Edmonton Business Coach | Key Performance Indicators


Edmonton Business Coach | Key Performance Indicators

Hi everyone. Welcome back to the Inspired Method Marketing  and coaching YouTube channel. We are on your Edmonton business coach Karen  andTrevor.

And today we’re going to be talking about key performance indicators. Who Reviews? Um, Gary Keller, the author of the one thing said, time on a task over time eventually beats talent every time.

Here’s a quick stat from wordstream lead generation. Sales and lead nurturing are the top three organizational objectives for content marketers.

So we have business owners with not only marketing but with time tested and proven strategies that help them to grow and stay in business. We don’t want you just to, you know, get by. We want to see your business growing year after year, beat the statistics and 10 years down the road be a viable business that, you know, this is not only supporting you but supporting other people around you.

Absolutely. So Karen, when sales leads are looking thin and new business, where’s the first place they should look?

Well, we generally look to our network with people around us to try and help you stuff our sales. If it’s something that we know that they need a problem that we can solve in their lives, of course we’re going to go to our dream 100 you call it. Yeah. Those are those hundred people that we would actually feel comfortable to reach out to. They don’t have to say yes Edmonton business coach. That’s where we go to, um, to get those leads and they might know somebody who needs your service or can use your service. Yeah. So that’s, that’s right. Go at the very beginning.

So Karen, what is Google my business and Google places?

So Google my business is the kind of that search engine, Edmonton business coach? Right inside of Google. As soon as you type in a name, it comes up with Google my business, all those businesses that are listed on there. So you want to be listed on there. And then of course, places where they’re found on the map. So the to come up together and every business can have one and it doesn’t, um, doesn’t really take a lot of time to set it up. That’s right. Now, Edmonton business coach, does it cost money to create a Google my business listing?

No, it’s actually free and that’s why we just tell everyone right off the bat for Edmonton business coach advice, go set up your Google my business. It’s free to do. It’s pretty easy. It’s pretty fast and it gets, you list it right away on Google and we know that 94% of people are looking on Google for whatever it is that they’re looking for. They’re looking for a hair salon near them. They’re going to go to Google, and if you’re not there with your hair salon, they’re not going to find you. So you want to be listed on Google my business.

Yeah, 100% now if you have one of these listings, can customers to leave reviews?

Yes. That’s the great thing about Google my business. Google places is all linked together and that is exactly where people go to put the review on your business and hopefully if you’re doing a fabulous job, you’re going to get those five star reviews.

Don’t forget to ask people for those reviews because they don’t always think to do. But most of us don’t think to do it unless you’d had a bad experience. But you want to ask those customers that are having good experiences with your business and your service. You have the level of product that you sell, get them to leave that review of supply, sort of ask for the five stars. We’re not going to necessarily give it if you don’t ask it. But if you ask for it, they probably will. And of course, ask them to leave a sentence or two so that people can, other people coming and visiting your Google my business will be able to get a little glimpse of how you help solve a problem in someone else’s life. Yeah, 100% Edmonton business coach.

The next question that I have for you is what is the percentage of customers who are looking at Google reviews?

Well, I know it’s not going to be 100% because there are customers out there from a different generation, even that don’t necessarily rely on the Internet like some of us younger folk do. But let’s say I would say close to like 90 something percent. I don’t know what the exact percentage is, but it’s very high.

Yeah. The last time that I checked, I mean it’s been going up year on year, but the last time that I looked at any numbers on line from Google and it was in the high 88th percentile. Now people are looking online and doing research and looking for you before they actually visit a store, or they pick up the phone and call. Yeah, that’s true. Huge. And they want to see those reviews. Yes. Reviews are big, Edmonton business coach, even if they’re not the ones leaving the reviews. They’re still reading the reviews to find out should they visit your business today on time and the effort to see what you have to offer. Yeah.

Edmonton business coach Karen, why should businesses who generate leads by referral also get Google reviews?

It’s that third party validation. So you know, some Guy Joe Smith from down the street says that your plumbing business did a fabulous job on their kitchen or they had a water break and you were there to help them. They’re going to value that opinion because it’s real life, real case scenarios that they can base their decision on if they want to call your plumbing shop to have you come and do a repair or whatever it is. Um, that’s just that third party data is actually very powerful data because of course you’re going to get referrals from, you know, people around you that know you and they’re gonna, you know, be your raving fans. But if you’ve got more than that, people are going to be attention to that. Yeah.

Now Karen, are Facebook, Yelp or other review sites, a substitute for Google reviews?

No Way. They are not, I mean, where do people go to find what they need if they can’t, because they don’t have it already, they’re going to go to Google and so where are they going to find that information? Whenever Google pulls up, Facebook is not Google. Yelp is not Google. Some of those things pop up, but they’re not necessarily on page one. So if you’re relying on other platforms too, you know, shout out for you that you’re a great brand or a great business, it’s just not going to happen. Like it will incite Google my business, Google places and just page one of Google.

What is the minimum threshold for Google reviews to be relevant?

That magic number that you want to get to is 40 reviews, Edmonton business coach. So anyone you’ve ever helped, anyone you’ve ever sold something to ask them for that route, get to that 40 reviews because it’s kind of a trigger for Google to say, Hey, this is a viable business. It’s valid and has some expertise because people are using it and they’re like, give you the feedback on it and we know how hard it is to get that thing about Google knows that too. So 40 is the magic number. Nice.

Now would you get to spend any money on creating or updating a website before getting forty reviews?

 We tell all our customers to just get those 40 reviews first, get them first, worry about the website is not done or maybe it needs tweaking focus on 40 and if you have extra time in your day or trying to drive, get those 40 where he was sure we’re the other stuff, but the focus should be number one, get to 40 reviews because of that trigger to Google. Yeah. 100% true with that because um, sometimes you can be found on a local Google search and people can call you up and hire you even, you know, without having a website. Yeah, I was going to say that. Right. I mean you need a website for Google my business. Exactly. So I mean it’s, it’s just a simple thing that you can do and work on and do that on a consistent basis. That’s going to help me.

So the next thing, Edmonton business coach, once you get to 40 reviews, why do you have to continue to get reviews here?

It just keeps, pushing you higher in the rankings. Google’s going to love you more and more. And if, if other people love you, then Google’s going to love you. So the more people that love you and show everybody else that they love you, the more Google says that you’re relevant to whatever industry you’re in. And they will push you out more to more people when they’re searching for whenever your industry is. Yeah, it’s really good magic I tell you.

Edmonton business coach, what do you feel is the minimum number of reviews to get on an ongoing basis?

A minimum number of ways to get on my way. Basis 40 is the minimum and then just keep building it up top. You know, each person that you serve, like every person you ever serve, ask them for that review. And even if they don’t you a five star, maybe something wasn’t right, but at least you’ll get some feedback from your customers on what you did right, what you did well, or maybe what you didn’t do so well and you can improve your business. You should always be asking every customer, Edmonton business coach. I’d say get at least one more every week. Shoot for one more week. And then if you see lots of customers in at eight, you should ask for it. Like the trip shoot for getting one a day. If you’ve got him on the type of business where you’ve got lots of traffic coming through. So that’s what I would shoot for you depending on side of the business. Right.

Would you recommend spending any money on online ads before for and reviews?

I would not spend the money before this 40 reviews. The price of the ads is quite costly at that point. Once you hit 40 did you get a better price from Google on, you know, building your ads so that as much for the same bang for your buck closely can place you in better places when you’re more relevant? Yeah. You have a better relevancy score with Google. Yeah, that helps a lot.

Edmonton business coach, what are some suggestions for the folks they’re watching about getting into the Google reviews?

Well, some of the things we tell our customers is if you have a mobile phone numbers of your customers, which one would probably all do, send them a link right by text to their phone where they can just hit the link and go get right into your Google my business and they can lead you reviewed just like that. And it doesn’t take them more than two minutes. It shouldn’t be hard to do just an unnatural thoughts. Um, you can also show them, walk them through it right there on their phone. If that works better. Maybe it’s an older generation, you might need to actually type something out for them so they can go home on their desktop. There’s just different formats for different age groups, but eventually it’s going to be easier and easier because of the different generations coming up. Uh, getting those Google reviews and yeah, those, those are the things that we say. Okay, yes. Well the biggest thing is ask always ask and you know, the, the worst thing that people can do is, oh, I forgot to ask for that review. Well, you know, reviews are equivalent to money. It’s almost a currency, Edmonton business coach, on the more reviews you have, the more credible you look in real credible. You look, the more people are going to click and call. So it’s a just a matter of you opening up your mouth and ask me so many, especially if somebody has had great experience asked. Yeah, that’s, that’s number one, his ass. And then there’s a lot of different tactics sending an email saying, hey, text, sending a Messenger Review Bot. There’s all kinds of different names you can do, but that’s when we got for today. Um, but thank you so much for showing up again. We are Edmonton business coaches and we are Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching. And we’re glad that you joined us and if you liked what you heard, please leave us some comments below. Give us a thumbs up and do not forget to subscribe to the channel and we’ll see you guys next time. All right.