Edmonton Business Coach | Getting up Early Vs Late


Edmonton Business Coach | Getting up Early Vs Late

Welcome to the Edmonton business coach & Inspired Method Marketing YouTube Channel. My name is Karen and this is my husband Trevor, and today we’re going to be talking about getting up early versus starting work late. All right. If you don’t plan your time, someone else, I’ll help you waste it. And that’s from our favorite Zig Ziglar. Such a cool, such a cool man. So businesses who nurtured leads make 50% more sales at a cost, 33% less than non-nurtured prospects and that’s coming from strategic IC 2017. Wow.

Business owners who started working for themselves and think that hour’s work at night or just as productive as the hours worked in morning. That is a lie. That is a lie as a, as a big um, misbelief just something with those morning hours. Yeah, absolutely. Edmonton business coach, that’s what we’re going to talk about today. So here, um, what are some questions that business owners might have or might want to challenge me on getting up early versus working the later in the day? Some of them. Yeah.

When are you more likely to be distracted in the morning or at night?

Well, I know for myself 100% at night is when all the distractions will take place. So, I mean, you’ve got everyone’s home from work, you’ve got social media, there’s television, there’s kids, there’s laundry, there’s dishes that are suffered. There’s whatever excursions you do with the kids, there is appointments that you have for your, um, your free time. Maybe you, you know, want to workout or go do a hobby of whatever, more than likely that distraction is going to come up in the, in the evening time or any, uh, later in the daytime for sure.

So generally speaking, Edmonton business coach, do we have more ability to tackle hard task earlier or later in the day?

Generally speaking, for most human beings on the planet, getting stuff done is easier in the morning. It’s when you’re fresh, you’re rested, you’re awake, and you’re ready and prepared for the day. More so in the morning than in the evening. In the  vening, you’ve already gone through your whole day. You’re usually tired or fatigued. You’ve had a lot of things coming at you throughout the day. So when it comes to maximum Edmonton business coach productivity, more than likely it’s not going to be happening later in the day more. Yup.

How does morning prep time allow you to prepare for meetings later that day?

Well, it helps you to have a in place and be able to think through what you’re going to be saying and doing and if there’s any documentation or any research that needs to be brushed up on before your meetings, you’ve got the time to do that first thing in the morning then five minutes before that meeting is supposed to happen. So let’s say you start work at eight o’clock and you have an Edmonton business coach meeting at eight oh five if you get there for eight you are in trouble because you’re not going to be as well prepared as you could’ve been if you’ve got there, say seven o’clock or seven 30 right? Yeah. Big Difference.

What are the commute times like early in the morning versus later in the morning?

Well, I know this from driving in from where we are, even if I’m 10 minutes later than my normal start time, the traffic is increased by 50 or 60% it’s dramatically different. So if you go earlier in the time, and you can attest to this, the viewer, that the earlier you can get started, the better to be. You’re trying to, you know, if you have a nine o’clock start and you’re leaving at eight o’clock, you’re going to be fighting traffic the whole way. Whereas if you leave at seven o’clock, it’s going to be way less. So you can test this out of yourself, Edmonton business coach. Try leaving 15 minutes earlier than you normally do and see how different the traffic is.

There’ll be a statistic because you won’t be, you’ll be like the top end of people that are just higher achievers because you’re not like everybody else going in at whatever time. That was. Yeah, that wasn’t ideal.

How does rushing to start work on time generally affect your stress levels? If you’re always rushing to start to get to work?

Well here, you’re more stressed. I mean, you’re, you’re in depression is, you’re fighting traffic, so you’re getting angry at the person in front of you when really you should, you just angry at yourself. Okay. Start it soon enough. Yeah. You’re trying to cut in and out of traffic , a little hiccup along the way where there is a new construction project or an accident that’s happened to interview. It just provides more stress and anxiety on your life that’s unnecessary, that could have been avoided had you lived 15 or 20 minutes earlier than when it started. So, um, you know, it just goes to show that if you head out and you plan for any unforeseen events, you get an early start, then you know it’s going to be a lot better for you when you get into work. Edmonton business coach, you’re not all stressed out and frazzled and you know, still upset at the crazy drivers who are in front of you or the slow drivers and then you can actually focus on your task and you get to work as opposed to trying to come down from that emotional turmoil and then finally breathe, get focused and then start working. So I mean you can waste a lot of times just coming down from the drive. Yeah, just getting up on time or generally provide a sense of accomplishment.

Yeah, it does. When you get up early and you are able to, you know, make that commitment to yourself and know that you’re starting your day off. Right. It does feel good because you know you’ve accomplished something that most people don’t do. Most people don’t get up early. Most people don’t, you know, prepare for their day ahead of time and get all those small tasks out away. Things like working out, having breakfast and no waking up the kids. Maybe taking in a good article or podcast or early in the morning are starting to read a book, something of that nature. Edmonton business coach, you feel a great sense of accomplishment knowing that when you get to work, you’ve already done more than most people do all day.

Yeah. I feel so much better when we worked out early in the morning and you know what? No one else is at the gym at that time. Yeah, true story.

So Edmonton business coach, when are the resources and people that you need to coordinate with generally available?

Well, those people are normally available first thing in the day. Right. That’s, that’s the best time to be communicating with those people because as things progress throughout the day, other people when they have meetings, they’ve got deadlines they’ve got, they’re deep into their tasks and it’s, you know, more interruptive to, to, to try and get in at that point. From my, estimation now for high achievers and high performers, it’s can be just the opposite in the mornings when they’re doing and focused work and they’re generally laser being focused and then in the afternoon they scheduled that time in for collaboration and communication with other team members. So it really depends on your workplace. But for me, as an Edmonton business coach, if you want to communicate with somebody and you can schedule it in the morning for those, those deep discussion meetings, first thing is, is better for me.

Okay. How does the arriving early help keep employees accountable and motivated?

Well, that’s quite simple. If you are expecting your employees to be there on time or ahead of time and you’re not, then that just gives them the license to not be early. Yeah. It gives them the permission by you not setting that Edmonton business coach example for them to not follow that same path. So, if you are late for work or someone who was often late, you cannot expect your employees to be there on time or to be motivated to be, cause you’re, and I know there’s a lot of business owners out there who are no solo-preneurs or they have one or two and they don’t have a set schedule. They don’t show up on time, they just kind of fly in and out and then they get mad and their employees are there already. It’s just ridiculous to even expect that. So you got to set that example where you’re, beforehand. Even if it’s just one or two employees had issues with that in the past job. And it was so frustrating that I knew about it and I shouldn’t even have to know about that stuff. On your job, how does starting early and working late facilitate vacation time?

Well, quite simply caring. If you are able to get your work done because you’re putting in the time, putting in the hours and the effort, then you have the ability to schedule time off. If you’re just working, you know you get in at eight, you worked til five and you’re in know you’re in and out, then you’re not creating any buffer for yourself. You’re working more. If we can get more done or accomplished, move the ball further down field, then you can actually schedule that vacation time where there’d be a long weekend that you plan with your family or maybe a an extended vacation. You’re able to actually schedule that if you are an early starter and you work late cause just the reality of being a business owner. Yeah.

Do successful people generally start early or start late?

Well, I’ve been doing some Edmonton business coach research into this and I see that most successful people start early. They’re waking up anywhere between three in the morning to five in the morning, sometimes six or six 30 so anywhere between that time. And so they can get an early start on their day depending on where they are in their life. Some people they have, you know, they’ve already achieved a lot of things in their lives right now who are just looking at giving back. So they’re going out and doing speaking engagements where they’re mentoring other people or, or things of that nature. So maybe start generally a little bit later, but people who are in a business like, like me and know that we have things to do, we started early in the morning, four or five o’clock in the morning, get a good start. So that’s what successful people do. And that’s what you should be doing.

Yes. Well, thanks so much for joining us today. Hope you got some good, harsh love here. Make some changes and you start getting up earlier and we’ll see you on the next video. Subscribe below like the video and we’ll see you on the next one.