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One of the top goals of an entrepreneur according to Edmonton business coach. Is getting customers to come into their business. The reason why this needs to be focused on. Is because very few customers says Edmonton business coach.

Will find the business without marketing initiatives. However, Edmonton business coach says this is difficult. Because entrepreneurs do not know. How to market their business effectively. In fact, some entrepreneurs.

Think that simply by having a great location for example. That many people will be drawn to their location. And inevitably buy their products or services. Or they also mistakenly believe.

That they will get enough. Word-of-mouth referrals. That they will not have to worry about. Advertising their business at all. And while it is true. Word-of-mouth referrals. And great locations are important.

None of them are better than a well constructed. Advertising and marketing campaign. Another reason why entrepreneurs do not advertise. To their business effectively. Is because they start their business.

With very little money. And they do not have the funds to create a marketing campaign. So they believe, that what they must do. Is run their business. Without advertising until they sell enough products or services.

So that they will have enough money in the future. To start advertising their business. In order to get even more clients. Another problem that entrepreneurs have. Is that they do not know what the best marketing efforts are.

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So they put their very little money. Into what they hope will be worthwhile. And it does not pay off. Finally, Edmonton business coach says the last mistake. That entrepreneurs often make. In advertising their business.

Is that they simply do not stay consistent. In the marketing efforts. It takes a customer. Seeing an ad 4 to 7 times. Before they take action on that ad. And if an entrepreneur is not consistent enough.

There potential clients will not see their ad enough times. To take action on it. All of this leads to an entrepreneur not finding enough customers. Which eventually causes them to fail in their business.

In fact, this is such a huge problem. That while 50% of entrepreneurs. Will fail within five years of opening the doors to their business. The number one reason why they will fail says Edmonton business coach.

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Is because they are unable to find enough clients. Causing 43% of all failed entrepreneurs. To close their doors in that timeframe. This is where hiring an Edmonton business coach is beneficial.

They will help an entrepreneur understand. Not only of the importance of marketing. But how they can market their business effectively. And without spending a lot of money initially. To bring the clients to them.

So that they can start selling products. And avoid failing in business. Due to lack of sales or customers. The sooner an entrepreneur can work with inspired method marketing and coaching. The better chance they will have at succeeding in their business.

If entrepreneurs want to work with the business coaches here. All they have to do is pick up the phone, or send an email. To arrange their one hour consultation.

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When an entrepreneur opens the doors to their business, Edmonton business coach says. They have high hopes for the future. They often are very passionate about the industry that they are in.

And they often see what their industry is lacking. Or they see a niche, that is being underserved. That is often why they are driven to open their own business. This passion also helps drive them to work very hard.

As well as their goals for their business. Including wanting time freedom for themselves. So that they can spend more time with their family. Or going on vacations whenever they want. As well as financial freedom.

And while these are all wonderful goals. They are long-term goals, and if they want to get them. The have to stay in business for many years. Such as a decade or longer. Before obtaining them.

However, new businesses in Canada. Are facing monumental odds. Not only do 15% of small businesses in Canada. Fail within the first year of business ownership.

But also, 30% of businesses. Will fail within their second year as well. Finally, half of all businesses. Will have close their doors, within a five-year timeframe. And the reasons why they fail, are all very similar.

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The most common reason. That entrepreneurs fail. Is because they cannot find enough customers. And the second most common reason. Is that they run out of money. If entrepreneurs can solve the first problem.

They typically will not run into the second. Which makes learning. How to advertise and market their business. One of the most important things. That a new entrepreneur should focus on.

The problem is, most entrepreneurs. Do not focus on this. Instead, they are trying to refine their product and service. They are trying to learn how to do all of the administrative tasks. Paying bills, and hiring staff.

However, none of the business will exist. If they do not bring customers through the doors. This is why Edmonton business coach consults their clients. To start working on the marketing and advertising of their business.

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Even before they open the doors to their business. They need to advertise early. Because customer will typically take action on an ad. After seeing it 4 to 7 times. Therefore, they need to have a lot of marketing completed.

If they want to expect customers walking through their door. In fact, many entrepreneurs are not even consistent enough. To get there message out to clients. That many times. And when they do, they often do not know.

What they want to say in that message. This is also something that Edmonton business coach can help with. They will help an entrepreneur understand. Who their ideal and likely clients are. Based on what makes them unique in their industry.

They can also help with things like scheduling. And finding staff, so that they can beat the odds. And remain in business, the rest of their competitors have closed.