Edmonton Business Coach | How to Attract Enough Customers


Edmonton Business Coach | How to Attract Enough Customers

Hi there and welcome to the Edmonton business coach and Inspired Method Marketing YouTube channel. And today we’re going to be talking about how to attract enough of the right customers.

Jim Collins and authors says that technology is important. You can’t remain a laggard and hope to be great, but technology by itself is never a primary cause of either greatness working clients.

Industry Canada says that 15% of businesses fail in year one, 30% fail by year two and 50% fail by year five. Those are, those are the odds that we want to help businesses beat because they are just unacceptable, Edmonton business coach. And if we can you move the needle a little bit, then we’ve, we’ve done our jobs and been successful and we also don’t want you to just not fail. We want you to grow. Yeah. Yeah. Not just getting by. The number one reason businesses fail is the cause of their inability to get enough customers. This is why we started the Edmonton business coach, because it’s completely avoidable in most cases. Yeah. So what are some questions can you might have about how to attract enough customers?

Okay. What are some first steps to building a proven marketing engine for local businesses?

I’m going to see this again where we’re going. You need to get a Google my business listing. You have to, you’ve got to do that. You fill out all your information. Yeah. Get it up, optimize it for Google, which is just fill it in as much information as possible. Yeah. And then start getting ready to gather reviews from your current customers, past customers and people who uh, know and you do business with on a regular basis. They can be suppliers, it can be, um, your sub contractors or whatnot. Do whatever you can to get as many of those Google reviews as possible. That’s where you start, Edmonton business coach.

Why do you focus so much on Google and Youtube for marketing?

Well, number one, Google is the world’s number one search engine. They are like the king of the heap. So making sure that you’re found on Google will up your odds of being found by your ideal customer. Then number two, search engine on the planet is YouTube and YouTube is owned by Google. So that’s why we focus so much on Google and YouTube. Yeah. It’s kind of a no brainer.

Should small, local businesses focus on traditional advertising, Edmonton business coach?

I’m going to say no. You don’t focus on your traditional marketing like print advertising, um, billboards, bench advertising, mailers, you know, TV, things like that. Because they are, they’re just inadequate for a small local business just starting out. They’re just something that isn’t getting the traction that it used to. And most of the time those things just find themselves in the landfill or they’re ignored by your customers. The other bad thing about that is there’s no way to track in a real way, the significance of that APP. Like how, how successful is it? We don’t know. Yeah.

What kind of offer should businesses be promoting?

Well, the kind of offer that you need to be promoting is what we call a no brainer. So getting in front of your ideal and likely customers with an offer that they’re going to say yes to write something where they look at it and go, oh, of course you’re going to get that. So, just like the example that Seth Godin gave when we talked in another Edmonton business coach video, if you are come across a drowning man in the, in the ocean and you know, you have a life buoy, you don’t need to sell them on grabbing the thing, getting out of the water. Right. So it’s the same idea of creating that irresistible offer for your ideal clients. Yeah.

When can a business let off the gas when it comes to getting reviews and producing content?

Well, the exact amount of time that you should stop getting reviews and focusing on content is never, you should never, ever, ever, ever stop doing those things. Zero Edmonton business coach. And that’s how it is right now. I mean, in five, 10 years it might change. It probably will. But what’s working now and has worked for several years is using the tools that Google has given us, the Google my business listings with the reviews, and then from there, uh, creating continuous content. Promoting yourself all the time.

Marketing, is it an all the time task?

It should be done continuously and forever for the life of Your Business. It’s not a discretionary cost. It is a Necessity.

So how does having an Edmonton business coach such as Inspired Method help business owners stay on track with marketing?

Well, we just bring it top of mind, right? Because business owners, they get really busy in doing their jobs, doing their work, you know, managing employees, managing tasks, dealing with, you know, counting taxes, finances, you know, the different things. Customer complaints. There’s a lot of, a lot of tasks that come up that business owners who will, they get pulled away from marketing and important things and onto these sideline issues that no important they are not recorded is advertising and marketing for your business. And the Edmonton business coach helps them set up systems and processes, check this and how to hire and how to train the right people. So they have the time flexibility to be focusing on their marketing. Yeah.

What happens in your weekly marketing strategy session?

The weekly strategy sessions are really focusing on doing these things, creating, getting more Google reviews and creating more content at the beginning. That’s what most people need to get more leads. The more need more leads and more sales. That’s typically the number one problem that they have. So for the first several weeks and months we’re dealing with those two things. Getting to 40 Google reviews and creating plenty of content so that we can win on the Google search engine results page. Yeah.

How long does it usually take to have a digital marketing system working to generate those consistently needs?

Well that is kind of a loaded question, but the Edmonton business coach timeline here is six to 12 month range. Okay. So some can be a little bit earlier than that. Sound a little bit longer depending on the type of business and where you’re at. But we like to shoot for in between six and 12 months, you start seeing the needle move significantly and start winning those key words and uh, having the things in place like a great Google friendly website, no brainer offer and all of that.

What are the business needs immediately?

If they need immediate leads, then there’s only a couple of things that they can do to make that happen. Number one, they have to pick up the phone and start dialing for dollars. Yeah. That’s mainly that. One of the things they have to do. The other thing is the free thing. Do the get Google reviews yet those Google reviews and then start calling, right. Sending out emails, phone calling, seeing people if you need immediate results and immediate sales, do the first Edmonton business coach things that made you successful. In the beginning it was, you know, getting eyeball to eyeball, need to be with people and selling your products and services. That TV and stuff. Yes, it’s humbling a little bit back to that dry word. Yeah, sure. But we know we’re call your database connection with them.

Call your warm market, all your mom, dad, uncles, aunts, friends, cousins, neighbors, people you went to college with, and just stuff to know what you’re doing, what you’re up to, and they’re not a candidate for your Edmonton business coach services. Absolutely. Who would be a candidate for your services. Absolutely.

Yeah. Well, thanks so much for joining us here today on inspiring about them. Wrecking Youtube Channel. Subscribe like the video and we’ll send you more content. Book everything to Grow Your Business by a great day. Okay.