportunity to make mistakes in a recorded environment. We recorder videos for the client and then we edit those videos afterwards. By the time our customers are around video number four they are much more comfortable with the whole process. And after that amount of time in front of the camera it makes video editing much, much simpler.
So why on earth would we ask our clients to make 14 10 minute videos? It’s because we want to use those videos to create content for their website. A 10 minute video is equivalent to around a thousand words written.
When they are finished doing 14 of these videos, we have over 14,000 words that we can use for SEO on their website. One of the markers for successful SEO is having the most HTML content. Because we know most of the competitors out there in our local marketplace will not be creating 14,000 words of content, we know that we can help our customers get an unfair competitive advantage.
We believe so deeply in this process that we use it ourselves, and not only that we will only work with one company in any given industry in a geographic region. We feel that it would be unfair to put our customers against each other. We want to make sure that our customers when everybody else comes in second place or lower.
We don’t want any small business to fail, because one of our missions is to help Canadian businesses beat the odds of failure. Call inspired method today.
Edmonton business coach | using longform video for SEO
Using longform video content is something that we always recommend as the Edmonton business coach. Longform video is a fantastic way to get a lot of content for a website very quickly. Using a longform YouTube video not only get you ranked on Google, but it also help you to rank on YouTube.
Why would we want to rank on both Google and YouTube? Because they are both owned by the same company. And the more that you use their platforms, the more traction you’re going to get for your company. We have seen some of our videos is the Edmonton business coach show up in Google search results before our website.
So that means any of our coaching clients can see there videos pop up in the Google search engine results before their website is even built. This is not something that everybody does, but it’s what sets us apart from everybody else in the market. This is also one of the reasons why our customers have a hard time working with us.
It’s not that were difficult, it’s because they don’t want to get on video. Being on video is uncomfortable, there is no doubt about that. But once you get over your fear of being on video, it is just as natural as talking to anybody who’s sitting right in front of you.
In our Edmonton business coach video sessions, we lay out the structure of the videos in such a way that the client is just answering simple questions that a buyer would ask about their business. Because were asking them questions about their business they are giving us relevant information on their particular business and or industry so that we can put in the proper keyword terms for Google to find.
Making sure that we have the right content put up at the right times is very important for our client success. We have to make sure that we are being consistent with updating their website on a regular basis. And having consistent YouTube content going up regularly is also very good. A lot of these companies are looking for consistency in brands when they are posting their content.
Consistency is one of the hallmarks of the successful. People who can do the persistent and consistent things over a long period of time are the ones who become successful. It is not the people who were the most talented, it is the people who know that they are the most talented but they work harder than everybody else to achieve extraordinary results.
These are some of the principles that we teach at inspired method marketing and coaching. We don’t take just people who think they are the most extraordinary personalities. We take people who are willing to work hard and do the things that are unpopular, and uncommon in order to win over the long term.
There is nothing about her system that is short-term. Everything that we do is for long-term results. We want to make sure that you are not just a customer for one year, we want to make sure that you are a customer for life.