Edmonton Business Coach | Ensuring Your Better Clients Can Find You

Edmonton Business Coach | Ensuring Your Clients Can Find You

When entrepreneurs get the idea for a business says Edmonton business coach. They envision selling lots of products or services. Helping many customers, and having financial and time freedom.
Edmonton Business Coach

What a lot of entrepreneurs do not think of. Is working twelve hour days. Or working six days a week. In order to achieve those goals. They also do not have any idea. How long it will take to be successful.

And while it will take them. Longer than they realize to be as successful as possible. It is also important that they know what to focus on. And when to focus on it, so that that success can be achieved.

Operating a small business is very hard. In fact, owning a small business in Canada. Has an extremely high failure rate. Not only do 15% of all entrepreneurs. Fail in the first year of operating their business.

That rate of failure doubles in the second year. 30% will fail at this point. And looking at a five-year period, half of all entrepreneurs will have failed. Despite the fact that the failure rate is very high.

Thousands upon thousands of entrepreneurs across Canada. What their jobs, and start their own small business. However, the reasons why these entrepreneurs are failing are avoidable.

Industry Canada did a survey. In order to find out exactly why. Small businesses in Canada were closing their doors so often. The results, were quite astounding. While they were expecting to get. Dozens or more of various reasons.

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Why Canadian entrepreneurs failed. What they discovered, was that it came down to. Three reasons that the majority of small business owners. Succumb to, as the reason why their business was not successful.

While not being able to find or keep staff, and running out of money were common reasons. The single most common reason. Which affects 43% of all failed entrepreneurs. Is that they could not find enough customers.

Whether they were not marketing their business at all. They marketed their business in effectively. The results are the same says Edmonton business coach. Business owners not being able. To sell enough products to enough people.

There are many reasons why entrepreneurs may struggle with this. They may first believe that location. Will help them find. As many customers as they need. And while a great location is great.

It is not going to be the only thing. That allows an entrepreneur. To sell enough products or services. To remain viable in their small business. Or an entrepreneur may mistakenly believe.

That all they need to attract great clients. Is a very beautiful, yet very expensive website. And while websites are great admits Edmonton business coach. If customers are unable to see the website.

It is going to be a very beautiful website. That does not help an entrepreneur sell products or services. In order to find out what marketing initiatives an entrepreneur should focus on. And which ones are not worth their time yet. Entrepreneurs can hire inspired method marketing and coaching today.

Edmonton Business Coach | Ensuring Clients Find Businesses

Businesses are open to serve customers says Edmonton business coach. So it stands to reason that finding these customers. Should be the number one priority. Of the business once they open the doors.

However, this is something that many entrepreneurs struggle with. Perhaps because there are so many different types. Of marketing and advertising to choose from. As well, what makes this decision even more difficult.

Is the fact that entrepreneurs are going to have to. Spent a lot of money on their marketing and advertising. Something that many entrepreneurs. Typically do not have any of says Edmonton business coach.

For example, they may want to buy a billboard. Which is going to cost them. Thousands of dollars a month. Any advertising on TV or radio, is going to be exorbitantly expensive as well says Edmonton business coach.

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The newspaper is something. That very few people read. And online advertising can be confusing. Or very overwhelming to learn about. Therefore, it is no wonder that entrepreneurs do not take action quickly enough.

There are also mail campaigns. Where they can send out flyers in the mail. To specific customers in a certain area. This also costs money. And requires consistency, that many entrepreneurs are not aware of.

Also, Edmonton business coach says business owners. Believe that creating a website. Is part of their marketing strategy. And while a website is an important tool. It is not an advertising or marketing tool.

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Very specifically, a website is the tool used. To convert people that are potential customers. Into actual customers. And is not a marketing tool at all. The website is going to be what convinces them to be a customer.

Once the marketing activities are successful. Also, entrepreneurs believe. That simply by having a website. They will start appearing in Google searches. And while that might be true.

That is only for page 10 or higher on Google searches. Because simply having a website. Does not mean that people will appear on the page 1 of Google. And if they are not on the first page. They basically, do not exist.

Think back to the last time a business owner. Was looking for a specific service. And did not search passed the first page. They saw what was on the first page. And made their decision from there.

Therefore, the things that will help them succeed. Our learning what they can do says Edmonton business coach. To appear on the first page of Google. And that is when they search for their companies services and products. And not searching by their name alone.

This is another problem, entrepreneurs search their name. Which appears on the first page of Google. And think that their clients can find them. However customers will be looking. For products and services.

Based on the products and services they are looking for. Not on the company name in particular. For more marketing help, or help in any other business categories. Entrepreneurs should hire inspired method marketing and coaching today.