Edmonton Business Coach | How To Use Video For Marketing Your Business

Edmonton Business Coach | How To Use Video For Marketing Your Business

Hi Marketing Youtube Channel. We are your Edmonton Business Coach. Let’s feel God, you joining us today, my parents, my husband, Trevor. And today we’re going to be talking about how to use video to market your business. Awesome. So as Seth Godin probably all know why now is he’s quoted as saying, persistent, consistent, and frequent stories delivered to an aligned audience will earn attention, trust, and action. And that’s from his book. This is marketing. Almost 5 billion videos are watched on youtube every day, single day. Wow. 

So just in case you guys haven’t heard, video is kind of a big deal. Um, given that the average smartphone today is like having a TV studio in your pocket, there’s absolutely no reason that the Edmonton Business Coach owner shouldn’t be using video to market themselves. Sure, Yup. So what’s the biggest reason why more businesses don’t use video to promote their brand? Well, I think the biggest reason is they’re camera shy. They really don’t want to get on video. They don’t think it’s going to be helpful for their business, or if they think it’s going to be helpful. It’s just not comfortable. It’s not a fun thing to do. And at times can be a little bit inconvenient, especially when you’re doing a live video in front of a, you know, a live audience or something like that. It’s a little bit nerve wracking or you think you have to be perfect. And um, I think there’s just a lot of misconceptions about what they need to do in order to use video to market themselves.

Yeah. Can you kind of be like, you say uncomfortable because you think people are judging, you’re watching it but they probably aren’t out on the street or whatever. So how can you make getting on camera easier for a nervous Edmonton Business Coach owner? Well that’s, that can be tricky. Um, there’s a couple of tricks that you can do, um, to get them used to it. One is you can set up your camera or your smart phone on a a 45 degree angle. So it’s off to the side and then you just sit in front of them and you ask them questions and as they’re answering the questions, you’re capturing it on video and they don’t get to see themselves on video and, and worry about what they look like and what they make of, okay, do I look bad or you know, what is the background? Like they just aren’t really thinking about it. So that’s one thing. And the other thing is to just, just practice with them first to do a couple of practice runs and just see how it goes. Um, that, that I think is the best way and really just get them doing it. Once they started doing it and seeing it, it’s not that bad, then it’ll be easier for them to continue doing it. 

So what’s the recommended live video length on Facebook? Maybe live videos, right?

Versus take or you know, prerecorded videos. Um, so for Facebook, oh, between one in three minutes is the, as long as you want to go. Why? Because the longest length that people watch Facebook videos is like under five seconds. Like if you don’t capture their attention quickly, they’re moving onto the next thing. So I’m between one and three minutes for your fence, so people who really like you and want to see your stuff as far as anything else goes. If you want to do something longer, I would put it into your Facebook stories because then you can do a little bit longer content on there and people will be more akin to watching that and your story and if they get bored and I can just skip to the next piece of the track is the recorders and small pieces and you can go in and do like that.

That’s true. What platforms are great for long form video content. Youtube, youtube is great for longer form video. Uh, you can do really is almost as long as you want on Youtube. We recommend around the 10 minute mark. Um, and again, like I said, a lot of people aren’t going to watch the full length of it, but if they can get the gist of what you’re trying to say in the first few minutes, then you’re usually good. You can also do a longer form videos on Linkedin, which is another, another up and coming use for Linkedin to promote yourself, promote yourself as a salesperson and a thought leader, um, and become a real brand evangelist over there. And I think that you’re going to see a lot more people switching over to that linkedin platform to really use that to market themselves and promote the businesses well.

As Edmonton Business Coach what do you suggest for what kind of equipment is needed to make video? Oh, no super fancy equipment really if you have a smartphone and some natural light. So if you have great light coming in through a window, you can use that. Um, it, it can be as simple as that and you can even set your phone up on a bookshelf or set it up on a, on a pile of books. Um, really it doesn’t take a lot of technical skill or fancy equipment and our expense to, to start shooting videos. As you go along, you might want to improve your, the quality of your video is a little bit, so get a few lights and maybe a tripod stand or maybe a gimbal so you can do some walking videos. But apart from that getting started, just keep it simple and just get started. How difficult is it to edit idiom?

It’s really not difficult at all. There are some great tools that you can use. Um, some apps that you can get depending on what phone would you use that make it super simple to edit a video. So cutting the front end kind of the back end, um, and then just uploading that video. There’s some real simple stuff we use. We video, um, cause you can do editing either on your smartphone or you can do it on a desktop, a laptop. And it’s really simple because it’s all cloud based, so you’re not having to bog down your computer with trying to render video. Everything gets uploaded there and the process that we video. So, uh, we use that and it’s very effective and quite simple to learn. How much time should it take to make regular long form content for Seo? Well, it really shouldn’t take too long.

If you are diligent in creating youtube outlines for yourself and recording the videos per week, it should only take you a matter of a couple of hours cause you recording. Let’s say if you want them to a video every day, you’re doing seven videos per day. Um, and really that’s 70 minutes of recording time. And then at any time you can really cut those down to between five and 10 minutes per video. It’s really fast so you don’t have to spend a whole long time doing it. Um, and if you are, then it’s, it becomes encumbering and you’ll probably quit doing it. But if you want to grow consistently with your Sdo and um, helping your website to become found on page 200 Google, which is kind of one of the main points of doing this, then you’ll just build it into your routine and build it into what you do.

Or you can hire somebody on a part time basis or have them work on those things on the side for you. There’s really a lot of options. So he said 70 minutes a day, but you meant 70 minutes in that one day. I think that would be for the whole week. For the whole video game, not correct. So how long should the videos be on Facebook? I’m really short, is good. Short as good on Facebook. Um, I’ve got some friends who record 50 minute long videos on Facebook and it’s just really too long. Unless you have somebody who really wants to see that stuff and that’s the only outlet you have, you’ll get those views. But when you look at the analytics of Facebook and you see how long the views are like it might show you, we’ve got, you know, um, 60,000 view in, it’s on Facebook.

Really the numbers are skewed because how many people are actually watching the beginning to end. Very, very short. You have to look deeper and dig into the analytics out those videos and how long the views are and spread that out. So, um, once you see that, then you realize that, okay, I need to chop this down between one and three minutes and the maximum so that I get the best views out of Facebook. What are some good topics for our company to share? A great topics are new promotions that you’ve got coming out. Um, you can do how to videos, you can talk about New People who’ve come on board. So if you’re doing a short video for let’s say Facebook or your Instagram stories or something like that, talk about a new hire or talk about a promotion that you’ve got going on or somebody who has achieved something in your business.

You can have a quick how to video that takes you maybe two to three minutes to show people how to do something that’s relevant of course to your business and how you can help them. Let’s say it’s, um, you’re have a furnace company and you want to help people show them how to properly change their air filter. That’s easy, simple one or two minute thing to do and it’s, it won’t take a long time. Um, and as far as long form videos, if you want to give helpful content about the importance of what you do, why you do it, and how it helps your customers. Yeah.

Great. Well thanks Edmonton Business Coach for sharing all about why we should use videos and how to mark and our business using video seems actually not that difficult.

No it’s not. And you know, video is just going to get larger and larger and larger. I mean, there’s billions of billions of hours that are consumed on a monthly basis and it’s not going away. So get comfortable with video. You’re going to have to do it. I had to, I, I really don’t like doing them, but I, you know him because it’s important. 

So I don’t mind I’m personally an introvert. Thanks for joining Edmonton Business Coach today here on Youtube on inspired method marketing channel. And if you like the content Chris Life Mate, leave us a comment what you liked most and subscribe to our channel to stay up to date with all the latest marketing videos. Thanks. Bye.