Edmonton Business Coach | Different Video Types for Content


Edmonton Business Coach | Different Video Types for Content

Hi, welcome back to the Inspired Method Marketing and Edmonton business coach channel on YouTube, and today we’re going to be talking about different video types from marketing. All right, so you go ahead and share that a quote, this sure, sure.

Jim Collins, author of good to great, he says good is the enemy of great.

Yes. That actually reminds me of another saying where you have to trade in the good to get to the great. You can’t always stay in that, you know, comfortable or good enough zone. You have to actually trade that in, push harder and go for the great because you won’t get great without letting go Edmonton business coach. That’s right. 100% yeah, I agree with you. All right. I’ll show the stats. 51% people have a lower opinion of brands that use auto play video ads on their home page.

You know one that comes to mind all the time is Forbes I go to Forbes, website. I go there for articles sometimes because we have a lot of great articles, but they’ve got videos that show up on the sidebar as well as a small video comment that always shows up on the other side at the bottom. And I mean it just slows down one. I’m actually trying to look at, yeah, I understand why they do it. They’re selling ad space on their website because they get a lot of hits and I understand why, but I hate it because it slows down and detract from what I’m actually wanting to do and it makes me want to click off of our site. Um, so yeah, I hate that they’re lucky to have really good content because we move, a lot of us overlook that. But if you don’t have content like that, well good luck keeping you on your site. So unless your Forbes but I listened to some of these tips. That’s right.

So long form video is great in certain instances, but a lot of platforms, short form is better depending on the situation. Yeah, absolutely. So why don’t I ask you the first question, Edmonton business coach.

What is a good video length for YouTube videos?

Well, YouTube videos are more for a long form video in my opinion. And like what we use them for here, we want to reach at least a 10 minute mark because then it shows that when we’ve got some relevant relevancy, good length of content has been there and plus for each minute of video is about 100 words. So can we have a 10 minute video? We’ve got about a thousand words and we can repurpose that amongst the different social media channels. It’s much easier to chop down a video than it is to stretch one on make it long or right. So how about say that um, YouTube would be good for like a 10 minute video, not sure for not 60 seconds or, or three minutes. So something longer than that for sure. Yeah.

What is the purpose of your youtube videos Edmonton business coach?

The purpose of our YouTube videos, we use them strictly for developing content for our website and we use that to help provide more relevant content and information on a regular basis for people who might want to visit our website. And we also do it for SEO reasons because writing blogs, even though effective blog writing is great for SEO and there is a science to it and it’s not easy to do. But what is more time efficient and effective for some of our small business owners that we work with is creating a long form video on YouTube and then using those transcriptions, um, with the proper keywords in them to put onto their website and help them to rank locally. Yeah, it’s really cool. I’m going to ask me you a question Edmonton business coach.

So the next one, care should you use long form or short form video for Instagram?

Well Instagram is kind of a fun place because you have quite a few options, probably all the options. So there, there is a place for the long form and there is a place for short form. So you’ve got your posts and those will always be short form. You get like, I think a minute, that’s it. So you just want to have a little snippet there for your post. And you know when people aren’t going to watch more than that anyway, not when they’re scrolling through the feed, not on Instagram, they’re not used to it. But we can actually use your stories to do long, a little bit longer. You can do one minute segments or you can do a live video there and you can actually go as for as long as you want on the live video and it will stay in your story. So the highlighted stuff at the top of whatever your topic is. And then the third option is IGTV you can take your long form videos or short form. I think you can go from either, um, I think it’s even 10 seconds. Maybe it’s a minute. I can’t remember exact, but it has this pretty short all the way up to, I don’t know, long like I think, I think you can go online in 10 minutes. Yeah.

Yeah. I think a lot of people have their, um, they use it a lot like YouTube and they have their podcasts video right there and put right on a IGTV. Yeah. Even like Lewis Howse. Yeah. He’s got his show in there. And there’s a few other ones that are using IGTV and using that platform for their, um, podcasts. One thing to keep in mind though, Edmonton business coach, is when you’re going between different platforms, some platforms allow you to do landscape and some will allow you to do portrait only. So you have to know what each platform wants and what the needs are. Like Instagram, you can only do portrait, you can’t do, um, landscapes. So keep in mind, I need to be holding it like you’re looking at do the selfie. Yeah. And um, you can actually upload things right on to IG. And when you do post an IG, it actually puts a post right into your feed if you choose for people to actually, hey, she’s got a new IGT video, I’m gonna go check it out because they’ll push into your feed if you ask them to do that. So cool. Kind of fun. I didn’t know that.

Okay. Edmonton business coach, I have a question for you. Okay. So what format does Facebook like to see?

Facebook is all about the short form videos, not long form. And the reason is their users are scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling. They’re not sitting there watching a long time, long format videos on Facebook. So you want to be less than three minutes for sure. Um, if you can get your relevant information into people’s on fee in under 10 seconds, even better because most people aren’t lasting longer than three to 10 seconds anyway. So short format for Facebook is best. Um, but we know some people who like to go with 15 minutes long and that’s just the wrong, we won’t use who want to see their things. Well you know who you are.

Yeah. Okay. One other question.

What do you find is working for the LinkedIn right now Edmonton business coach?

Linked in? Well it is a growing platform because a lot of people are frankly sick and tired of a lot of the shenanigans going on over at Facebook and Instagram. Um, they’re just fed up with business owners and people who really want to do business. Like a lot of B to B stuff is happening on LinkedIn. So there’s things like articles, articles are still good and they got to be nice, well put together articles, well written. I I suggest that you guys use Grammarly when you are creating your articles and uh, provide great images and you know, make sure that you’re, it’s good content and it’ll get shared and passed around a lot using arts. You can use video as well. I think a combination of short form and long form video is good. You’re allowed to use up to 10 minutes in length of video on LinkedIn, but I would definitely repurpose some content that you’ve got another place, but don’t just use a share link or copying and pasted from another one. You have to actually download that and loaded natively into LinkedIn. Otherwise you’re not gonna get the same amount of reach as you would by just having link going to let’s say a YouTube video or a link to a Facebook post Edmonton business coach. Yeah, that’s true. What about you? Any thoughts on LinkedIn right now?

Uh, just start getting that content out there. Take Up. Yes. I think it’s still kind of short form there to people to, people don’t really want to spend 10 minutes watching a video just like anywhere else, unless it’s something they really want to know about. I think three minutes. It’s like a great length. Yeah, two or three minutes. Say what you need to say. Um, okay. So does the business have to create videos for

all of these platforms? No. None at all. You can create one video and to like I said, download it, chop it up into pieces and use small snippets in different places depending on where you want to post it, whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, you just have to make sure that you’re using it in the right format. Um, oh no. This format I’m talking about is like either portrait or landscape, which, which ratio you’re looking at. That doesn’t matter somewhat, but if you record it in widescreen format or in landscape mode with your phone, you can chop it up and you can turn it into other pieces. Whereas if you do the other way, stretching it out just doesn’t work out so well. Yeah. So um, yeah, I would just take content that you’ve already gotten, let’s say a long form video. If you made four YouTube and cut it into bits and pieces, take the best snippets out, put them in different places Edmonton business coach. That’s what happened. Yeah, I will do the exact same thing.

In fact, I have done that. I repurpose my videos constantly, especially between Facebook and LinkedIn, and that’s why I like to keep them less than 10 minutes because LinkedIn doesn’t not let you go over 10 minutes. Right. Some people actually have LinkedIn line now. I haven’t never seen, I haven’t seen too much of it, so not too many people have it yet, I don’t think. Okay. That’s coming around the world. Great. Next question.

Where should the priority, be, Edmonton business coach?.

Priority is make content. That’s priority should always be making some content somewhere. Now if you were recording the videos, you can get them transcribed, you can use that on your website, you can create articles out of transcriptions should you choose. Um, but the biggest priority is getting the content made, sending some time apart on a weekly basis to write up some simple outlines, a question, answer and just get in doing it. That’s what happens. Yeah, that’s true. Okay.

How important is being consistent with your video creations and your video?

Yeah. This is a big one that most businesses struggle with because they run out of time in the day and I get it. I mean, there’s a lot of things we have to do those a lot of demands that are placed on a business owner. But if there’s anything that I can say, you have to schedule some time each week to create content. So for instance, Edmonton business coach, I made all these outlines ahead of time, and we’re batch recording several videos at one time. And the reason we do that is because we don’t want to be doing this every single day. And also schedules don’t always line up to where we can get together when we are together. It’s scheduled a lot of time to create that content. And that’s what you need to do. It’s just having that scheduling and devoting and dedicating your time to get it done. That’s what it takes. Yeah. Well, thanks so much for joining us here today on inspired method marketing, YouTube channel. Subscribe below. Press like that. Leave us a comment and we love to hear from you.