Edmonton Business Coach | Business Winning

Edmonton Business Coach | Business Winning

As a Edmonton business coach we have heard so many people with poor business advice. Their beliefs about what it takes to be a business winner are wrong. When we started our marketing company, we thought our biggest hurdle would be finding the perfect advertising technique for each industry we worked with. We quickly found out as an Edmonton business coach that it is the execution that is what makes or breaks a business.

Edmonton Business Coach

One of the top myths that people believe is that everyone should start a business. You may not make money not just for a week or month but year after year. Do you have what it takes to wake this out? This is not a luxury lifestyle is a hard work lifestyle. Things will not always go according to plan and you have to be able to adapt as you go. Are you passionate about what you do? You need to love what you are doing because it is hard to stick it out without that.

As an Edmonton business coach we see that A lot of people think they are knowledgeable about business and that you should take advice from them. You should only take advice from those who have been in the business for over 10 years and have a team of five people or more. These prerequisites show what at successful business looks like. Fill out our contact form to see how we are successful.

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A business degree is not going to help you very much when running a successful business. Many of the instructors that teach the business classes have never run a successful business themselves. As an Edmonton business coach we ask, How can you they expect to learn what it takes from people who have never done it themselves? You would not go to an almost dentist to have a root canal done.

This same concept works for taking advice and training from people who have never achieved a successful business themselves. You would think this would be obvious but business colleges operate this way still today. The business colleges are focused on creating employees to work for a business not own a business.

If you think that you being special is going to help you create a winning business you will be sorely mistaken. Successful business coach owners know that they do not need to re-create the successful tactics used in business. They look to other businesses to copycat those marketing tactics. All their efforts go to executing the simple proven strategies that already work in the marketplace. They check their ego at the door and go to work on executing.

If your business depends on you you do not own a business you own a job. There are three things that keep businesses successful. These are enough customers, enough cash, and a winning team. If your business depends only on you and your expertise then you are lacking a team of people that can help you win in your business. Your business is no different than anyone else’s.

Edmonton Business Coach | Business Winners

As a marketing agency and an Edmonton business coach we have witnessed many misbeliefs in the business world. A lot of people start in the business because they think they should start a business. They do not realize that money will not be made for years to come. They need to learn that if they do not love what they do they are not going to stick it out. Starting a business is not a luxury lifestyle even though many slick marketers will tell you that it is. Some of the worst offenders out there are the marketers.

This is why we are not your typical marketing agency as we offer services as an Edmonton business coach. We help our clients develop key strategies as well as implement them. We know that business owners need help identifying their goals and where there is opportunities for growth. But the biggest thing they need help with is being held accountable to those initiatives.

As an Edmonton business coach, I thought that having a business degree would prepare me for winning in business. I was wrong. Getting a degree was only a small part and not even a necessary part. Although I took the classes seriously and learned a lot about business I was never taught through practical application to make a sale. One of the three keys and having a successful business is having enough cash. That comes from making sales. Business colleges typically are there to create good business employees and not business owners.

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All of your efforts must go to executing simple proven strategies. These strategies do not need to be made up by you they are already out there in the business world. All you need to do is check your ego at the door and humble yourself and find those businesses that are successful and what they are doing. Copycat those tactics and you will be ahead of the game with the help of a coach. Where the difference lies in your business is how you execute on those tactics. You do not win a business just by participating in it.

You cannot build a sustainable business or even make major changes in only one year. Business is a game that is played over Lodz of years and not just months. You must be prepared to stick it out even when things get hard or do not go according to plan. There are always risks involved in every decision in your business. But not every decision is equal. The decisions you must learn to avoid are the ones with catastrophic risks.

A lot of people think they can avoid the functions in their business that they do not really like to do. You may have an exceptional skill set in one area but that does not allow you to be able to ignore the other areas in your business. This is where developing a winning team comes in really handy. You can develop a set of repeatable processes that everyone can follow and the standard is set.