Edmonton Business Coach | Focusing Your Marketing on The Wrong Things


Edmonton Business Coach | Focusing Your Marketing on The Wrong Things

Hi I’m Trevor and this is my lovely wife Karen, and today we’re going to be talking to you about focusing your marketing on the wrong things. As an Edmonton business coach, this is a great topic.

Jill Whalen said, good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that needs to

keep changing when the ranking algorithms change. Yeah, that’s agreed.

And did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine and only 9%

businesses are on Youtube? Hey, now and we’re in the top 91 no. Yeah, we’re in the of 9% I’m already reversing that too. All right, so it’s so easy to get sidetracked when you’re trying to figure out what your online marketing game, social media, websites, pay per click advertising campaigns, make it a very complex and machine by prioritizing your efforts. Lots of traction a lot faster by just staying the course this big time, this last week. What is one mistake you’ve made when working with new clients as an Edmonton business coach? Alluding to what I learned this week is I, I got sidetracked or I’ll allow it helped my clients get sidetracked onto the wrong thing. Yeah. Right. So really the focus should be on getting more reviews and create YouTube content. That’s where she’d be focusing on at the beginning when we’re working with the clients and we got sidetracked off onto making tiny little changes to their website, which is irrelevant. It’s not going to bring them traffic. It’s important to do. I don’t get it wrong and it’s something that does need to get done, but it’s not something that is important right now. Yeah. Yeah.

Isn’t working on the website, it’s kind of important, right? We want to make sure that, you know, the website has good flow, it makes Google happy and it’s easily to be searched and make that mobile. So there’s a lot of things that need to get done on the website to make sure that buyers can use the website and you can tell them exactly what you want them to do and get leads, right? So it needs to be a lead generating machine. But when did you first start with the client as an Edmonton business coach and we want to get them ranking. That’s not a problem. So where then should the focus, let’s the very start of the, the process, making sure we’ve got a business, get to those 40 reviews, make sure you get 40 good objective reviews, five star. And he was not just reviews, try and get five. In some industries it’s tougher to get that, you know, such as restaurants and a staffing agencies, staffing agencies, things where somebody gets a B in there quite regularly. Those are a little bit tougher. But as long as you have at least 40 reviews, you know, don’t even start anything until you’re at that point. Um, that’s where you should start. But then also having a good content. So Youtube content strategy, which is what we preach as an Edmonton business coach, because it is the easiest way, seamless way to start building a content flywheel reviews help with their digital marketing.

Very, very important. Um, depending on the industry, we always start with Google. Why? Because Google is the number one largest search engine on the planet compared to like not just the largest, you know, the big gorilla compared to all the other, yeah, it is. It’s massive. So anytime people are searching for anything, they use Google. Even if you have Yelp reviews or BBB or TripAdvisor reviews, people find those through Google first, right? So number one thing to get started with an Edmonton business coach, I’ve have listed on, and again we use is Google. After that you can like if you’re a service based business, like a carpet cleaning or restaurants or you know, something of that nature, you can definitely go know Yelp, better business bureau, those things. But now it’s Google number one. So you want to be ranking highly get good reviews from your customers who know, like, and trust you on Google. Because when people Google that, that’s how it works. People searching, they see the reviews. Um, when, when you’re, uh, when you’re shows up in the search criteria and they may jump based on those reviews. So they look through them and they read them, okay, these guys are good. I’m going to go with these guys, right? And at least we’ll call super, what have you found most effective, efficient way to create content for Seo?

Most efficient way is doing what I’m doing right now is creating Edmonton business coach videos on YouTube. Okay. Doing an interview style question and answer interview so that we are capturing at least a thousand words per video because we want to take these views and transcribed them and put them up onto our website so that we are creating unique content. Provable. We are not just creating content, but it’s a lot of content and we’re also doing it consistently. So those are three big criteria that Google those form. And then also looking for the E.A.T. So expertise, authority and trustworthiness. So by doing this you are displaying your expertise by talking about the subjects that are relevant in your search terms. And on your website you’re doing a lot of it. That right there speaks to authority and trustworthiness because a lot of people are looking at your site and the content is unique. See, then it can be trusted. It’s not fake. It’s not made. It’s not to plagiarize from another site. How should come every four? They have 40 reviews and a lot of videos. Well this is hard because social media, so we need to get started with a channel, right? Um, in my opinion as an Edmonton business coach, I think you should hold off on do me a lot of social media until we’ve got the only thing that I would maybe do one, once you’ve got the ball rolling and we’re starting to create content and so forth is in a Facebook page and get that page, but you have to, you know what I mean? If any place I would just start there. It helps you with getting ranked in Google. Okay. That’s as far as getting bogged down in to creating daily social media content and all that. I would hold off. That’s, you know, that’s almost sacker. Then just talking to mark, what’s the best way to stay focused on the tasks?

Best way to stay focused is to have weekly meetings, have a regular schedule and setting the tone, setting the expectations ahead of time, knowing that this is what we’re going to be working on until we are at these benchmarks, nothing else is going to happen. So it’s really up to you to set that expectation and then creating a schedule and expectation for your customers when they come in.

Is there a way that things done faster so business owners can see results faster?

Yeah. Do more of it. Right. More videos. So rather than doing one or two, a seven at a time, all right. You don’t need seven videos at a time, so you’re doing more and more often and being consistent. That’s the only way that we can really get things moving faster. What is the risk doing too much at once? Well, if you say, you know, uploading 14 videos every three weeks, it’s a bad, right? It’s better if you are consistently trickling out content and then just doing a big lump at one time or once a year. See, okay, we have 10 videos, put ’em up and then leaving for a year. Like I said before, the videos could have been one of many in a row, but Hugele and youtube, every social platform out there, they like consistency. So when you’re putting out content or adding content to your Edmonton business coach website, do it consistently. So adding, um, if t do that, just do the same thing every week. Right? So just make sure,

yeah. Can people get started with inspired method?

Super Easy I’ll have to do is go to our website inspired method.com and fill out the form. There’s a lapse of do it by very old page. Click on that, fill out the form, and we will set up a consultation and see if we’re going to be a good fit for you. If you’re a good fit, and we’ll get you started on a one month for $1 and then come there and we’ll just get started creating content with you.

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