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Hi, welcome to the Edmonton business coach, inspired method YouTube Channel this is my lovely wife Karen. Hey, we’re going to talk about the benefits of working a 6 day work week. Doesn’t that sound like fun? We do have a method to our madness. Jocko Willink says discipline equals freedom. You just used that quote on your right before we pressed record. So a bit more than half of all start-ups actually survive to their fifth the year. Oh my goodness. Only have survived the first year. So there’s something going on that we want to break down and share with you. So, alright.

And ideas or any, I guess not statistics, but any examples?

Well, the biggest thing with any business owner starting out is at the very beginning they’re very gung Ho and excited about the business and check it out. And then at the very beginning they’ve got all their friends or family. They are calling people that used to work with and all these other folks to try and get some business and they’re doing all the, all the things necessary to get started. And then as time goes on, they get into bad habits.

They lose momentum, they lose motivation and the shiny objects and no longer shiny. And you know, they get hit with one, two, three things in a row and I’ll automatically the elect, ah, I don’t know if this is worth it anymore. So, um, you know, really having the discipline to stick through it on a regular basis so that you can be successful in your four year five and six. That’s where connecting with an Edmonton business coach comes in.

Yeah. That’s where the stride hits. Keep doing it.

What sets a successful business owner, apart from the rest of the public?

Successful business owners, they build into their lives, um, systems, right? A successful business runs on systems. You think about McDonald’s, Starbucks, any of these chain restaurants, things that are successful, they have systems in place that help them to make their lives better. So they have consistent marketing systems. They’ve got sales processes, they’ve got cleaning systems, they’ve got training systems, they’ve got all these different things in place that help everything flow and work together like a, well, okay.

I was thinking of an assembly line when you said that if you do one thing before you should and do it in the wrong order, it affects the whole outcome. So you want to stick to that mass assembly kind of idea and the things that you can in your business so that suddenly have success. Right? Yeah. Yeah.

And a lot of companies are our boot straps so they don’t have a lot of cashflow behind them. So they have to, you know, roll out. I’m getting a lot of sales and doing a lot of the other things at the same time. So that is also a factor in your business success too. Yeah.

Big question.

How hard do you actually have to work when you first start your business?

You have to work really hard. You gotta work really hard when you’re starting a new business and a, I don’t think that ever stops. I think the, the level of risk and the type of work that you do changes. But I say as an Edmonton business coach, you continuously need to be working hard on your business. Grading new system was in ways to make it more efficient. And just following a path to, um, you know, more sales, um, getting the right team around you, making sure they’re well trained in what they’re doing.

So, um, there’s, there’s always something to do and, uh, exciting things that you need to be working on in your business going forward. Yeah, sure. Let’s see. You always, so you don’t really then kind of hard to answer this.

Do you always have to work that much as time goes on?

Let’s say your past four, fourth year. Yeah. What can you let up a little bit Edmonton business coach, or what do you do? Well, I think what happens is you shift, right? So you shift from wearing all the hats to only wear one hat and you just take care of the most important things. Yeah. Because you have built up a team around you that can take care of all those other things that you used to have to do.

Right. So that that’s really, I think what changes you’ve scheduled your work and your schedule, what’s necessary and you plan it out so that, um, you know, you’ve, you’ve got a set schedule for the weekend, you know exactly what you’re doing and you’re really taking more of the top level of the high level stuff that needs to be addressed.

The small details

And everyone else was taken care of. The small details, right? Customer service issues and you know, um, ordering materials and all these other things. You have other people in place to do that. So you can focus on, you know, networking, growing your business and you know, meeting with your team leads in order to make things more efficient and better than yes. Yeah.

So what are some short term goals versus long-term goals when you own your own business? When it comes to time freedom and discipline, things like that? Yeah. I’m so short term goals for any new business you want to be out making sales, right? So you have to get your Google my business listings up and going and got out and you know, try to reach for as many reviews as possible. You want to get your, your marketing stack on weight and create that marketing system so that you are always getting consistent phone calls, emails, people wanting your service, right?

Short term goals

So, um, some short term stuff that you need is cashflow. Number one Edmonton business coach recommendation is cashflow. And then from there you can start building that team. Uh, long-term goals. You want to eventually walk away from the business and not have to be in there 24, seven, three 65. You want to have some time for you. Yeah, right and long-term, the whole reason we started a business in the first place, it’s not so that we can create ourselves a job forever and ever.

We want to have some time freedom and financial freedom. Those are the long-term wins. When you have a really successful business, you can actually step away for a week or two or a month or whatever, so that you can spend time with the people that you love doing it, things that you enjoy with them. That’s, that’s really the goal. Anybody who’s wanting to start businesses to have that freedom.

Yeah. Right. And so people really get that backwards, the digital marketing world. Did they think that I’d be on a laptop by the beach in their first whatever years. It just doesn’t work like that. You either have to put money into someone else doing it or advertising, but you have to have those systems in place and you have to, your, you have to already know what you’re doing comes down to expertise, otherwise you have to outsource it. And that takes time, money from somewhere else. So it doesn’t just happen. Yeah. It costs you something no matter what. Right Edmonton business coach? Right.

How do systems help you reach those goals? Well, um, I think we shared a lot of that already. So I’m just making sure you’ve got systems in place and repeatable and you can scale that. Exactly. You can scale a system, you can, you can scale those things. You can ramp them up and ramp them down and you can change things up. Maybe you want to have a second location if you have all of those systems in place and you know what the people in the right roles, you’ve got the marketing systems on point, you’ve got sales service, all these things figured out.

Then you just taking it and multiplying across several different locations. So I’m having systems in place just helps you to scale. Yeah. It’s when you don’t have systems that you can’t scale. Yeah. That leads to that productivity that you want.

So how much time should be spent on administrative tasks, tasks that aren’t really making you money?

Hmm. Well, um, you need to spend some time. Yeah. Right. You have to either have yourself spending time on them or do you mean to have people in place to do those for you? There’s, there’s no getting around it. We need to do admin tasks. So I would say you need to devote at least a few hours a week.

Yeah. Like do you think an 80 20% rule applies to this? Where maybe like 20% is your administration and 80% is your sales and your income producing activities.

Yeah, definitely. But what happens is a lot of times with business owners is they spend zero time on administration and 100% of time on the work side of things. So being the technician, this true, and then it comes tax time. They come in with a bunch of boxes of receipts and it’s like, yeah, it can backfire. Okay, so how much time should be spent on marketing and sales tasks then marketing and sales. While sales should be an all the time thing. Yeah.

Great advice Edmonton business coach. You should always be working on selling and talking to new people. Marketing, it needs to be an all the time thing, but you’re not working on it all the time. So marketing needs to be one to two hours a week working on your marketing. And you should also have new, somebody helping you in the background, especially if you’re a smaller company and you don’t have a large budget to employ a graphic designer, a web developer, ads person and all this stuff.

Get professional help and advice

Hire an agency to help you because it’s more cost effective and they’ll be working on it full time like we do for our clients. We, uh, we work on our clients’ stuff all the time, uh, so that they don’t have to write. The things that we do help them with is creating that repeatable schedule and help them with creating content and making it duplicatable and repeatable so that it’s easy and time efficient.

So if they’re not wasting tons of time on marketing. Sure. So how detailed should schedule me or business? Well, it should be set up in blocks, right? So can have blocks of time so that you’ve got all the time for meeting with clients. You’ve got time for meeting with the team, you’ve got time for education and learning. We’ve got time for, uh, just buckling down and doing Edmonton business coach work. You’ve got time available in your schedule to do all of these things.

So make it as detailed as you can. We set our schedule up, quite be killed. Um, we’ve got to the morning for doing client work in the afternoon for client meetings. Um, and then on the weekends is we also do client work and then, uh, in the afternoons on Fridays is when we are recruiting talent. So there’s, you gotta make time for everything. And a, if you have it planned it in your schedule, then it just makes it easier cause you know what to coming up next and nothing is left undone.

So how ready to to be in sticking to that schedule as rigid as you can because if you get pulled away and distracted from your scheduling, from the work that needs to get done, then it takes so much longer to get back on path. And that back on the task, which will allow, will happen over and over again. So if you allow your clients to dictate their scheduling to your schedule, you need to come up with something mutual and stick to it because they will just suck up anytime, anywhere and you’ll be burnt out.

Yeah. What are they, I’ve seen that over and over again. Common complaint, discipline equals freedom. How does having an efficient schedule help you in your business then? Like a long-term? How does that, like have you seen any results from it? With our business? Um, yeah, I get more done.

I get more done and having things on a schedule and being focused in my work. Yeah, that’s true. Yeah, it helps a lot and all that moving forward, it’s just going to help us scale because once we develop our team, then I’m really going to be managing the leaders who are managing the other Edmonton business coach projects.

So it’s, it’s more of a hierarchy that we’re building and trying to create the structure so that when we scale and have more people helping more clients, then the system is duplicatable, repeatable, and so on and so on. So just really rinse and repeat. Yeah.

Yeah. I was thinking about this actually when I went on a client call last week and a new, it was the time when we should probably do some videos. And I went into the call and I was thinking, well, I could just kind of slack low with it and not really bring it up because maybe I don’t feel like, if not, they probably don’t feel like it, but then it would have just pushed everything back.

So I just immediately made up the Edmonton business coach decision, I might know what we’re going to do videos and I put it out, let’s just do some videos. And we did them and got them done. And if I had slacked off at all, we would not have gotten done it and have less content for their website and their YouTube channels.

And just like, you know, today, I mean we, we’ve been wanting to get these videos done for a few days now and uh, just things, we let things get in the way of actually making the time for creating the videos and it hurts us. Right.

And if you really want to get something done, you’ll find a way to do it new. Well, so thanks for joining us here on YouTube, on our Edmonton business coach marketing channel, inspired method. Don’t forget to subscribe and liker or videos, make some comments. We’d love to hear your feedback and have a great day. We’ll see on the next one. Bye.

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