Edmonton Business Coach | Coaching and Marketing

Edmonton Business Coach | Coaching and Marketing

When you hire an Edmonton business coach like inspired method you get more than just the typical marketing approach. You get decades of experience wrapped into one package. The number one reason that businesses fail is due to their inability to attract customers. We do not want you to be another statistic. We want you to beat the odds of at business and be in business for more than five years. Did you know that by five years most businesses fail? As a marketing agency we also go beyond the typical digital consultant. Our business model was made to give key strategies and also to help implement the strategies.

Edmonton Business Coach

We offer many different services at inspired method but our coaching services as an Edmonton business coach give you a competitive advantage in your marketplace. It took us decades to develop the proven path that we use in our business. We use the same path for all of our clients. We have seen success repeatedly matter what industry from construction to medical practices to much more. Most marketing companies recommend vague feeling based strategies. While that might appeal to the emotional side that does not put money in the bank. Our method is to help businesses grow by providing them ongoing marketing support through our in-house teams.

Many things that make inspired method unique as an Edmonton business coach are found in the values that we possess. We bring professionalism, enthusiasm and empathy. We create and stick to the schedule because we know your time is just as valuable as our time. We pursue excellence in everything that we do and we are always improving. We communicate in person first then in writing.

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Our communication is very strong that way. We help our clients’ lives become easier by over delivering on our promises. We are constantly learning and developing our own skills and expertise. We follow a scheduled time for focused work but also work well collaboratively.

Some of the areas that we offer that other marketing companies offer are things like graphic logo design, website design and maintenance, online as management, and ongoing SEO. Some of the areas that we offer that hardly any marketing companies offer are our weekly strategy sessions, sales training, business advice, step-by-step proven strategy, HR and team building strategies, and scalable systems development.

We help you in your business to establish yourself on the map. The first place we start everybody is through Google places as well as set up a Google my business listing. Google places is the most effective place to start because it is a free service that helps millions of users find you in the quickest way possible. Once you can be found you can start gathering customers. From there a Google my business listing will allow your customers to leave you reviews. Once 40 reviews are received you become even more visible to additional Google users. In addition to this you are able to list your website URL, updates and offers, your address hours and more.

Edmonton Business Coach | Dynamic Business Marketing

Being an Edmonton business coach is a natural progression from offering marketing services. How do these two things go hand-in-hand? You may have a small business or idea that is sellable, but you do not know how to find the right customers. Not only can we help you through marketing efforts but we can help you stay on task and become a successful small business. As an Edmonton business coach we know that most businesses fail within the first five years of being in business. This is a statistic that is not very pretty. This is why we not only found marketing strategies that work but help to keep our clients accountable in fulfilling those strategies.

We can help you build a beautiful website but if nobody finds that website you will not get the customers you need to stay in business. You may have a beautiful offering that could help a lot of people but if nobody can find you you cannot sell it. You may be working in your business and not find the time to work on your business in a way that your time is used efficiently. This is where we come in as an Edmonton business coach. We help you with the proven path to success.

Every step on this path takes work and dedication and that is where weekly strategy sessions come into play. We help you understand what needs to be done in your business to grow it as well as push you to get the tasks done.

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Unlike other coaches, our approach to small business is not the typical website developing companies approach. We help you to discover your goals and opportunities for growth. Along the way we keep you accountable in reaching all the initiatives you set out.

Having in-house graphic designers helps to give you a polished and professional look through all the graphics found on your website, social media sites, and printed materials. You may already have a website or maybe not. Either way we help design that and bring it to life so that you can be found in the digital space. We know what it takes to have a website that produces leads. Unfortunately we learned that 80% of websites will never be seen so we focus on getting your website to be found when people are searching for what you have to offer. We focus on the details of your website that will bring in the leads and sales.

Beyond this we work on ads that will bring more customers to your website and social media sites so that you can always be collecting leads and sales. We know that it takes a skill set to know the ins and outs of advertising in the digital space and therefore we help you with that so that you are not frustrated and you can get the results you need for your business. We help you to focus on what is important which is growing your business.