Edmonton Business Coach | 3 Things That Help Buyers Find You

Edmonton Business Coach | 3 Things That Help Buyers Find You

Although starting a business may be easy says Edmonton business coach. Having a successful business is not so easily done. Many entrepreneurs dream of having a successful business. But few actually succeed at this.Edmonton Business Coach

There are many reasons why entrepreneurs fail. In fact, the failure rate for small businesses across Canada. Is exceptionally high, with the majority of people. Who start a business, will eventually fail.

In fact, 15% will even fail. In the first year of owning a business. While the second year of business, sees 30% of entrepreneurs fail. That number jumps to an alarming 50% by year five.

And 96% of all small businesses in Canada. Will of close their doors for they been in business. For a decade of time. Not only are there many businesses that fail across Canada. But the reasons why they fail.

Our extremely avoidable. If entrepreneurs understand. Why businesses fail. And what they can do to avoid it. The most common reason why entrepreneurs fail. Affects 43% of them.

And they are unable to succeed, because they cannot find. Enough customers to sell products and services to. This often seems silly. Because the entire reason why businesses exist. Is to sell their products and services.

Therefore, it is inconceivable. That so many entrepreneurs fail. Because they cannot find customers. Someone might conclude. That they created a business. That did not have enough of a customer base to it.

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But that likely is not the case. The more common culprits says Edmonton business coach. Is that entrepreneurs simply were not. Advertising or marketing their business correctly, or at all.

Therefore, one of the first things that entrepreneurs can do. To avoid failing. Is simply learn how to advertise and market their business effectively. Something that inspired method marketing and coaching can help with.

The second reason why entrepreneurs failed in business. Is because they ran out of money. Certainly, selling more products and services. By advertising their company. Can help them sell more products and services.

And have more money, and avoid going out of business. And the third reason says Edmonton business coach. Why entrepreneurs fail in business. Is because they are unable to find or keep staff.

But before and entrepreneurs should worry about that. They should worry about finding those important customers in their business. However, it can be very daunting and overwhelming.

To try to advertise a business. Particularly if entrepreneurs have never experienced. Advertising before, and they typically. Have very little money to put towards advertising as well. So it is even more difficult to decide.

When entrepreneurs work with a business coach at inspired method marketing and coaching. They will learn how they can not only. Market their business effectively, without spending a cent in the beginning.

But everything that they do will be a building block. That all future marketing initiatives. Will build upon. They will get a Google business listing. That will help them be found on Google. And get the important social proof of Google reviews.

Edmonton business coach | 3 Things To Help Your Buyers Find You

Finding customers is important but difficult admits Edmonton business coach. Yet, needs to be one of the first things. That entrepreneurs focus on when they start their business.

If they do not focus on advertising their business. They will not find the customers they need. To sell enough products and services quickly enough. To pay for their expenses in their business.

However, because entrepreneurs. Typically have very little money. They often do not know what form of advertising. To put their money towards. They also have many misconceptions about marketing.

Such as if they simply have a website. They will appear close to the first page of Google. That is not the case. Even the most beautiful. And most expensive website will not necessarily. Appear in search engine results.

Especially if they are in an industry. That has a lot of competition. Therefore, Edmonton business coach recommends. Avoiding spending a lot of money. On an expensive website, at least in the beginning. Because it does not matter.

If entrepreneurs have a gorgeous website. If they are not appearing in search engine results. They can get a Google business listing for free. That not only will help them be found in search engine results.

They can appear in the map listing. On page 1 of Google instantly. As long as they have a address. In their profile. Having an address will also ensure that they can verify. That they are a business when Google males them a postcard.

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And not only will this allow them. To be able to start finding customers. But also, it will allow customers. To start leaving Google reviews for a business. Google reviews are an important piece of social proof.

That customers look at to influence their purchasing decision. It so important in fact says Edmonton business coach. That 88% of all customers. Look at Google reviews. And are influenced in their purchasing decision.

If a business has too few Google reviews. That does not inspire confidence. And the customer is likely going to go elsewhere. So what is that magic number asks Edmonton business coach? How many Google reviews should business have?

The minimum number according to the experts is forty. The average business has thirty-nine reviews. So the minute an entrepreneur can get forty. Not only are they above average. But they will start appearing higher.

In Google search engine results. Because they are clearly good at what they do. And they will be more likely to convert potential customers. Into actual buyers, because they are confident. That the business is good at what they do.

An entrepreneur must get very good at asking for Google reviews. And be very persistent at it. But only until they have all of these things completed. Should they even worry about having a website in their business.

To start working with inspired method marketing and coaching. Entrepreneurs can call or email to arrange. A free two hour consultation today.