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Welcome back to the Inspired Method Edmonton business coach YouTube channel. I’m Trevor and this is my wife Karen.

And today we’re going to be talking about copywriting do’s and don’ts. Here’s a quick quote from David Ogilvy. The consumer isn’t a moron. She’s your wife. You insult your intelligence. If you assume that a mere slogan and if you’ve got the adjectives will persuade her to buy anything.

Here’s a quick statistic. Compelling copy draws 7.8 times more site traffic and produces brand recall which frames higher engagement rates. So that’s pretty awesome. Yeah. When it comes to creating good copy and it matters, it matters to make sure that we have great copy. And um, tell me a little bit about, uh, one is copy, right?

I basically, the fundamentals of copywriting is just writing. It’s what you say and words and it’s usually in a written form, uh, and it’s what you want to communicate to. I was going to read it. And so as you know, if you’ve ever read a book, the better the writing is, the more compelling it is, the more that you’ll get engagement from other people to actually read it.

So that’s why I’m going to talk about those copywriting do’s and don’ts. How to keep readers reading and enjoying the content and searching for more inside the website!

Copywriting Do's And Don'ts

Keep them engaged and learning something.

Yeah. Keep them engaged. Have them, you know, wanting to buy something from you. Edmonton business coach, what role does copywriting play in any business marketing?

Well, it’s telling me what your business, your brand can be personal business. Um, tell him who you are in your writing. You’re communicating to an audience and hopefully it’s your target audience of who you are, what you do, what value, what value you bring with problems you solve. Edmonton business coach, those are the ways that copywriting can really promote your brand and how people be aware of you and remember you when they need something that you have. Yeah.

So why is it important, Edmonton business coach, that your target market and understanding what you’re offering when they visit your website or your Facebook page or any of those different mediums?

The biggest reason why it’s important is so that your target audience shows up in those places because they’re searching for whatever it is that you are letting you do. And when they find your page or your website or your Facebook page, your social media channel, they’re going to, I don’t identify you as, you know, the whatever problem is that they need solving that you are the one to solve it. So your copywriting is going to tell them that.

And so when they land on those pages, they better see that that’s what you do because you don’t want to confuse them. Edmonton business coach, you want them to be able to get the answers they need, book an appointment with you and buy your services, maybe buy your products, whatever it is, so that you’re not wasting your time and you’re not wasting their time. They know who they’re dealing with and vice versa. You’re attracting those buyers.

Now, should you use language specific to your industry?

I wouldn’t get too way off on the one side of the spectrum, I would keep it a little bit more general so that you can speak to more people that do need your products and services. If you go to a niche down or to hear some word right there. Um, if you go to specific, they may not even understand that language because they’re not in that world, but you speak in like layman’s terms that then it’s much easier for them to know that and who saw a problem that they have, whatever it is. Right. That makes sense.

Now, how important is it to speak like your audience speaking?

That’s actually the biggest and best thing about good copywriting is when you speak like you’re speaking for them, you are their voice so that when they read it, it’s, you know, it’s natural. They feel it all right. And they noted in their head they understand it. Edmonton business coach, it’s probably the key element in really good copywriting is speaking like your audience would speak so that they easily identify with you and language and communication. Yeah. Say a little bit better.

Well, when you make your copywriting any more conversational style and you know, a manner that people can easily understand, you have to make it almost like for a child in kindergarten or grade one, make it super easy for people to understand what you’re saying. Don’t use large words and you don’t try and tie together too many big concepts, just make it bite sized, easily digestible for people to consume quickly. Yeah.

The problem is with most people, we are time poor and we don’t spend a lot of time at wanting to read a long form letter or a long post. Edmonton business coach, we want to be able to understand the message just by looking at it. Right? There’s a lot of times when we, when you’re an animatics reader, you can just look at a word or look at a sentence and get the gist of what you’re saying.

We do more scanning and reading these days, especially with social posts and things like that. So making sure that your message is communicated to, um, let’s say a young person that is a good key in a very difficult skill to do when it comes to writing copy.

What are CTA’s? Where do you see that? What does that an acronym?

It’s just, it just means call to actions. So when you’re writing copywriting, when you’re making your copy, you want to make sure you include some of those in the copy that you’re asking your audience to engage with you further, or you’re giving them an idea of what they need to do next. Because you can tell him all the stuff that they need to know. But if you don’t actually say, hey, you need this, go buy this. Or Hey, if you want this, send me your email. They’re not going to know what to do next.

They might not do the next thing that you hope they do. So some examples of copy, or, sorry, CTA is call to actions would be book an appointment with Edmonton business coach. Here’s the button, goes to your calendar. Or it could be sign up for my webinar or it could be, um, buy this product right here. Maybe there’s a button right there by now. Uh, could also be to book a phone call, maybe sign up for a free eBook, whatever it is. Those are all good. Call to actions.

Yeah. The point is you want them to do something you don’t want just one. You’re not writing for no reason. Yeah. The reason you’re writing your copy is so that people will learn more about your business, more about your unique offer, and then get them to take action. Write your message, needs to be in front of your most ideal and likely buyer. And from there you want them to, to buy from them or go to the next step. Yeah. Which could be free in our example. Edmonton business coach schedule a consult.

Now Karen, why should we include CTA in our copy? Well, I kind of already said it a little bit there, but it’s just so that you help that reader to take that next step and not, um, kind of leads I’m back. Um, not knowing what to do or maybe not, um, engaging with you further because you know, you have something that they need because they’re there for a reason. So you should definitely have it somewhere in your copywriting.

Sure. A first time visitor would be able to describe your unique value proposition using their own words. I think they should be able to, um, why when they land on your page or your website, whatever it is, and they read it, they should know, oh, this is, this is exactly what I need. They can solve that problem for me, Edmonton business coach. Maybe it’s, um, it could be that you need to learn some specific skill or I need help with something or you need, maybe you need a plumber or whatever it is. So your unique value proposition, what value you bring as a business to their wife.

What can good copywriting do for your business?

Even if you are selling less glamorous things like plunger’s good copywriting can really showcase the problem that you’re going to solve with that. Even with that plunger, if you’re looking, because you know what a good contract is actually necessary. There are bad ones out there. Just as an example, especially in our house, doesn’t you boys? Yeah.

So good copywriting can really showcase whatever that product is or whatever that services that your offering. And there’s, I mean, if you can get it to be really amazing, it doesn’t have to be a glamorous products. It can sell itself just through the copywriter storytelling.

Now is it necessary to hire a copywriter to write all your copy for your business?

Well, two thoughts, Edmonton business coach. I think number one is, are you a good writer? Okay, so if you are, no, you don’t retire a copywriter or do you have enough time? Okay. There’s more than two thoughts here. Do you have enough time? Yes. Great. Write your own copy. No, you should probably outsource that. Maybe you’re, again, if you’re not a good copywriter, if you’re not a good writer in general, you should probably also outsource to someone who actually does a really good job of it because it copywriting means dollars in the end.

Yeah, I would definitely recommend you hire a copywriter to do the things that you’re not good at, right? Or faster. Good writing is difficult. It’s not easy now that we recommend for our clients that we get a thousand words per page on their website, minimum, minimum a thousand words. And she doesn’t necessarily have to be great sales copy, but it needs to be a thousand words. Right?

So what I recommend for them, and it’s neither have us do it or outsource to somebody else who can, who has the time and that specific talent for writing to make that happen for you. Um, that’s how we have from the Edmonton business coach. Karen, do you have any other thoughts?

Say One last thing as, as a teacher and my background, um, that’s my background. I know writing does not come easy for anybody. Some people do find it a little more natural probably because they’re very good readers. But if anything, it is a muscle. And so to be a good writer and you actually have to practice writing. So that’s just something I wanted to add in there that it don’t feel bad if you don’t do it well because it actually was just like any other muscle in your body. Um, it takes work and practice. Yeah, lots of it.

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