Edmonton Business Coach | Consistency is The Key to Winning

Edmonton Business Coach | Consistency is The Key to Winning

Welcome back to the Inspired Method, Edmonton business coach YouTube channel. My name is Karen and this is my husband Trevor, and today were going to be talking about consistency is the key to winning this. So true. George Lewis said, because advertising and marketing is an art, the solution to each new problem or challenge should begin with a blank canvas and an open mind, not the nervous borrowing other people’s mediocrities. That’s precisely what trends are. A search for something safe and why a reliance on them leads to oblivion. That was a lot actually. That’s actually a really great quote. Wow. Never heard that one before. So in this book, the power in his book, the power of habit, Charles Duhigg, rights champions don’t do extraordinary things. They do ordinary things, but they do them without thinking too fast for the other team to react. They follow the habits. They burner.

Yeah. Awesome. Great Edmonton business coach marketing is about consistency. It’s doing the same things that work consistently doing them over and over again. That’s a, if you read the book, good to great by Jim Collins, you’ll see a lot about that. The companies who went from good to great, didn’t do crazy, outlandish, extraordinary things. Every day they were just consistent. And he talks about the, the fly wheel getting that new way. Once you have that, that momentum flywheel turning, it’s just a matter of keeping it spinning.

Yes. It’s not about having the best ideas. It’s about being consistent in how you apply them. Yeah, exactly. So what kinds of marketing activities need to be done consistently?

Well, the number one thing that has to be done consistently is reviewing your website and making content changes. That is one of the biggest thing is adding a new fresh content to your website. Regular. Um, looking at, um, you know, where, where you are, where you want to go, and just keeping your finger on the pulse of where the industry is going. So, you know, you need to maybe not make changes quickly, but you also need to, um, think about your clients. Then go to your customers and what they’re looking for and when it comes to your marketing, always be creating fresh, new content that your customers will enjoy. That’s true Edmonton business coach.

This whole topic applies to everything in life. Really. The, you know, the more consistent you are, the better results are going to get. So what will be the top of that list of marketing initiatives to do consistently? Um, number one, get Google reviews, just going to say maybe website, but very close contender is definitely getting those Google reviews.

So get Google reviews and being the number one thing to do on a daily basis.

Why is that so important to like, why do we keep drilling that into people? Get those reviews, that is actually number one that we tell our Edmonton business coach clients, get to 40 Google reviews. So why did we say that?

Um, because once you get to 40, Google reviews, number one, Google recognizes us as a relevant company, right? So Google sees you and you’re like, oh, okay, these guys have some credibility. And when you are creating your Google pay-per-click campaigns, um, it’s more favorable for you on that side as well. So you get better distribution. It’s um, a little bit less your paying because of the, the better, uh, distribution, getting in front of the right people. And the other Edmonton business coach thing is credibility. When people find you, they’re looking at the reviews and one they see you’ve got 40 reviews or more. Of course we always want to get as many as possible. They see those reviews and they start reading through them and they see that, oh, this is a real company. They’re credible. They’re reliable. Other people seem to like them. I’m going to investigate further. Yeah. That was very important to get those Google reviews and also the first place that people search for anything. It’s not Facebook.

Just say, why do we care what Google says? Like why do we care?

Well, because when people are searching, when you are searching for anything, you don’t search on Facebook. You don’t search on Instagram for information. When you’re looking for a plumber or electrician, HVAC and marketing company, you go to Google first. Yup. Right now that’s, you know, Google organic search is the place where everybody starts. You might follow up and look at people’s social profiles after the fact, but it always starts with Google and there is the largest source of information on the planet there. The largest search engine period. And um, why would you want to, you know, go going be listed on a someplace. Yeah. Yelp or places that are irrelevant when the biggest guy on the block he has Google. So start there, start with the biggest one, work on all of those things. There’s nothing wrong with being listed on Yelp and TripAdvisor and all these different places, but start with Google. Yeah. That’s the number one place. And then from there fresh content. Edmonton marketing content is king. Making sure that you’ve got new content pages on your site on a weekly basis is key to winning and staying on top of the Google search engine rankings.

So how much time should you invest weekly to devote to that marketing?

Well, I would say at the minimum going to be spending at least 10 to 20 minutes a day on creating outlines. That’s hard for ending. Yeah. Hardly anything. And then, uh, one time a week you are going to be batch shooting those videos. Um, so it takes about an hour. Right? Exactly. She was spending about two hours a week on your marketing. Right. If you have somebody helping you with that, they can do all the, all the other things as far as, you know, making sure gut gets posted to your website properly. I’m editing the videos, uploading of the youtube and all that sort of stuff. The things that we do for our clients. Right. But um, the other option for that is of course writing blogs. Blogs are much more time consuming because there’s a lot more research that goes into it. Um, you have to make sure that it flows rag with the language, the words, the correct links, you want to try it.

Exactly. Citations and images. And there’s a lot that goes into a really good blog. And then from there you have to perform the Seo functions on your blog to try and get that promoted everywhere as much as possible. So it’s just much more labor intensive and time consuming to do a blog than it is to create videos on a regular basis. It’s true Edmonton business coach. So what are the biggest struggles that small, business owners have in building consistency in their marketing? Well, they, they’re so busy, you know, taking care of the immediate, they don’t have a regularly planned schedule. They don’t schedule in the time to take care of their marketing. So really all they’re doing is they’re looking after their customers. You’re dealing with employee issues there. Um, you know, trying to, you know, do their bookkeeping and they’re just taking all over the place and not really focused on what they’re doing with marketing.

So usually takes a backseat. Usually when things start slowing down and the phone isn’t ringing as much, then they’ll look at, oh, maybe I should do a Valpak campaign or, you know, maybe I should send out some flyers or no, maybe I should get on the phone again. So you both have this cycle of busy, busy, busy, right? And then things slowed down and then, oh, let’s look at marketing. Oh, then they’re busy, busy, busy, and then down ed marketing. If you are always consistently keeping your marketing efforts front of mind and always taking care of them, then you’re always gonna have people calling. And that’s the goal is what we were doing with our Edmonton business coach clients is trying to get the, um, the marketing more automated and systematized so that there’s, there’s not this up and down pattern of busy and not busy, busy, not busy, busy, not busy. We just want you to stay continually, stay, always have the customers to take care of that. So having that repeatable monthly schedule helps your, helps business owners just stay in that flow and that momentum. Yeah, exactly. Building up the momentum. What is Shiny Object Syndrome and how has it affected businesses?

We in our marketing world have a hard job with this one because there’s so many interesting things around us at the time. Like how that affects the bottom line, shiny objects syndrome. Um, it really affects people in a negative way because then the next article they read, somebody uses this tool is tactic this system in order to, you know, grow their marketing. They don’t see the background of how many years and months it took people to figure out how to get that system to work in that business. Um, and I think there is, there’s a particular word for it neophile. So a person who’s a neophile is always attracted to what’s new, what’s exciting, first, first adopters to a technology. Um, and it’s, it’s good, but it’s also bad because then you lose the consistency of the regular marketing efforts that you should do. There’s nothing, we’re always learning a new tactic, a new piece of software, a new, um, thing to help your, your marketing efforts or anything like that. It’s not a bad thing, but to continuously be changing your marketing efforts on a weekly basis, it’ll do nothing but destroy everything that you started building. So you’re not ever able to get that consistency blowing, get that marketing flywheel moving and creating that momentum for you. So that’s how it’s, it’s affected our Edmonton business coach firm when we were first starting out because we’re going from this thing to that thing and this person’s a man, so many different courses and starting over. And I think that’s part of the problem, really new, fresh. And they get unmotivated because maybe they don’t see that. They just stick it out that they can actually get results and it just backfires completely.

Yeah. Yeah. So what’s the cure for that shiny object syndrome? The cure for the shiny object syndrome is a repeatable weekly schedule. True. That is the key. And um, that’s what we help our Edmonton business coach clients to do. We meet with you on a weekly basis so that we can, you know, take care of these marketing initiatives every single week so that we are continuously updating your website. We’re continuously creating new content for you and helping you to do that and showing you how guiding you down the pathway. And that’s really the key is having that, that schedule.

Awesome. Wow. So much great information. Uh, and you know what? You can get started with us for your first month. It’s only a dollar. And we actually, we go through meetings every week in that first month. It’s still like we give it, we give you our full efforts and help me get that ball going for yourself. So thanks for joining us today. The Edmonton business coach, inspired method YouTube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel to always stay up to date with the videos and give us some love or some comments about what you loved about the video. Thanks. We’ll see you next time. Bye.