Edmonton Business Coach | Being Successful Helps Everyone

Edmonton Business Coach | Being Successful Helps Everyone

Hi, welcome back to this session with your Edmonton Business Coach. And it’s a day we’re going to be talking about how being sucks, decile and your business helps everyone.

Very good.

We’re talking about businesses, right? Yup. Absolutely. Jfk is noted as saying a rising tide lifts all boats. It’s such a powerful quote. Service based businesses make up roughly 78% of small businesses in Canada and that comes from stats Canada, small business in Canada and employ over 86% of workers.

Yeah, that’s huge. So small business really, really matters. And that’s why it’s our mission as Edmonton Business Coach to help as many small businesses as possible to become successful and be yards. Um, so it is a guarantee that either you or eight of your closest friends are working for a small business. So, um, to say that small business doesn’t matter is an ally. So let’s, let’s get into what is the first key to having a successful small business?

Um, the first key to having a successful small business is to actually do a really good job. So we have to, to treat customers as if they’re human beings. Uh, go above and beyond in your service offering. And make sure that if there’s any issues whatsoever, then you address those immediately and go just going above and beyond. So number one thing as  Edmonton Business Coach  is you have to care. You got to care about people, you got to care about your own personal reputation and you have to differentiate yourself completely from other similar businesses in your area. That is, you know, one of the major things really need to understand is who you are, what you do, why you do it, and then just get better every single day. Yeah. And when you, oh

business or start a business, it’s really about solving a problem that people have. So I, I need to care about that. You don’t just start it to make money. You start it because you want to matter. You want to make a difference in people’s lives.

Exactly. You know, we, we make money so that we can help more people. Not yet. We don’t just start a business to make more money.

Yeah. When we help a small business, we’re helping not only that business, but all the families that are linked to that business. So it’s helping families as well. So how does reputation play a role in becoming successful?

Reputation is huge for Edmonton Business Coach. It is, you know, I think today in his currency, your reputation is currency is it’ll make money. Um, and what I mean by that is when people are looking at a business to either have coming to work at their home or their business, your reputation in the marketplace or in the digital arm please makes a huge difference as to whether you’re going to get hired or not. Um, best known beats best any day. So being known for having outstanding customer service is it plays a vital role in your overall success. What are some ways to build a good reputation? Um, this is something that we preach religiously here at inspired method and it’s getting valuable objective reviews on Google number one, and then on social media and number two. So Google is the number one place to start looking for reviews and getting those reviews.

Okay? Now how you do that because you have to have the Google my business listing set up, which is free to do, just enter in your information, all your relevant information about your business. So they need your address, the business name, a phone number, hours of operation, attach your website to it at some pictures and you’re off to the races. And from there you can start asking customers who are pleased with the ones that are they that had done business with you and are over the moon excited about the work you’ve done. Ask those people for that five star review with some words they have to say something about, you know what they did. Having an objective written review on Google will help you big time. Why? Because over 85% of people who are shopping online for almost anything, whether it’s service or product, they’re looking to Google first.

They’re looking for those reviews. So if you are spending the time and investing heavily in those reviews, you’ll see that each one of those reviews has a dollar amount attached to it. So do it. Do it. How does a well designed website helps service based businesses be more successful? Well, it comes down to making sure that your website is Google friendly. Okay. And that means it has to load fast means it. When it shows up on mobile phones, especially, it shows up fast. It’s easy to navigate and people can find what they’re looking for quickly. Okay? That’s number one. Number two, if you’re doing the proper steps, like making regular content and making sure that you know things are, are all fine in the backend of your website. So having a good value on your, on your SEO team is very important. Um, then showing up on page one of Google is currency. It’s money in the bank. Why? Because people typically don’t go to page two, go to page one. They usually skip over the top three spots because they’re typically, um, paid for. And then they’ll go down below the map and they will see, um, the top three actual organic spots. And those are the most expensive pieces of real estate that you can look for and you can ever have. So that’s where you really, really want to be. So having a well designed website that is SEO friendly is it needs money.

How does a small business use social media to build a good reputation and grow their business?

I’m sorry, say that one more time.

How does a small business use social media to build a good reputation and grow their business?

Ah, so social media is huge and growing reputation. So take Facebook for instance, right? Facebook is a platform where people can share about your business on there and tell people what they really think about, right? And you can respond, you can respond to them. Um, so let’s say you have a positive review on Facebook or one of these other platforms you can easily be responding to. Hey, thank you so much for, for your um, uh, great review. You super appreciate it. Or if you have a problem, somebody has a problem with you, you can quickly respond to them. Twitter is especially good for this. Um, so if you’re listening and have a happened, somebody who’s dedicated to looking at that social platform, you can easily turn your social profile around by quickly handling any customer complaints or service issues quickly and efficiently so that people see that you care, you actually care about, you know, solving problems.

You care about doing the work, you care about your reputation as Edmonton Business Coach. Um, and because it’s immediate and it’s so fast, um, I think that is one of the best ways to really manage your online reputation is to social media. Okay. And how does the successful actually help everyone? Well, being successful helps everyone because when you are being successful in making more income, then you’re able to help yourself help your business. You’re able to help employees. You can maybe hire more people, expanded to more offices. And if that happens more people are buying things, they’re able to enhance their lives and it really matters when your success. So I’m taking all these things into consideration. That’s why we’re so passionate about helping small businesses to succeed in the digital world. So many don’t have any idea on how to do that. And really if they’re focusing on their customers and creating a great experience, that’s where the focus needs to be.

It needs to be on the customers needs to be on, you know, making the business better and more streamlined and how they can do it better and more efficiently. Um, and then as you are growing and building your business and getting more revenue, that means you can help more people. That’s the big takeaway that I want to get across to everybody is when you’re successful, like JFK said, a rising tide lifts all boats. So when you’re successful, everyone, it affects everyone around you. And I just think it’s a great thing and a great revision for us to have a great vision for other business owners to have out there is to becoming as successful as possible. Um, and it just makes your life and everyone else’s life a whole lot better.

Thank you very much for joining us today here at Edmonton Business Coach. And we hope to see you subscribed to our channel so you can stay up to date on all the videos and all the marketing topics and how to stay safe, how to stay in business and be successful in your business and not be a statistic, not a negative statistic. So thanks for joining us. We’ll see you next time. Bye.