Edmonton Business Coach | How to Win With SEO


Edmonton Business Coach | How to Win With SEO

Hi, welcome back to the Edmonton business coach channel here on YouTube. Today we’re going to talk about how to win with SEO, search engine optimization. My name is Karen, this is my  husband, Trevor.

And today I’m going to start with a quote from Jill Whalen. She says, good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.

That’s so true because you get a lot of those emails and I know a lot of business owners that I talk to out there as an Edmonton business coach, they get emailed constantly from SEO companies. I’ll get you the top of Google dude, the top of Google, I’ll get you there all be for $39. I’m like, come on man. You know, that’s not true. If it sounds too good to be true, it definitely is too good to be true.

So coming from junk to denture at all, a stats that they shared with us is 57% of B to B marketers stated that SEO generates more leads than any other marketing initiative. 57%. Wow. So, even in 2019 a lot of businesses don’t put enough effort into search engine optimization. They’ve heard the word and they know it’s out there and it’s kind of this weird term. Um, but we think it’s because they don’t understand it, so they just leave it alone. They don’t do it. They don’t know enough about it or even the tricks of the trade of how to use it to your advantage to get your website found.

What is SEO?

Well, SEO is for anybody who doesn’t know what that means. It, it stands for search engine optimization. Okay. So that means that your website will be optimized to be found higher in the Google search engine results page. So when somebody is searching for, let’s say a bakery in your hometown, so, um, you know, searching for wedding cakes in Edmonton, then you come up on the top of that page. So optimizing your website so that your ideal and likely buyers will find your website.

Why does that search engine optimization matter, Edmonton business coach? Let’s go a little deeper for us.

Sure. Well, the main reason that you want to um, get into search engine optimization and really focus on it is so that you can make more money in your business, right? Because nowadays everybody uses their smart phones. We’re addicted to our smartphones. Anything that we need to find, what do, what do we go say search for it on Google. Google is right, we’ll say Google it.

What does that mean? Google it, it means open up a web browser and boom, Google is there and you just type in whatever you’re searching for in Google. So if your business is found first and you have the most relevant content, which is what Google is looking for, the likelihood of people clicking onto your page and then going to your website, making a purchase, making a decision that’s going to make you more money. So that’s why we advise our Edmonton business coach clients that you have to put some emphasis on search engine optimization in 2019 yes.

Why is Google the main search engine that we really care about?

Because they do the best job bar none. They do the best job of creating something that is um, comprehensive, easy to find things, and they are really the only one on the block. I think it’s 94% of all mobile search activity happens on Google. That’s a lot like that’s almost everybody on the planet. So it’s not being, it’s not whatever other search engine that you, you might wanna use. It’s Google. People will go to Google first. They don’t go to Facebook first. They don’t go to Instagram first. They don’t go to snapchat, they don’t go to LinkedIn. They go to Google when they want to find anything when they try to solve the problem. So that’s why we tell the Edmonton business coach customers that you have to focus on it.

Think about it. If your basement flooded where you’re going to go, you’re not going to go to Facebook to find the person that you need to fix that or you’re going to go right to go.

Yeah, right to your phone or your desktop. Yeah. I mean back in the day, where would you go? You’d go to the phone book. Right. And those things don’t really exist. I think I saw one aids do it, some small town and they had a phone book. They’re like, wow, there’s a foam. That’s amazing. But by and large, phone books are irrelevant. Right?

Back in the day you could just buy it the largest ad in the phone book. Or You could game the system and get two or three ads in different places in the phone book and you could win. Right? Because people would see that, oh, that’s of because that they must be the biggest company. I’m going to give them a call. And I’m, it was very, very expensive. You’re looking at 2,500 or more per month that you’d be paying for an ad in the yellow pages.

And today you can do it for a whole lot less than that. Much more visibility. Yeah.

So what is the first step to good SEO, Edmonton business coach?

As you know, the first step to good SEO is, well, number one, you have to have a website. So I guess that’s step number one. Number two, the website has to follow what’s called Google canonical compliance. And Google canonical compliance means in a, you follow the rules that Google has set up for a website to be found on their search engine. Because what Google does is they download all of the websites out there, right? So that they can, um, see if they’re the most relevant content and that when somebody does a Google search, that information is put back out into your web browser. Okay. So following Google’s canonical compliance means that you’ve got the right headings or each one listings on all of your articles and your web pages.

Number two, you have to make sure that you have a good description that talks about what your article or what that page is about so that when it gets pulled up in search engine results, people can see, like the user can see what that page is about and if that is solving their problem. And then number three, you have to make sure that you have the right proper title in place. So all of these things  put together, make up Google canonical compliance.

The other part of that is making sure that the title heading that you have for that webpage, that content at all is also throughout the rest of the article or the webpage on the website that people are clicking too. So that, um, Google you put in a request for let’s say a plumber in Edmonton or an electrician and um, or maybe you’ve got leaky basement or leaky pipes.

Make sure that Google will look through the documentation, look through the words of that web page and see how many times that comes up and that makes it go up in the relevancy score. And then that’s what’s going to get found by the user on Google. Okay.

Edmonton business coach, why does Google put such an emphasis on being mobile friendly?

Well, mobile friendly is what the standard is nowadays because everybody has a cell phone, right? Everybody’s got a smartphone with them. You got it in your hand because it doesn’t leave your hand most days. Right? So anything that we’re looking for, we look for it on our mobile phones first, right? So not only does it have to be mobile friendly, it also has to be responsive. What responsive means is when you switched to a tablet or to a desktop, the browsing experience for your website is pretty much the same, right?

It might, some formatting might change a little bit for your mobile phone because not everything fits there, but basically the way of your site is searched and that it comes up easily on a phone loads fast. Um, the buttons are easy to locate and navigate on your mobile phone. I tell our Edmonton business coach clients that is something that that’s very important to Google because they realize that everybody is on mobile number one. And then from there it also has to look good on a desktop. But mobile is where you want to be. Number one. Like the stat I shared earlier, 94% of all in bold, all searches you’ve done on Google, right? So they really care about mobile friendliness.

Okay. So what is the next step of winning with your SEO?

Well, I kind of alluded to it a little bit earlier with the economical compliance, but you have to have the most key word focused content on your website. So if there is a certain word or phrase that you want to win and become top of Google for that particular term, say it’s, marketing companies in Edmonton, right? So if we wanted to win for that, we would have to have the most focused he word content on that topic on our website. Okay. So it’s not a matter of just having it on one page to dominate. We would have to do basically two times the amount of content or amount of pages that our nearest competitor has, right? We’ve got to double what they’ve got in order to win and then make it so hard that they can’t catch us.

Okay. That’s, that’s how aggressive you need to be with the content because why Google is trying to make them the best search engine on the planet. Right? And they want to help people find the content that they want quickly and easily. So to do that, you have to be the one to provide the most relevant key word rich content on your website so that you can win and be the winner and show up in those number one, two and three spots on Google.

So once you win a key search term, can you stop building content around that term, Edmonton business coach?

No, what I would do is I would come, always revisit it, but then search, look for the next highest relevant term that my audience is looking for and then go after that term hard. I would still create content for the other one on a regular basis just to maintain my authority on that position.

But you can never stop. You just got to move to the next one and then continue making content so that you never lose out and lose momentum on that keyword term because your competition is fighting for that as well. So, um, it’s a dogfight up there and if you aren’t the one who is winning and the one who is putting out the most relevant content, you’re going to lose and nobody likes losing.

So, Edmonton business coach, when can you stop being aggressive with your SEO content?

You really can’t. You have to always be thinking of it as a search and destroy mission and you want to make sure that you are winning for a search term and then continuing on and being more and more aggressive as you go along. Because you know what, there’s other people who are going to come down the road and want to win for that term. Well, and if you aren’t careful, you’re going to be losing and slipping and missing your place in Google and then you’re having to fight to get back to that position again. So as an Edmonton business coach, I say you always have to be aggressive when considering your search terms and winning with SEO.

What is the last key to winning with Google?

Well, this is the last one we’re covering on the list, but as an Edmonton business coach, I say it’s the first thing everybody should do because it’s free. Google my business listing and getting reviews because the one who has the most reviews will win. It’s a couple of reasons.

 Number one, Google will see you as a relevant business, that you’re legit, that you’re not just a fly by night, you know, here today gone tomorrow kind of thing. If you have over forty reviews, that’s kind of a trigger point where like, okay, this, this guy seems legit. Right? And then from there it’s the users who are searching you for your business locally.

So let’s say again, maybe it’s a baker. Okay, so bakery in Edmonton, we just happened to meet Edmonton and on the Google maps listing that shows up right in the Google search engine results page. You show up there and yours has a higher number of reviews than let’s say a company that’s been around longer. You more than likely are going to get at least a click from there. And then it’s from there that you have to convince people on your website that they should interest you.

So you got to be appealing. You have to have a no brainer offer and you have to um, you know, have an easy way for them to connect with you and maybe make a purchase depending on what kind of business you have, they can at least schedule that appointment to come in and see you’ve got it.

 All right, thanks for the breakdown on SEO, Edmonton business coach.

Thanks for joining us here on YouTube. We are Edmonton business coach in Edmonton and we would love to see you subscribe to the channel like the video if you got something out of it. And maybe you want to learn more about what does h one h two mean, all those key terms that are just maybe unfamiliar to you, leave us a comment. We’d love to know where you’re at if you need some help and we’ll see you on the next video.