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Hi there. Welcome to inspired method marketing channel here on Youtube. My name is Karen and this is my husband, Trevor.

Today we’re coming to talk to you as your Edmonton Business Coach about digital marketing for established businesses. So this is an anonymous quote, but it’s actually one of my favorites and all it is, is this the best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google search. Everything goes to die.

I just find it so funny because this is kind of drew who actually goes to the second page, not too many people. So Dee Scott Bowen of Vista print stated with 68% of consumers saying that up to date and accurate website content is most important when it comes to having a positive experience with a small business site. Allocating time to regular site updates is critically important to putting your best foot forward.

Regular updating to your website gives you that best foot forward

Absolutely. That’s a long code. It’s very good though because it’s so true. Um, we talked to Lucy, I talked to commercial contractors in other businesses on a regular basis and I look at their website before I contact them. And so many websites haven’t been touched since like 2010, 2014 and some even longer than that.

And I’m just thinking, no wonder you are on page 17 of Google, I’m 17 because you haven’t updated your site for so long. And then you talked to them and they don’t put any thought into it and they think, oh they built it once and they don’t have to ever touch it again. When really that’s not how it works. You become irrelevant at that point. Completely irrelevant.

So why is it important for established businesses to have that updated?

It’ll presence. Well you know what it comes down to is real estate. The most valuable piece of real estate on the planet right now is page one of Google. That is, that is more valuable than beach beach beachfront property in California. Because if you were on page one of Google search, when people are looking for you, that’s, that’s the right time in the right place is to be on that page. Exactly. Exactly. So that’s really why you have to think about doing regular updates to your website and being more relevant to your audience.

So you, so that you’re found like it, nobody cares if you have a website that’s on page five 10 15 even page two of Google, if you’re not on page one, you might as well not even be there at all. Right? Yeah, exactly. So what is the importance of having a responsive website and maybe explain what responsive means.

What makes a responsive website

So as your Edmonton Business Coach I will say what makes a responsive website, is a seamless transition from mobile to tablet to desktop or laptop so that your site looks consistent, has that same look and feel across all the devices.

Okay. And that’s really important because let’s say somebody finds you on Google or types in your website or follows the link from somewhere to your website on their mobile phone. And then they want to, you know, look at it on a bigger screen later and it’s completely doesn’t resemble what you, you’re doing and things are laid out differently.

Keep different screen sizes in mind

They can’t find the, the navigation properly either way, whether desktop to mobile on mobile to desktop. Um, it, it’s just off putting in. Google realizes that most people, they start a conversation online or they start a search online on a mobile phone. But most transactions, if you’re selling something online are completed on desktop.

Okay. So just making it easy for people to start and finish that transaction is why you need to have a responsive site.

So what kind of types of content should businesses, business owners be updating their site with?

Well, if there’s any new information that you’ve got, maybe a new hire or maybe there’s a, an announcement that you’re making for your company depending on what kind of industry or in other things that are important to put on your website is regular blogs or vlogs like we do on our site with transcriptions so that you are so that Google sees that you are making changes to your site on a weekly basis.

How often should you update your site

The more often and more content you can put on your site, the more regularly you do it, the better it is for Google to love you and really seeing that you are an authority figure in your space.

So Edmonton Business Coach would you say that uh, it’s once a week, often up to the, updating your site with new information or what’s the goal there? Well, it really depends. It depends on the type of industry and how competitive it is in your area. If you’re going for let’s say a country wide Google search now you don’t want to be on page one in your particular industry. You need to be updating that your website on a daily basis.

Need to keep getting new content

You got to have new content, good content, long form, welcome together, proper links, all, all of that in your site on a regular basis. And that takes effort. It takes energy, it takes time. Now for a small local business, let’s say in our area in Edmonton, I would say minimum you’d wind do is once a week. Okay? So that’d be the minimum. If you do more than that, it’s better. But at the very least, start with once a week and engage it from there.

And whenever you can commit to consistently, it’s probably the other key to that. Yeah, you have, you have to build that muscle in or create systems in place to do that. Or have people like us your Edmonton Business Coach to help you.

So why should a business owner have a Google my business listing? What’s the advantage to that?

Well, the best thing about having a Google my business location set up is for reviews, right? You’re found number one year in the map section when you’re Google review, sorry, your who will search comes up. And then number two, you can get reviews on Google, which is amazing. So the wire review. So important, it’s the same reason as word of mouth is important. Back in the day before there was digital. Yeah.

So it really gives people an idea of who you are. You’re credible, you exist, you’ve helped a lot of people. And the more positive reviews you have, the more likely people are going to visit your website and the more likely they’re going to come in and buy from me. Alright, so Tom sounds nice. Um, if a business has a Google my business listing, yeah.

Digital Marketing For Established Businesses

What can they do to make sure it’s optimized?

Well, make sure that all your information is correct in there. And if there’s any changes to phone numbers, hours of operation, make sure that’s all kept up to date. If you have more than one location, make sure that you have both locations or all locations updated in your Google my business listing. The other things you can add is pictures. Make sure you have pictures of the outside of your space and inside. You can even do product shots, you can do all kinds of things there to enhance that listing.

And then you can also get, let’s say an instance of a restaurant or a haircutting place or something of that nature. You can have customers upload content for your Google my business listing. So you get not only your own generated photos, you can get customers generating and as well, another big benefit that Google added to Google my business is the ability to make posts.

You can do a social media post on Google my business listing and it shows up right there.

When people click on it, then they can, you know, usually what I use it for is giving people information and a call to action to give us a phone call or email us and get in touch and set up a free concert. Nice. And just a little tidbit here, repurpose your content from your social media channels right over on Google my business. How many reviews affect Google ranking?

Well, um, they affect Google ranking in a good way. The more you have, the better Google Light Step closer to which one you page one. You are the reason why Google likes you when everybody else likes you. That’s, that’s kind of a quick and easy rule. If you’ve got a lot of people who liked you, they’re giving you five star reviews and Google sees that. They recognize that there’s people actually physically looking at that stuff. It’s not just all cyberspace, um, you know, robots and looking at stuff.

Actual people will see the website

There’s actual people who go through and off these things. So if they see that you know, you’re irrelevant, you’ve got no great perception out in the out in the field, you’re ranking Dusko out the benchmark where things start changing and transforming as well. 30 reviews. And then once you get up to the next benchmark of about 40 reviews, that’s when things really start cooking and it really helps you with your, your ad words, advertising pay per click advertising at that point. So just a couple of things there for you. Nice. Yeah.

How should an established business approach social media?

Well established businesses really need to get serious about being awesome. They don’t have to be on all of them, but at least one channel. The most popular one that I would say to be involved in would be Facebook. And probably linkedin. Okay. If you’re a B to B business, linkedin is probably where you’re going to find a lot more of your customers, but Facebook is a great place for people to see the face of your business because you can do regular posts there.

You can repurpose content and pick, put it onto Facebook, whether that’s a video, a blog image. You can do a quick short, either a Facebook story highlighting. Let’s say you’re in a customer’s house or something and you’re fixing their, their plumbing or something, right? You can do a quick story showing where you started, where you finished. You can do a little video there and it just gives people an insight as to what you do on a daily basis to help your customers.

Facebook Ads helps the website

It gives them more of that, that human touch and feel before they buy. So are they going to buy directly from you on Facebook? Probably not. But the more they see you, the more mind share you have and the worker will because you’re freely sharing and continent people are loving it, then you’re more than likely going to get more business over time because of it.

Hope you learn a lot

Nice. Does that make sense? That makes sense. Alright, cool. So thanks so much for joining us today here at inspired method marketing YouTube channel your Edmonton Business Coach, like the video. Make a comment if you like, below telling us what you liked about it. And also don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to get all the latest updates on all of the marketing strategies and innovative topics that we share. Thanks and have a great day.

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