Edmonton Business Coach | Keys to Business Success

Edmonton Business Coach | Keys to Business Success

At inspired method we are not only a marketing agency but an Edmonton business coach. We have come up against a lot of misconceptions about what it takes to be successful in business. We are sure to be kind but honest in sharing our expertise and knowledge. Just because you have a good idea does not mean you should start a business around it. You must be the right type of person with the right character and discipline to make it work.

Edmonton Business Coach

The three keys to having a successful business is to have enough cash, enough customers and building a great team. Many businesses do not make it past the first five years. Almost all of them fail because they did not keep these three things in mind. As an Edmonton business coach we help you achieve these.

In order to have enough cash in your business there are some great tactics of how to make sales. First of all to make a sale you have to be very convinced that your potential client or customer needs what you have. Not only do you see it as a missed opportunity they do not buy but you see it as a disservice. There are some key things to pay attention to when you are making sales presentations.

As an Edmonton business coach we will be the first to tell you always build rapport With the potential customer. You want to make sure you have a smile on your face and a lot of energy. This is attractive to other people and they tend to want to do business with you. From there you want to establish what the customer’s needs are. You can tailor your whole presentation around the benefits that meet those needs. It is a huge mistake to not establish with those needs are initially. The best way to get customers to open up about their needs is to build that rapport.

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When you are making sales presentations you want to make sure the potential clients or customers are comfortable when they are taking it in. If they are not see seated in a comfortable position it is likely they will not feel comfortable buying. Be sure to show who you are in your presentation and all about the company that you represent. Your values should always shine through on your presentation so that the potential customer has a glimpse into who you really are. This will make them feel comfortable to do business with you.

To establish the needs of your customer you should ask a lot of leading questions and establish a timeline as well. Be sure to find out what their previous experience was around similar purchases. You want to find out why it is important for them to make this purchase. As they identify their needs sure to rephrase them and repeat them back as often as you need to get and get a positive confirmation.

There are two reasons that you should do this one is so that your potential customer likes you because they know they are listening to you and the second thing is getting them to agree with you on each step of the process. These are only some reasons as to why a good business coach is needed.

Edmonton Business Coach | Sales Presentations

At inspired method we not only help with marketing we work as your Edmonton business coach. Our digital agency is different from the typical marketing agency in that we offer our services as an Edmonton business coach. We found that many clients have great ideas but are poor at executing them.

One of the areas that we found many people lacking in was there sales presentations. As an Edmonton business coach we help them become much more effective in this area. There are four pillars to effective sales presentations. The first is building rapport, the second is establishing needs, the third is presenting benefits and the fourth is closing the sale.

By building rapport you are helping your potential customer trust you. You want to be sure to have a smiling and positive demeanour as well as high energy. Many people are drawn to these things more than anything else. In the very beginning of your presentation be sure to build rapport with the potential customer instead of going right into the benefits of your product or service. People want to be heard not just sold to.

Always be sure that your potential customer is in a comfortable seated position if possible when experiencing your sales presentation. Introduce yourself and your business timeline in a way that your company’s mission and values shine through. You want to make your customer feel comfortable enough to do business with you.

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The next part of your sales presentation is to establish the needs of your potential customer. Always ask leading questions that confirms the customers timeline. Ask the customer what kind of experiences they have had purchasing similar items. Find out why it is important for them to have whatever it is you are selling.

Be sure to rephrase their needs and repeat them back is a question so that they give a positive confirmation. This is a twofold win because first of all you get them to like you because you are listening and second of all they are in agreement with you.

After you have established the needs and the rapport is built you want to present the benefits of your product or service. In this part of the presentation you will want to be sure to have a chance to overcome any of objections before they are even brought up. Always give extra time to explain details as on a needed basis. Show how the benefits can solve a specific need for the customer.

Always come back to a summary of the benefits on a one sheet so it is easy to see and understand. There should always be an honest overview of any agreements you are asking them to sign. You want them to know like and trust you. This is why a good business coach is necessary.