Edmonton Business Coach | 10 Things That Kill Business Efficiency


Edmonton Business Coach | 10 Things That Kill Business Efficiency

I’m Trevor, this is my wife Karen, and today we’re going to be talking to about 10 Edmonton business coach mistakes that kill efficiency. Michael Gerber, author of the emyth, if your business depends on you, you don’t own a business, you have a job, and it’s the worst job in the world because you’re working with a lunatic. Palo Alto has this interesting statistics. 64% of businesses do a business plan, grew their business compared to 43% of businesses who didn’t do a business plan,

64% of businesses.

So starting a business is hard. Staying in business for the long-term pressed hard. What gets you to the next level won’t be what got you started in the first place. So today we’re going to give you those 10 mistakes that I see a lot of businesses do. And let’s hope that you don’t make those same mistakes. So think you can learn from other Edmonton business coach experts around you. And obviously we didn’t make these up. This is kind of statistically in businesses. So we’ll just kind of go back and forth here what those mistakes are. So, number one is not admitting where you are wasting your time and resources. So a lot of us get kind of that shiny object syndrome or you know, by the next course or buy into the next software and mean learning something new. So we’re taking the time to learn it.

I mean understanding money and we maybe, you know how we’ll learn about it too. So we’re taking those resources from our space. Maybe they don’t always bring it back. They say they’re going to bring back productivity wise or even profit wise. So as an Edmonton business coach, you need to really look at where you’re spending your time, resources, time, resources, and admit when you’re making those mistakes of what you don’t really need a few times for, hey, keep making this mistake. I paid for software to schedule a content for multiple clients and it turns out it wasn’t even that useful. It wasn’t that helpful. It was nice and pretty, but it didn’t actually make my business better. You just cost me like nearly a hundred dollars a month. I decided to cut it out.

Yeah. And also people, you know, taking too much time doing useless tasks, right. Organizing their desk or cleaning out their junk mail folders and they really should be focusing on creating content or you know, talking to new customers or you know, creating a, a list of people to talk to and you know, just wasting time, wasting a lot of time doing really nothing. Yeah. Well I’m about to take a phone call and got to go to the bathroom and you’ve got to get a drink of water and I’ve got to fix a snack and then

yeah, match things in batch things so that you can get the productivity higher. Do that and jumping from task to task. No Dude, I’m not meeting with executed just because the builder is good at building as a name of good business.

Yeah. It doesn’t mean they’re going to do because they are good at whatever that business is. They’re going to need help. So you need to admit it. If you don’t have the skills, find these people around you, like an Edmonton business coach, to help you with your business and you still want to have your own business and outsource. What you can’t do, you can, um, you can learn, you can use what you learn, but if you don’t have those certain set of skills, you need to find someone who’s in your corner. And that, I think it’s the best way around that. I started learning how to teach yourself.

Yeah, I love it. Cause disorders, they think they can do everything because they’re really good at swinging a hammer, but they’re absolutely terrible. And building a team terrible. Like financial management systems, you know, these types of things. So finding, getting the right people in place is key. So number three, failing to plan ahead.

Yeah. Like an example would be when you’re hiring, you don’t wait till you’re still desperate for new staff. You need to be thinking of that ahead of time and start planning for it and start interviewing so that you can get the right people and not just be desperate to fill a seat. Warm body syndrome going on. So yeah, you need to always be planning ahead that you’re not failing, you’re not doing that. And start thinking about how you want your business to look and make your plans around that.

Yeah. Not Planning for any growth, planning for growth. So the Edmonton business coach plan is to stick to the plan is a big deal.

It is. So another one that a lot of sort of maybe one mistake they make is having too many meetings. So what I mean by that is that you have a meeting for every little thing when not everybody on our team needs to be at all those meetings, meetings which involve everybody and then everybody feels like our time is up appropriately and but when you have too many meetings just don’t become valued or devalued that I guess. Call an Edmonton business coach to learn more. Yeah, exactly. So you don’t bring it down to once a week for a major meeting and just a short meeting in the for your team. That’s really all you need just to stay in a meeting. Uh, so having, you know, continuous meetings throughout the day. Yeah, sure. You talk about, you feel tired at the end of the day cause you were talking all that. Did you get anything on the call? No. It’s a big time waster for sure. Uh, so number five, not considering the work environment.

Yes. So sometimes it’ll be too noisy for some certain people. A lot of people that focus time and if it’s too distracting because of the noise you need to look at that. You might be a Starbucks cup, but you don’t need to actually stay like a star. You can actually put some structure in place, you know, make things easy to get in and out of the Edmonton business coach environment. You know, where the printer is or where the workstations are, whatever it is in the environment. Make it easy for people to be productive and feel like they can really dive into the work and really get into it without wasting time. And you know, just being distracted I guess.

And the other part of environment is the type of culture that you’ve got on your, in your workspace. So is it a, a type of place where people feel like they’re being hurt? Is it a place where you know, there’s all been your policies? You know, it’s, it’s a, a friendly pace, place to work and people actually enjoy coming to work. And is it that kind of my or is it not? Um, you need to be considering that as well what kind of coffee you have when it comes to caring for your customers.

Yeah. So true. Um, the next one, verse six from six. Okay. So having clear goals isn’t another state for your business.

So everybody needs to have a goal for what you want to achieve. And if you don’t write it down, if you don’t have, you know, uh, ways that you’re going to reach those goals or plans to reach those goals, then you’re never going to reach that target. Right. And it needs to be not only for yourself personally, the business team, like if you have multiple different teams, you don’t set targets. What you want them to reach could be the amount of calls you want them to make on a daily basis or weekly basis or you know, uh, you get a financial goal, maybe a growth goal, but when you need to have some kind of Edmonton business coach, otherwise you’ll never know when you arrive and you reach. It

just is purposeless. Just trek through not only doing the things that you’re doing. Yeah. Okay. Number seven, not giving the right tools for getting the job.

This is a big one and we dealt with this a lot of times on electric, not having the right tools to do the job correctly and you’re having to improvise it to you burn up more and more grain. Yeah. Trying to create a work around then if you have the proper tool and you can get it, it done, you know, almost instantaneously, so much time not having the correct tools in place to make things happen. And it happens at our businesses as well. You don’t have the right tools, the right software, the right conditions, the right Edmonton business coach. Then efficiency goes up, the window efficiency goes out the window and we’re beginning to standardize. A lot of things so that it makes it easier for us to win for the clients. Right. So then, uh, you know, trying to work with what they’ve got, you know, recreating things in a fashion, in format that works for us and we’ll be more efficient. You get more things done faster for that. True. The next one, he is not community,

not community. Every part of your life, if you’re not communicating, there was confusion. Again, you don’t reach goals, you get just straight practice. There’s just so many negative things about that. When you don’t communicate, I can’t read his mind. He can’t read mine and we live together. So imagine an office full of people. When you don’t communicate, it’s just chaos ensues.

Yeah, for sure. Yeah. And also the other side of communicating is, is assuming that you have to be, that’s another big problem. Right? So you said that I didn’t hear you or you know, just making sure that it’s understood. Very visual. So that’s another reason that kills efficiency. So the next one that kills the efficiency is not differentiating between business and productivity. This is a killer. Like, we’re all guilty of it at any given time, you know, we’re shuffling papers on our desks or were, you know, reorganizing this or looking at our social media or seek, we have to respond to me now as opposed to doing real work that gets stuff done. Um, I don’t know what that is for you, but you know what you do it.

So yeah. Income producing activities versus everything else. Yeah. Yes.

If there is, are things that need to get done, but you don’t need to be doing it hire somebody to do those things. Yeah. So if it’s taking out the trash or cleaning toilets, it’s somebody else would do outsource, outsource it. What else do to Edmonton business coach? If it’s, you know, preparing financial statements and you’re a plumber. If somebody wants to do that, right. You need to, you know, book keeping stuff. You don’t need to be working then bookkeeping when you can be dealing with a client’s or your marketing hired out,

get someone else’s. Okay. Yes, because it’s very dry. Number 10 is the mission. Vision and values can go in there as well. Yeah. It’s frustrating working with clients that just don’t get that they just want to jump into social media and post, post, post and splatter. But they have no clear communication. So Katie, but they don’t, they don’t even know what they want to say. No message. I don’t know what their mission, they don’t even know what their vision is. Do they even know what problem they all? Until that’s figured out, it’s going to kill your businesses efficiency for sure.

And you’re just going to be having to reinvent that wheel over and over and over again. So it’s really a time suck and you’re shooting yourself in the foot, getting started with something and you don’t know what your mission is or your vision.

So the good news is you can get rid of all those mistakes cause we can help you, like help walk you through that. Have, you know, cleaning up your business and where those gaps are are for you. So contact us inspiredmethod.com subscribe to the channel. We’ll give you lots of grading for the, on all our videos and we’ll see you on the next one.