Best Edmonton Business Coach | Don’t Multitasking Part 2

We are talking about multitasking at the best Edmonton Business Coach. So every time you’re looking at those coming in now for 20, the next 23 minutes now your intelligent level drops and you’re waiting to get back up to that level of focusing. Yeah, exactly. Now here’s a question that I had, because you know, we deal with a lot of, you know, either entrepreneurs or, or like one person teams, two person teams, should you answer every single phone call or is it okay to let it go to voicemail? It’s definitely okay.

Prioritize Tasks In Your Business

To let, how do you balance that out? Right. So, I mean, you need, you have got to prioritize, have new business a lot of times, right? So new customers come in, they have the, the, the least level of trust. They have no idea who you are. They saw an ad and maybe they got a referral or something. So you have to let them know that you’re on it says the best Edmonton Business Coach.

Time Blocking Is Very Effective

Right, but it’s as simple as just booking an appointment. Right, but a lot of times we have business owners where they have, you know, they have it blocked out the that maybe they’re going to call these people back at lunchtime and maybe again at five o’clock says the best Edmonton Business Coach. So they got those two blocks. So it’s twice a day. Is that, is it perfect? No, I mean, it’s not as good as having a receptionist. But you have got to start to get somewhere, right?

End Distractions At Work

And distraction is not the place to start says the best Edmonton Business Coach. So, and then there’s the other phone calls where we have to educate people that they should never call them back. It’s like, they need permission to know this. When someone calls you trying to sell you something, or maybe they want to network with you, and they’re not likely to know it. It’s like, you do not have to call them back.

Time Is Your Most Valuable Asset

It’s no different than someone on the street saying, Hey, can you give me a hundred dollars? Or can you give me a thousand dollars? Your time is your most valuable resource. The best Edmonton business coach says you do not have to hand it over just because someone asks for it. Someone says, I want an hour to do a presentation for you for your internet or your phone system. And your phone system works fine. Maybe it could be a little bit better, but it works.

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You Don’t Have To Always Answer Your Phone

Why are you giving up your most valuable asset to attack that problem? So there’s, it’s always okay to block those time calls back and responding to people. And then there’s a whole other group of calls altogether or emails that just don’t respond. Yeah. Not even, I’m not interested, just don’t respond, just don’t do it. Don’t do it at all. And, and, you know, I think that is going to be very freeing for a lot of entrepreneurs. For more tips, contact the best Edmonton Business Coach today.

Best Edmonton Business Coach | Making A Video Can Help

Because they feel like they have to respond to every call says the best Edmonton business coach. Especially when they’re just starting out, to network, oh, that’s network, you know, because they’re thinking that maybe they’re going to get a deal through this person or whatnot when really the end of the day, it’s, it’s going to waste more time than not. And it’s better to probably just do a video like this and put it on YouTube so that it is your virtual salesperson, 24 7, 365 in perpetuity.

What Is Time Blocking

So the next question from Edmonton Alberta is what’s the first step to stop trying multitask. First step is time blocking. So first step is actually getting a calendar together. And one of those things in the calendar is the time to actually respond to calls and emails. It can’t drag on through the rest of your day. It can’t suck the intelligence out of the other functions that you have to perform, right?

Getting Quotes To Customers Is Important

You don’t want to be giving a, a really high value estimate for a, you know, a hundred thousand dollars estimate and you make a mistake be because you’re in the middle of actually trying to have a phone call too. And now, you know, you should have bid 120,000 as opposed to 110 and now you’re going to lose your shirt on this job, right? Yeah, that’s when it comes down to, you got a Edmonton time block, I would say step one.

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The Next Step Is Getting Help Answering Phones

And then step two, going further would be when you can afford it, you can bring on a call center or an assist it. It’s money well spent. It might not feel like because when you first start to get a little traction, it’s a big cost. Right, but once you can get there, it really accelerates things says the best Edmonton Business Coach. Awesome. So guys, thank you so much for joining us today on this, video about multitasking.

Stop Multitasking And Succeed

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